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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is a destiny to meet and fall in love. How can I resist?

Table of Contents

First Encounter

The bar was full of people, mostly my schoolmates.  Everybody was clapping and staring at me.  Like as if it was the very mom... Read Chapter


After my performance, all the classmates gathered around me.  Some pat my shoulder, some even gave light kiss to my cheeks, some w... Read Chapter


I met Daniel when I was a freshman of Colorado University.  He was the teaching assistant (TA) of one of classes and was in gradua... Read Chapter


I didn’t have many stuffs, so managed to bring five boxes to start a new life here in Parkway, Sunnydale.   Didn’... Read Chapter

Planning Matt's Birthday Dinner

Next Friday is Matt’s birthday.  We decided to have a small party, no, rather a cozy dinner that I volunteered to cook.  ... Read Chapter

Meeting Him at Parkway

Thursday night around midnight, I heard the clicking sound of the unit’s main entrance door lock.  Must be Aiden as he was suppo... Read Chapter

Kind of Odd First Date

I was waiting for Matt in front of Market Place from 2:50pm.  I usually don’t have a class on Friday, and I was relieved from a ... Read Chapter

Feeling Cozy with Him

After we arrived at Parkway, I started to unpack the grocery.  He was strolling around the kitchen by saying; “Can I give yo... Read Chapter

Unexpected His Regular Visits

Since the Matt’s birthday dinner, Aiden started to come to Parkway almost every weekend.  He usually came Thursday or Friday nig... Read Chapter

Nice Chat over Advil

For the last few days, I didn’t feel well with the slight fever and a bit of headache.  I had to give in sometimes, so... Read Chapter

First Kiss

He came back with the several take-out bags after one hour. “I don’t know what you like, so I stopped by several places to get a ... Read Chapter

Little Argument on Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning.  I woke up early to get out of the unit on the perfect scenario of not bumping into him after that awkward ... Read Chapter

Boxes of Vitamin C Powder Sticks

On the way to the school, I felt stupid.  Why didn’t I just say ‘Yes’ and enjoy his sweet smile for a while?  Too&... Read Chapter

A Phone Call

Matt was not in his office, so I left those boxes in his desk.  Then, Aiden was telling the truth?   Following mornin... Read Chapter

The Cabin

We arrived at THE CABIN around 3pm.  A very cozy and nicely maintained wood cabin with enough space for 10 people.  The Norri... Read Chapter

A Drive

I was standing with them and smiling at him.  Everybody wanted to talk to him, so I kept quiet.   “Hi, Matt” ... Read Chapter

Awkward Way Back Home

The weekend getaway was successful, and I felt relieved.   Following Sunday morning, we were preparing to head back to the c... Read Chapter


When I came home, he was already there with a sulky face.   “Finally, you came home.  So did Sean give you a ride her... Read Chapter

Homecoming Boy

Tuesday afternoon, Matt said he had a news.  From his face, I figured it could not be a good one. “Ana, I don’t know what ... Read Chapter

Housemate again?

“Welcome home!” “Yeah, finally I am home.  You heard it from Matt, right?” “Yes.  He told me.” “Sorry... Read Chapter

His Confession

Matt helped me to move into the dormitory.  As usual, I didn’t have many things to carry around, so it was fast and simple movin... Read Chapter

My Response

At first, I didn’t know what to say.  I was happy to hear his confession.  ‘Ah, he also likes me just like I do’  ... Read Chapter

Dating Him

On Saturday morning, I was sitting at the librarian desk to attend any book borrowing or returning.  As it was quiet without many ... Read Chapter

At the Cabin with Him

I went through all my clothes, especially underwear, pondering what to bring for holidays.  Just going crazy with all kinds of ima... Read Chapter

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