Lessons to Learn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is time for young Caius to begin his lessons in the ways of his ancestors.

"Is all this true? Are we part of the White?" I asked Grandma, thoughts whizzing around my head like a storm wind that just wouldn't settle.

"Indeed child, we are one of four families that are the keepers of the White. Over the years the other houses have been lost to us but, like you, there must remains heirs to the titles and now it is your turn to continue our work. To locate the others along with the great artifacts and bring an end to this dark chapter in the history of Issitoria"

The tone she took was not her usual jovial one, this was very sombre and I can sense that she is being truthful. But magic? that was myth wasn't it? The closest thing was the mixing of potions but that was just pure science wasn't it? But then, how did I see those visions so vividly?

"I want you to take some time to read through this grimoire, in five days time you travel to port and onwards to Tarrateixa to seek out further instruction from Nimeo Akomeah" She instructed with a stern, unyielding look on her face that told me it was more instruction rather than request. "I will take care of the farm so you will have nothing to do other that study"

With that she got up and hobbled to the door, glancing back at me then the book and leaving the house for the work of the farm. I remained, sat at the table, grimoire in front of me and a pot of freshly brewed mint tea to the side. The book was large and heavy with many pages, how am I supposed to read this all in five days?

"You're not" came my grandmothers voice from the window, "just make a start and the rest can be read on your travels"

Wait! Did I say that aloud, I was sure that I was just thinking that?

"Read and you will learn many things, including the hearing of thoughts as if they were spoken to you face to face"

Well, what did I have to lose. I mean I am curious after all and I will get five days off from working on the farm. Well its a no lose situation for me then.

Nightfall came fast and grandma came in, I went to make a start on our supper but she just motioned me to sit down and continue my reading. So far all I had read was the history of Issitoria, but it was different to that we were taught as children. 

As children we are taught that Savirei Gelzuth harnessed magical powers to rid Issitoria of evil and won freedom for all its peoples. He now spends his days protecting the people and ensuring their freedom remains their own. This grimoire, however, tells of an epic battle of light and dark, one that Savirei had engineered after hunting down and harnessing the dark power of the Book of the Damned to fight all lands and seized total and absolute power for himself. There were four families entrusted by the elders of the White to fight this dark force and return the lands to a state of peace. 

The more I read the more it made sense. The Dark Hunters were always at hand to punish anyone that so much as spoke out of turn against them and their leader and there was the matter of Savirei being over a thousand years old, which in itself is beyond that of the normal man. Could this book carry the correct histories of the past? Could I be part of a great legacy entrusted by the elders of magic to reclaim the realm for the benefit of all mankind?

"The future does not seem so straight forward does it child?" Grandma remarked as she set down a piping bowl of mutton stew.

I had forgotten to eat and the smell of the stew was the best thing I had come across in all my life and the taste was something so good that I could not begin to describe it. 

"You need to take care to eat to keep your strength up when you are on your travels youngling, you have far to go and a great many and more things to learn"

We sat in silence as I continued to pour over the many pages of the huge grimoire, most of which up to now were just history of the world of Issitoria.

"Time for you to get some rest young one, for as from tomorrow , you will be delving into a realm of wonder, magic and self realisation. Now bed with you as the hard work begins tomorrow."

I didn't have the energy to argue, I just took myself off and was out like a light, I remember dreaming of magic. It started with simply moving objects by simply telling them that I wanted them to move, then came dreams of fire. Starting cooking fires by telling it to light and great hearths and bonfires by simply pointing at them and willing them to burst into roaring flames. Then came the lightening. Powerful bolts shooting from my hands at anything I pointed at, there were creatures too. Mythical beasts told to children to keep them entertained.

I awoke to the vision of my grandmother sitting on the edge of my bed, looking at me "You had the dream didn't you" she said softly with a beaming smile across her face "I knew you were not as idiotic as you make out" This was more like her, cackling away with herself like a mad old crone.


"I did have a dream, of course I did, I was asleep and that tends to happen when you sleep you mad old bat!" That earned me a good punch in the gut, she was remarkably strong for an old woman and she seemed to take great pleasure in that.

"Hurry and get up, I have a hunger that you would not believe and you, my boy, are making breakfast" up she got and shuffled out, cackling as she went. 

I got dressed and wandered out into the kitchen, there she was just sitting with a pot of tea. There was no fire lit and sausages, eggs and bread just sat there waiting to be cooked. "you could have a least started the fire for me" I started with as stern a voice as I could manage.

"Why, you can make fire cant you?" She replied.

"Well, yes, but you know as well as I that it will take an age to get that bloody thing going enough to cook anything"

"Just tell it to light then and tell it quickly I am starving" She looked at me with a look that told me she wasn't having her fun this time. "You have had the dream, so now your first lesson has been given, time to see what you can do!"

Submitted: February 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jonathon Asur-Robinson. All rights reserved.

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