Lollyender, Vesca, and the Gorries

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lollyender is looking to start her first day of high school as a lone wolf. She certainly doesn't need any friends like Vesca or The Gorries. However, when a series of "accidents" and missing children transpire, Lollyender finds herself growing ever closer with them as they try to unlock the answers behind these strange occurrences.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Lollyender, Vesca, and the Gorries Original story written ©2011-2012 Rewritten ©2017-2019 Phoenix, Arizona By Tahlia Ann Alarid

Lollyender, Vesca, and the Gorries By Tahlia Alarid
Read Chapter

Chapter Two

The day after Lollyender met the werewolves, she attended school with the causation of the mall’s demolition on her mind. She sat in ar... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

“Lollyender, we have to talk.” Vesca’s serious tone and concerned face caught the dark-haired girl by surprise. Somehow, with f... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

“Welcome,” Lollyender swung open the huge gate-like doors to her house, “to my home.” “Ooohhh…” The girls gazed with wi... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Soon it was morning. The sun shone through the drapes and flowers tentatively peeked from their petals as if the previous day had never b... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

“Hey, Lollyender,” Mathew jogged up to her as she navigated through the sea of kids in the hallway. He gripped something in his hand ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Saturday morning, police reported finding a lost child—Ivy, in fact—in the woods and returned her home. Also, Arleen finally responde... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Sunday morning, the girls finished breakfast in a mixture of adrenaline and anxiety. Yesterday’s news—the series of events traumatizi... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Announcements had been made by the principal about the kidnapping of two Pinehill students and the attack on a third. The teachers warned... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

“Thank you for coming,” Mr. Dullerson leaned on his desk, his hands intertwined. “Grab a seat.” Lollyender and Vesca sat down... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

In art class, Mrs. Maller’s behavior dripped with worry. Her smile was forced, but she was clearly concerned about the recent kidnappin... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

When she finally awoke, her head pounded terribly. Slowly, her bleary view slid together like microscope slides. Fluorescent lights humme... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

The following morning began with a tapping on the glass barrier. Lollyender’s eyelids fluttered and she soon saw a plate of sludge on t... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

“What do you mean gone?” Wisteria’s voice was shrill. Tears collected in her eyes—not uncommon for her. “Like, gone, gone? Like... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Though tense, Lollyender’s first moments out of her cell were mostly peaceful. No one tried to shoot her or grab her. Instead, she step... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Three days had passed since Lollyender went missing. The Gorries had developed a stable make-shift club house in Nikki’s basement. The ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Approximately seven days had passed since Lollyender had woken up in her cell, and about six days since they had implanted their favorite... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Thanks to the help of the history club, which was suspicious of the Gorries’ activities, the Gorries and Mr. Dullerson, as well as the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

“Thank you for your honesty, Lollyender,” Detective Bruce leaned on the table after questioning Lollyender. He and his companion sitt... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Finally, homeward bound. Lollyender, Vesca, the werewolves, and Lollyender’s five housemates hitched a ride with a police officer to Lo... Read Chapter

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