Risks Life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Risks Life of a young adult began at the year 2020.
A boy call Lazz Niga Dbz, begins his life career with a good and dirty life, At an age of 20 years, Lazz Niga Dbz began to work hard and Begin to pursue his dream career. Lazz Niga Dbz leaved his family at Delta State Nigeria, and migrated to Plateau State Nigeria, were he achieved of being a member of Police Force.
The Youngest African Celebrity Lazz Niga Dbz, he attached his self with Police Government and still working hard with his music career, But is hard to work both two careers at sport.
The Youngest Africa Celebrity call Lazz Niga Dbz, he finally involved his self in a two man gangs,with the last man blood, which means live one and prosper or keep both and die hard. The youngest African Celebrity Lazz Niga Dbz, he said he will never live his Music Career neither Police force.
How can The youngest African Celebrity called Lazz Niga Dbz, delighted with such a bad idea, thinking all is well with such critical suggestion.

Lazz Niga Dbz, goes to club all night hours, Rapping and Singing Music for his Fans in the clubs and Music Tour. The younger African Celebrity Called Lazz Niga Dbz, he forgot the hidden rule of his uniform at the Police force,that no act of Clubbing,Rapping in the street that is allowed.
Lazz Niga Dbz, insisted in being both the bad guys record and the good guys record, that make the Police force to chest after him. Lazz Niga Dbz , he didn't know the Police are after his movement's. The Youngest Africa Hip Hop Music ian he arrived at a Clubs Tour in Jos Nigeria at 12:30pm noon, to make music for his lovely fans,At the Club tour some beautiful girls from Lagos Nigeria the were eyeing one sight with him while singing Rap's on stage, Lazz Niga Dbz He get attracted by does beautiful girls and dropped down on stage, and move towards their direction. The Youngest African Celebrity Lazz Niga Dbz, he make some funs and catch some cool weather with the beautiful girls.
Lazz Niga Dbz, took off his cloth at the Hotel Tour and make love with both girls, when that happen is that the girls were drung and were highly carrying away immortally by the youngest African Celebrity Lazz Niga Dbz, so when that happen in the early morning the girls were justified with love and hard crying of injustice for them cheating on their husband's for a young Celebrity.
At that time Lazz Niga Dbz, ask them, Beautiful why crying and she reply with a word, I CHEATED ON MY HUSBAND, The youngest Celebrity said who will it be that your husband that you are crying bitterly for him? She said M husband is a Commissioner Of Police.
The youngest African Celebrity he said ooh gush, I got myself into problem with my work, then the girl reply which problem did you mean? Lazz Niga Dbz, said my work with the Police Force. And she reply.

Woman: That makes me love you more.

Lazz Niga Dbz: can't you event get it for once.

Woman: what more can I get apart for me being with you always and forever.

Lazz Niga Dbz: I won't be with you

Woman: why dear.

Lazz Niga Dbz: because of my dream career.

Woman: but still it will not be problem for me being part of you.

Lazz Niga Dbz: I guest you don't know what Police are capable.

Woman: no matter the problem, I will always be by your sight an forget what the government will do for me and you.

Lazz Niga Dbz: really.

Woman: yes sweetheart.


The youngest African Celebrity Lazz Niga Dbz, has finally choose to be with the Beautiful girl, and he take the Risk of her in his Life.

Important things in Lazz Niga Dbz, loving?

6 Things You Didn't Know About Lazz Niga Dbz special Love toward her.

Of course The Notebook, Risks Life, and When Lazz Niga Dbz, Met The Beautiful girl,all have a special place in their heart. But you know what we adore about The youngest African Celebrity? Tales of love that are actually real. In anticipation of Cupid's favorite weekend, we’ve rounded up the most touching and tear-jerking true romantic stories that are sweeter than anything you'll find in a Weekend Day . At the Party Clube Lazz Niga Dbz, while he stressing about scoring the perfect girl, gift for him, her, and everyone in between, let these tender accounts, for Total Love and care even at the point of dead. The two couples choose to die for each order.

Risks Life

protect our young once from being involved in a Celebrity issues

Submitted: February 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Lazz Niga Dbz. All rights reserved.

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