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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Abandoned

When you can see right through someone, what do you do? Do you talk to them? Do you tell them you can see their pain or their loneliness? Perhaps you just act on it.




By Danni Lee


She watched him from across the room.  He was not a young man.  His long silver hair was in a ponytail and she really just wanted to touch it.  He looked around the room at one time, but his eyes went right past her.  She was not young either, but she looked younger than she was, and she wished his eyes would have stopped and looked at her.  He wasn’t thin, but neither was she. He picked up his drink and went to the patio attached to the bar.  She picked up her drink and her purse and followed him.  The patio was for those that have an addition, smoking had to be done outside.  She stepped outside and glanced around looking for him.  He was off in the far corner away from the other people.  He was leaning on the railing looking off into the night over the river.  There was a table close and she walked over to it.  She opened her purse and took out her smokes.  She hated to smoke, but she needed it somedays.  The smoke from his cigar floated in her direction and she breathed in the scent.  Grape, she smiled and put the cigarette between her lips. She glanced up at him and put her lighter back in her purse.  She hung her purse over her shoulder, picked up her drink, and walked in his direction.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but do you have a light?”  She asked standing by the rail next to him.

His head turned and he looked at her then.  His soft brown eyes took her in.  She wasn’t beautiful, just an average sort of plane, but she smiled at him.  “Yea, I’ve got one.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter.  He flicked it and held it up for her. She took a deep drag and blew the smoke over her shoulder.

“You like cigars?”  She asked trying to start a conversation.

“Old habits you know.” He looked back out into the dark.

“Would you rather be alone?”  She asked leaning her hip against the rail and set her drink on it.

“You don’t want to know me.”  He was still looking off into the distance.

“I think I do.”  She took a drag of her smoke and blew it out.  “I think I would like to know you.”

“Look,” he said and stood up to face her.  She reached out and put her hand on his cheek.  It was a compulsion and she just did it, she didn’t think about it, or how he would react. His eyes locked with hers and she stroked her hand slowly down his face. He put his hand over hers and held it in place.  His face was warm under her fingers, his beard was soft and that surprised her. He stepped forward closing the short distance between them.  “What are you doing?” he asked but his eyes were so bright.

“I don’t know.”  She leaned forward a little bit and put her lips in easy reach for him.

“You don’t know me.”  His eyes closed and she watched him breathe in her perfume.

“I’d like to.” She whispered and her lips brushed against his free cheek.

He let go of her hand and stepped back glancing around them. She took a drag of her smoke and looked at him.  The shock showed on his face, his eyes glancing around them like he was caught in a trap. When he realized no one was looking he stepped back up to her.  “Why?”  he whispered and his eyes looked deep into hers.

“I can see through you.” She whispered and leaned in.  “I can see right through you.”  She tipped her head to one side and leaned in more, her lips so close to his. “You are not what you show the world.”  Tears were in her eyes at the thought of it.  Knowing that he felt so deeply and yet not being able to show it.  His eyes looked down into hers and she saw them widen.

“That is what you think.”  He said but he was too late.  She had seen it in his eyes, and she smiled softly at him.

“Let me do one thing,” she said looking up into those soft eyes.  “Let me kiss you and then you can decide.”

His head lifted and he glanced around them, then he looked down into her eyes and nodded his head slightly.  She flicked her smoke over the rail into the water. One hand went behind his head and she pulled his mouth to hers.  The other one ran up his chest and rested over his heart. Her lips touched his softly and she opened her mouth, her tongue touching his lip, he opened his mouth for her, and she dove in.  Her tongue sought out his, wanting to feel it and taste it. As he took in a breath through his nose, she drew one in through her mouth, breathing in his breath. While their tongues danced his arm came around her, pressing her to him.  She tipped her mouth more, opening it wider and she pulled him in with the pressure of her hand on the back of his neck.  She could taste the grape of the cigar and wanted more. She moved her head a little from side to side, just wanting him to know how she felt.  His tongue searched deeper and she knew she had him then, and she softened the kiss just the littlest bit just enough to offer him control.  When he breathed in, so did she, drawing in his very breath. She let him take over then and let him do as he pleased. He pressed down on her and she relished it. The feel of him made her think she was right to feel the way she did.  He was hiding behind a false ego, and his real feelings were coming out now. She felt his body jerk and knew he was tossing his cigar where she flicked her smoke.  His other hand caught the back of her head and he dominated her tipping her back and off-balance, forcing her to rely on her grip on the back of his neck.  Slowly he let her stand on her own and the kiss became soft and delicate. The final pressing was all that was left, and she waited just that moment more before she let him go. She stepped back away from him, looking into his eyes, and saw the fire that she knew burned in his heart.  She smiled and reached into her purse.  She didn’t want to take her eyes off of him, so she groped around for her card. When she found it she handed it to him.  She turned away, picked up her wine glass, and finished it quickly.  She walked over to the small table and set the glass down.  She went to the door and only then did she turn and look at him.  He was watching every move she made, and she grinned at him and tipped her head down.  They were both, breathless.



Submitted: February 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Danni Lee. All rights reserved.

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