The Halfling

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short story


Her mother was a witch and when Jessa was just a baby her mother heartlessly sacrificed her daughter’s soul to the devil and later in life a demon would come for her soul. Jessa was a teenager she was high school now it was the last week of high school before graduation. She was in her room she was in her bed sleeping when a dark shadow came from out of the corner and it lunged at Jessa, it landed on top pf her knocking the breath of out of her, she tried to scream but nothing came out. She looked it in the eyes and saw the fiery pits of hell, it grabbed her so tightly it left bruises on her arms, she was pinned down and couldn’t move it slowly got up and began to drag Jessa out of bed. It held her with one hand with the other it chanted a spell and a portal to hell opened up in her wall!!! She looked in amazement and fear as she saw souls burning in hell, the demon yanked her hard, so hard it hurt her arm she fell and stumbled onto the floor the demon yanked her up and drug her across the floor and into the portal.

The demon dragged her through hell, she saw things you’d never want to see not even in your worst nightmares, it dragged her into a dark cavern, the blew some type of dust in her face and was out cold. She woke in a cold, damp, dark cave she heard screaming and moaning. She looked around and she saw was darkness, she tried to get up something was holding her down she moved her down her leg and moved to her foot and she felt something hard and cold and it felt like metal, she was chained up. She thought how in the heck did she end up in the cave and why was she chained up? Was she having a nightmare? She pinched herself hard, causing her to yelp a little, nope it wasn’t a dream this was real.

She tried everything to get free, she yanked on the chain, she tried slipping her foot out of it, it would matter anyway because she stuck in a cell anyway. But she was resourceful she had to stop panicking and think on how to get out of here. She remembered the story her older brothers used to tell her about her mother sacrificing her soul to the devil and she never believed it she thought her brothers told her this story just to scare her. But it was true, not long after Jessa was born her mother befriended some new friends that turned out to be witches and invited her to some witch meeting and she became a part of their coven. As a part of the initiation she was told to sacrifice her daughter’s soul and in return she’d become rich and become immortal. So, her mother Agatha heartless and selfishly did what she was told and sacrificed her baby’s soul.

When her husband found out he was furious he tried to run in and stop her, but Agatha got angry and began hitting him profusely and throwing things at him and he packed his and his daughter’s things and left and moved far, far, far away. He wanted to keep her safe and far away from her evil mother. The thing is she didn’t even care that her husband took her daughter or the fact that their marriage was over. All she cared about was her coven and herself, she barely cared for her sons. Her sons just were fed up with her crap and they ended up and moving in together and sharing an apartment together.

They often wondered what happened to their mother, they remembered her when they were just toddlers her being kind, and caring, loving, and nurturing; and the older they got the more their mother changed but it wasn’t until she met the coven and at the same time she was pregnant with their sister that she changed. They remembered the night that their mother sacrificed their baby sister’s soul to the devil, she went into her room when she was sleeping, chanted some spell and they swear that night they saw the devil himself and heard him say, “ when your daughter comes of age a demon will come for her, drag her to hell and she stay there forever as my prisoner.”

They could hear his deep, ominous voice and it was terrifying and then just like that he was gone. How could their mother do this to their baby sister? They loved their baby sister so much and missed her so much now that she and their father lived far away. They always kept in contact with her sent her cards called her, texted her every so often. Due to their busy lives of working they finally took some vacation time, and they fly out and visit their sister and father they hadn’t seen them since they left. They hated being so far from their sister and father for they were close. They knew they had to be careful so their mother wouldn’t find out where she was. Little did they know it was too late and their sister was already gone.

The bothers Shane and Dane had bought their tickets to Aberdeen, Texas and were on their way to the airport. Jessa’s father woke up that morning to wake his daughter before work, he lightly knocked on the door and then called out “Jessa, honey is you awake?” He waited a minute for his daughter to answer, after a minute he opened the door to find his daughter gone. He walked in and looked all around her room calling her name, and the worst thought went through his mind his daughter had been kidnapped. He wanted to call the cops because it was his first instinct, him being a cop himself he knew he had to wait it hadn’t been a full twenty-four hours since she went missing.

It wasn’t like Jessa to leave without telling him. She could be just studying at the library like she often did, or she could have spent the night at friend’s house because they up late studying. He inspected her room looking for clues when he smelled sulfur which was odd, and then he found some weird dust on the floor, and a piece of torn clothes, he looked closer at the floor and he saw drag marks and more dust and it led straight to the wall. “Well now that doesn’t make any sense.” Jessa’s father said aloud.  “Who kidnaps someone and drags them to the wall? “He asked himself. Something weird was going on and my ex-wife has something to do it I just know it!” Gerald exclaimed. “Good thing I know a good medium to who is C.I. to help me.” Gerald spoke.

He called his informant, and she came out immediately. Gerald took her to Jessa’s room so she could have a look around. Dahlia had been working in the Aberdeen Police Force for over five years now and had been working with Gerald since they met. Dahlia walked around Jessa’s room sniffing, she closed her eyes and focused herself, and is what she saw, she saw a demon standing in a corner waiting to pounce, she saw Jessa on the sleeping, she the fight, the bruises, and she the demon blow dust into Jessa’s face, she saw the demon open the portal and drag her in there into a cave where she’s held prisoner, she watched Jessa struggle to get of her chains. She pulled herself back to reality and looked at Gerald. “What’s up Dal?” He asked. “Well, it’s like your daughter was taken by a demon and is being held prisoner in hell. This has everything to with your ex and what she did to Jessa”. Dahlia confirmed. Little did they know that the devil had plans for Jessa, he was going to kill her and keep her soul. Dahlia and Gerald were startled by a loud knock on the door causing both of them to jump. “I’m coming!!!” Gerald exclaimed. He walked to the door surprised to see his sons at the door. “Hi Shane, hi Dane.” Gerald said. “Hi dad”. The sons returned. “Were here to see our sister, we missed her, and she hasn’t been returning our calls.” They explained. The father didn’t know what to say, so he thought for a minute. “Jessa isn’t here right now she’s out with friends.”

The father said. He didn’t want his sons knowing that their sister was missing. “Is it ok if we stay here Dad?” The boys asked in unison. “Sure, one of you can take the couch and the other can sleep in the guest bedroom.” The father answered. The boys went to get settled in and father went back to Jessa’s room to talk to Dahlia, the boys quietly followed their father and listened to their conversation. “My boys are here, and I want them to know just yet their sister is missing and where she is, they are good boys but when it comes to certain matters, they can be reckless and hasty. Especially when they find out she’s being held prisoner in hell. They have such a good heart, and they care deeply for their sister and will do anything for her, they’re best friends. I never seen such close siblings such as my sons and daughter are. Oh yes, I can feel their bond and closeness.” Dahlia retorted. The boy’s mouths fell opened when they found their sister was missing and she was in hell. The boys were pretty upset not only that their sister was in hell but the for the fact that their father didn’t tell them right away or come to them for help. This made them feel hurt and a little angry and now they are on a mission to save their sister. But they knew she was strong, brave, and smart, and would find her way back home. “I have to get ready for work now Dahlia. Gerald announced. Ok.  I have to get going anyway, I have to meet a client.” Dahlia said. Dahlia left and Gerald went to go get ready for work. 

Because their mother was a witch, they learned a lot about being a witch and the occult. They knew how to cast spells, open portals, teleportation, mind control, telekinesis, astral projection, undoing spells, conjuring demons, binding and unbinding spells or contracts, they had elements of fire, they had the element of air, and earth. They boys were full born warlocks, but they used it for good and not bad. Unlike their mother, they were surprised she didn’t sacrifice their souls to the devil like she did their sister. But for some reason she didn’t it was like she loved them and wanted them around even though they felt ignored by her all the time. All she cared about was herself and her coven. Her coven was the darkest, most evil, coven out there who still believe in performing the dark arts and sacrificing humans or animals to the devil. Meanwhile in hell demons were preparing for the big sacrificial event, in a big room filled with black candles, scary gargoyle statues, a giant stone table with chains attached to it, there even was a throne.

This room was where all the sacrifices happened, it was rare that humans got sent down to hell especially alive, hell is where all bad souls go to be tormented for an eternity. What was so special about Jessa wasn’t she just a normal, ordinary human? Was she a witch like her mother? Or was she something more? Back the house Agatha in her room and spying on Jessa to see if she was actually in hell imprisoned, when she saw an image of daughter chained up, she smiled evilly and cackled. She then tried spying on her sons to see where they were, but they placed a hidden cloak spell on themselves and their father to keep them safe, or they did not trust their mother. What was so special about Jessa? What Jessa didn’t know about herself that she was special incredibly special indeed. Jessa was a halfling she was half human, half demon, and half angel, no one in the family knew except Agatha and her lover.

If Jessa knew the truth about herself her world would be turned upside down. Jessa’s mother had an affair while married with the devil himself, he had disguised himself as a handsome rich man named Lukas apparently, she got pregnant and passed off her daughter as her husband’s. Gerald always suspected his ex-wife of being unfaithful he didn’t have enough evidence or knowledge of the affair to end the marriage earlier. Agatha had ended the affair not long she found out about being pregnant with Jessa and Agatha never spoke of this so-called lover. Gerald just assumed that Jessa was his and it wouldn’t matter anyway because he loved Jessa unconditionally and she was always going to his daughter no matter what.

You see Jessa was to be crowned queen of hell when she reached her eighteenth birthday and when Agatha found out, she became extremely jealous and she found that night from Lukas she decided to put her baby’s soul, and now Jessa was in hell awaiting her death as soon as Jessa was dead, Lukas promised Agatha to be queen and to reign by his side as his bride. Lukas her father (the devil himself) didn’t want to see his daughter come to any harm, he was quite fond of her and often doted on her, he send her presents and Jessa would receive them with now forwarding address and she assumed it was from her mother she have anything to do with the presents. 

Lukas hated the thought of his daughter being caged up in that cell awaiting her fate. Just as Lukas is about to go see his daughter and tell her the truth a portal of nowhere pops out of two craggy rocks Agatha pops out of the portal holding a knife. Lukas lunges at her knocking her to the ground, they wrestle and fight. Agatha knocked down the devil and takes back the knife, the devil gets up chasing her and he close behind. How dare you come to into hell and try to get to my daughter, what did you do? Why is my daughter here? The devil asked. I wanted her here so I can her place as queen so I can rule by your side as your queen. Agatha answered. Did you really think I would want you as my queen, I have ruled hell for an eternity alone and that’s the way it will stay? The devil closed the portal.

Agatha ran to Jessa’s cell and Agatha used her powers and turned invisible and she morphed back into a witch and Jessa saw her mother and screamed. Agatha placed her hands on the cell and dissolved the bars and walked into the cell. “HELP” Jessa yelled! Just then something powerful happens to Jessa her eyes begin to glow red; the she becomes strong and powerful, she become a demon but still having her humanity, she takes one look at her mother and she stares at her until her mother disintegrates, she yells out it’s too late. She looks down at what she did, and she’s confused on how she did this and why, where did the power come from?

How was she being so strong? How did kill her mother?  She had so many questions. Lukas morphed into his human self and careful not to scare his daughter anymore then what she already was, and he sat her down and began to explain. “Jessa you are my daughter, I am the devil and your mother, and I had an affair before you born and you’re a halfling. Jessa looked her new father confused. Your daughter? Halfling? You’re my father? She asked. Yes, Jessa. Lukas said. You’re half human, half demon, and half angel and more powerful than any witch. That’s why you were able to kill your mother. Her father confessed. Since you’re eighteen you are old enough to rule hell beside me as my daughter and as princess if you choose.

I’m also giving the choice to stay or to have your freedom, I will not force you to stay my sweet daughter however your demon side will find hard to co-exist with the human realm and your demon side may come out. The devil declared. If you leave at least take this amulet it will protect you and keep your demon side from coming out. If you choose to stay, you’ll have every need met. Jessa thought to herself for a minute. Stay in hell and be a ruler and be a princess or go back to the real world, graduate, go to college and have a real life? She pondered on the thought. Ok. Jessa said. You’re giving me a choice of staying or leaving, what’s the catch? If I try and leave am, I going to turn to dust? Or am I going to be ripped apart by a demon? What happens if I go back to the real world am, I going to be dragged back here again and chained up? She asked her father. No, my daughter, you will be free to leave or stay no strings, no catches, nothing you have my word. But, but. Jessa stuttered. You are the devil, and the devil is no to lie and be deceitful. Well. Her father answered. Am I different? I know I’m the devil and there are so many myths and things said about me and some mostly all is true except that I do have some humanity left in me yet. I was human once too until something happened to me, and somehow, I become the king of hell I am myself a halfling like you.

I made my decision. Jessa announced. Ok. The devil returned. I made my choice; I want to go so I can say goodbye to my brothers and my father, but I have two requests. Jessa stated. Sure, go ahead and ask. I want to be able to come and go as I please I want to be able to visit my brothers and father. Second request is I want my boyfriend down here with me. Jessa spoke firmly. The first request is granted. The second one is also granted. Wait! Jessa shouted. Jace is a human, actually my sweet girl, he isn’t. What?! Jessa yelled, looking perplexed. He is a halfling like you that’s I granted your second wish. Thank you, Jessa expressed gratefully. You’re welcome.

Lukas retorted. Now go.” Lukas opened a portal for Jessa and watched her walk through. It was about a week later and everyone was searching everywhere for Jessa, the portal opened through her wall and she stepped through it and she was back in her bedroom again, she looked around happily at her room and her things. She walked out of her room calling for her brothers and father no one answered. She went back to room rot grab her phone she had received many phone calls. The first person she called was her father, the phone rang and rang.

Gerald was out looking for his daughter with the police force, it felt his phone vibrate he looked down and pulled it out from its case. His eyes lit up when he saw the name that popped up on his phone. “Everyone it’s Jessa! He yelled excitedly. He calmly picks up the phone. Hello. Jessa is that really you? Yes, Daddy it’s really me! I’m back you need to come home so we can talk. Ok sweetie. Your brothers and I are on the way.  Love you, see you soon. Her father answered.” He hung up the phone and grabbed his sons, and Jace Jessa’s boyfriend and they drove home. He sped home running every red light just to get home to his baby girl, he had missed her so much.

When they got home, Jessa was waiting for them on the couch, she looked weak and distraught. She got up and ran to father and hugged him tightly. Her brothers and Jace joined in on the family hug. “Everyone sits down please. Jessa announced. So, for the past week I was trapped in hell and drug there by a demon that my mother conjured, she was going to have me killed so she could be queen of hell and rule down there. I killed my mother with my newfound powers. Her bothers, father and boyfriend looked at her blankly. What?! They answered. Apparently I am a halfling, I’m half human, half demon, and half angel and I’m the devil’s daughter and he wants to be the princess of hell if I choose or I can choose to stay up here. Jace looked at her smiled and winked as if he was happy to hear the news.

Her dad and brothers didn’t understand. What are you going to do? They asked in unison. Well seeing that I have a rough life and yes it’s gotten so much better, but if I stay here in the human world I have more of a chance of my demon side of coming out and I don’t want that, if I go to hell I can be in my true form with no worries. Jessa explained. If I go to hell I come, go, and go as I please and visit you guys as much as I want. If I stay, I’m afraid my demon side will come out particularly now that I know of my powers. Well sweetie. Jessa’s father said aloud. Whatever you decide your brothers and I will support you. Thank you. Jessa declared graciously.

That night Jessa decided to go to hell and become a princess, she said goodbye to her brothers and father and hugged them tightly. After a teary goodbye, Jessa and Jace walked hand in hand to her room where the portal was there waiting for her; her brothers and father wave to her and say goodbye. Her and Jace enter the portal and are taken down a slide of multiple colors and they end up in hell. Her father is there to welcome her with open arms and that night in hell was a celebration where Jessa would be the princess of hell for all eternity, and her boyfriend Jace would rule by her side.



Submitted: February 23, 2021

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LE. Berry

I really like queens and princesses of Hell...they can add a lot to a dark story.

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 8:04pm


Yes absolutely, I totally agree

Fri, February 26th, 2021 2:00pm

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