The Little Angel Dog

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of how a little waif of a dog that was really an angel helped save a woman from suicide and brought joy into her and her husband's home then brought another little dog who needed love into their lives when her mission was complete.

There once was a very special little dog. Actually, she wasn’t really a dog at all. She was an angel. One day God told her that He had a mission for her. It was to help a lonely lady named Sue find friends so she would regain her will-to-live. So the angel carefully removed her wings and began to get ready for her mission. She considered how she could accomplish her task. Finally she had an idea. She knew that the woman loved animals. If the lady thought a lost little dog needed help, maybe she would take it into her home. Then the angel would be close to her and could start her mission. Quickly she left heaven and went down to earth.


Sue and her husband lived in a travel trailer outside of a small Texas town. It was located in a beautiful park of rolling hills and they had a small creek flowing just under their hill. When they first moved in, it was a pleasure to look at all the trees and the fields dressed in winter hues. As the weather warmed, all the wildflowers bloomed and Sue enjoyed walking the fields that blazed with color. The bluebonnets seemed to cover every hill and vale.All too soon the flowers dwindled away and left grass in their place. The woods were still cool and beckoning but the pleasure was gone. Sue stopped taking walks. 


Day after day Sue sat in the trailer with no one to talk to and no one to share with. She waited impatiently for Greg to come home from work each day. She had no other human contact. She felt more and more empty. The emptiness turned to despair and the despair turned to deep depression. Her thoughts turned dark and she cried most of the day. She decided life was not worth living anymore and began to plan how to end it.She wouldn’t wait much longer. Each day was blacker than the last.


The angel knew she had to hurry so she changed the way she looked to that of a lost and abandoned little dog. She acted really scared. Her wiry, gray coat was full of burrs and she was skinny. She made sure that Sue and Greg saw her several times that evening as she trotted back and forth in front of the trailer. 


The next day Greg had an appointment in town and did not go to work.He asked Sue to go with him. When they came out of the door they saw this hungry, bedraggled waif of a dog. They had not had a dog for a while so they had no dog food in the house, but the poor little thing certainly needed food.All they could find was some bologna and so they brought that out to her with a bowl of fresh water. She gobbled it up as if she hadn’t eaten in days then let them pet her. She heard them talking about the appointment in town. They promised they would bring some dog food back for her as they got in their car and left. Now she knew that her plan was going to work.


After a while, they returned as they had promised and they saw that the little dog was still there. They took her in the house, fed her, and began to take the burrs out of her coat. She heard them talking about whether they would allow her to stay. They still missed Big Dog, their Shepard they had lost to old age a few years ago, and they weren’t sure they were ready to take on the responsibility of another dog.


Just then the people heard a truck outside and when they looked, they saw that it was the dogcatcher. They knew he was looking for the little dog so they went outside to let him know that they had brought her inside their trailer. The Angel Dog heard him tell the people that the little dog would probably not be adopted if he took it to the pound. Dogs like her were usually not wanted and ended up being put to sleep. The people quickly told him that they would take her to their veterinarian and decide whether they would keep her. Of course, the Little Angel Dog knew that they would keep her. 


The veterinarian told the Sue and Greg that the little dog was about 5 years old and that she was in good health even though someone had been mean to her and had broken some of her ribs without taking her to the doctor to have them mended. Love and a healthy diet were all she needed to be a good pet for anyone who wanted her. That was all it took for the man and his wife to decide that they would keep the little dog. They bought her a collar and leash and lots of good dog food. They named her Rags, gave her toys, held her in their arms, and let her sleep on the furniture. They always gave her lots of love and the lady talked with her day after day.


Rags made it understood that she liked to take long walks in the park so the lady started walking her. One day the lady met another lady with a dog and they began talking. It seems they both had been lonely and had no one to talk with or share with even though they lived next door to each other for several months. The Little Angel Dog was pleased that they now had each other and she could see they both were happier. 


In time, they met another lonely lady and the three of them were no longer lonely or sad. As spring blended into summer, the three women took long walks in the park and explored the woods or just sat under the shade of a tree and chatted. Rags enjoyed seeing the change in them day by day. Each smiled more and their eyes took on new life. The Little Angel Dog knew she had completed her mission but she decided to stay with Sue and Greg for a while longer.


The other two women moved away but Sue met another she could visit with. She always had Rags to keep her company and she had regained her interest in hobbies and reading so was able to fill the days. The couple lost their cat soon after Rags came to live with them but they adopted a kitten. They named him Shadow. The little trailer was filled with four legged kids chasing and playing and the sound of Sue laughing. Even when winter returned and the weather discouraged longer rambles in the park, Sue and Rags enjoyed being together with Shadow during the day and with Greg at night. 


One day Greg came home and announced that his company was transferring him to Florida. This made both of them happy since they used to live there and wanted to go back. They hitched up the trailer and left on a cold January morning. Sue held Rags in her arms as they rode out of the park for the last time. Shadow finally settled down in the back of the van and went to sleep. He slept most of the trip while Rags looked out the window.


Rags rode across state after state and into the panhandle of Florida in Sue’s arms. It was fun to smell all the different smells. She loved looking out the window. She loved being held so lovingly even more. Sue seemed never to tire of holding her and talking to her about the passing scenery. As they began their southern trek down the Interstate in Florida, Rags could feel the excitement building in her people. She knew they must be getting close to their destination. Late one afternoon a few days after they began this journey they pulled into one last RV Park and set up the trailer. Rags knew this must be where they were going to stay because they had not unhitched the trailer since leaving Texas. 


The park was on the edge of the Everglades. Rags could see Sue was filled with joy at being back home. She pointed out the wildlife in the park and showed her canine companion all the things that she so loved about Florida. They only took short walks here since it was not safe to ramble with a small dog in the Everglades – alligators love small dogs, you know. 


Rags and her people had several wonderful years. They lived in a couple of different RV Parks and Rags enjoyed meeting so many different people. Sue was never lonely now and filled her days with hobbies and other people. After they had been in Florida a little over a year, Sue found a job and Rags was now the one being left alone. She had the cat to play with and Sue and Greg more than made up for leaving her each day, so it was tolerable. 


After a few years, Greg and Sue sold their little trailer and bought a house. It had a yard that was just right for a little dog and now she had even more furniture to sleep on (along with the cat, of course). They even screened in the patio so Shadow could enjoy the outdoors, too. Life couldn’t be better for her but Rags sensed her time with them was getting short.


One day God called the Little Angel Dog to come back to heaven. She reluctantly left her family because she knew they would miss her terribly. She was right. They were inconsolable. Shadow searched for her and cried for her to come and play. Nothing filled the void in their lives. She knew something had to be done to help them accept her loss. She began to work her angel magic.


There was a little dog that had been rescued from a negligent home who needed people to love and care for her. This little dog was so frightened! She had never known a real home but she had been suddenly jerked out of the only life she knew. She had puppies that were taken from her and she didn’t know where they were. She had been put into a series of cages, shaved, given a bath and probed, prodded, and given shots by someone called a vet. The food was good but the trip to the hospital was not. She felt a stick in her shoulder and went to sleep only to wake up with a sore tummy where they had spayed her – whatever that is. Something about never being able to have babies again. Now she was in another cage and people were looking at her as she tried to blend into the concrete so as not to be seen. 


A young girl came into the cage and took her to a small room with some people in it. She didn’t like it there and raced under the desk to hide. No matter what they did she wouldn’t budge. She cowed in the shadows and hoped they would all go away. She heard the door open and close and the only one left was the young girl who crawled under the desk and pulled her out. She was taken back to her cage and locked in. She huddled against the wall farthest from the door and trembled in misery. She did not know what would happen to her now.


Several other people came to the door of the cage and tried to get her to come to them but she just trembled harder. One by one, they left and she was alone again – if you can call being in this huge room with all those other dogs alone. But at least she was alone in the cage. She had never had so much space to herself before. “Where are my puppies?” she worried. “I’ll save some of this food for them.”


Later that afternoon, she saw a man come to the cage door and he started talking to her. He sounded nice but she didn’t trust any human so she stayed where she was. He left but came back a few minutes later with a woman. They tried coaxing her to come to them but she wouldn’t. All she did was shrink in on herself and tremble harder. She heard the woman say, “Oh, the poor little thing! It is so frightened!” The man said, “I’ve tried to get it to come to me but it just sits there and shivers.” They discussed whether to add the little one to their list of dogs they were interested in and came to the conclusion she was the only one they would add. She peeked out of the corner of her eye in time to see them walk away.


Soon another young girl entered her cage and picked her up. She was carried to the same room she had been taken into earlier. As she saw the man reach for her, something told her that this was a good thing so she melted into his arms. He cuddled her, stroked her gently, and talked softly to her. He handed her to the woman who immediately hugged her to her shoulder. She felt warm tears dropping onto her back and sensed the grief surrounding these two people. She didn’t know why they were so sad but somehow was aware that the three of them needed each other. It was so wonderful here in their arms that her fear began to subside. 

Daisy left the pound that day with her new people. She was still frightened and missed her babies but gradually she started learning to trust Greg and Sue. A few months went by and she didn’t act like the same dog. She carried her head and tail high. Her coat had started to grow out to its normal strawberry blond feathery length. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled her doggy smile often. The only clue to her past was her habit of always carrying food in her mouth. She had had to hide food for so long so her and her babies could survive that she could not give up hoarding it now. 


Daisy sensed a hole was still in each of the people’s hearts and knew they would never completely mend. She heard Sue talking about a Little Angel Dog who had brought them together to help each other just as she had helped Sue in Texas. All of them are thankful for the magic worked by that special little gray dog. She knows they will never forget their Little Angel Dog and will love Rags always just as they had loved her. They know Rags is happy in heaven and that she will have other missions that will bring happiness to other people – maybe even make sure Daisy’s puppies are in happy homes. After all, she is an angel.























Submitted: February 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 scarletscribe. All rights reserved.

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That was a nice story.

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