The Villains Are After Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kite Andou lived his life completely and die without any regrets, though unfortunately for him, he needs to save worlds after meeting a certain system.

System: I'm The Worlds Saving System! Nice to meet you, Host! \^0^/

Kite: ......

'Did I read too much novels?'

Table of Contents


At Kite’s last moments, there was many who cried and beg for him to stay. He was happy that they are there and sad that he has to leave... Read Chapter

Arc 01: Adopted Younger Brother is After Me

System: Here's the Main Task and the world's basic information, Host   Kite opened his eyes only to be bombarded by this wor... Read Chapter


  After 3 months, he can walk but still needed his wheelchair because he is still in rehabilitation; after all he’s been comat... Read Chapter


Louis asked him looking around, "Where’s Mom and Father? “   Little Riel sniffed, “They said... Honeymoon? Dad carried... Read Chapter


[ I'm falling...   It's dark...   Empty...   Where am I? ]   Louis frowned when ... Read Chapter


System: Systems are like this! We don't just watch and give missions to our Host, we are professionals. Pro!   Kite nodded, ... Read Chapter


  " What is it? "Louis said when they got to him, Riel together with Mikael pushed his wheelchair outside the library.  ... Read Chapter


"Let's go too? "He asked. Mikael nodded and they board a car to the Academy. It will take a few days before they arrive. It's not suggest... Read Chapter


[First, I should contact, Pa and Ma. ] He pressed the small button in the toy and contact his parents. At this time, they should know whe... Read Chapter


He looked at the two people he saw on his brother and saw that they looked at him up and down, eyebrows raised. They were at ease when th... Read Chapter


Riel take the file in Louis's hands and checked it throughly, he found a 'Failed' stamp on the papers and gritted his teeth in anger. Unn... Read Chapter


Extra:   Frid Borealis was born in the slums. He was an illegitimate child, unwanted because he's a halfling but he persever... Read Chapter

Arc 02: Crazy Serces is After Me

[ World 1 processing...]     [ Processing... ]     [ Processing... ]    ... Read Chapter

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