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Finally, homeward bound. Lollyender, Vesca, the werewolves, and Lollyender’s five housemates hitched a ride with a police officer to Lollyender’s house. Mr. Dullerson was their escort, sitting in the passenger’s seat because his own vehicle was in the shop.

The officer walked up behind them when they entered the house. It was still, eerie, and quiet. It felt comforting after their adventure. But something didn’t feel quiet right.

“What’s wrong, Lollyender?” Sally asked.

The dark-haired girl glanced around, then slowly trudged into the center of the entrance. Footsteps resounded upstairs. Everyone hushed.

Slowly, a figure made its way down the stairs, and stood at the top of the stairway. The open window behind her silhouetted her frame, making her identity impossible to figure out. Something upstairs glowed purple.

“Shoot, the portal…” Lollyender hissed under her breath. “I told you to never go into those rooms upstairs.”

“We didn’t! What’s going on?” Sammy asked.

The figure’s arms elongated and tentacles formed as it stepped down. Lollyender approached, arms turned into swords of stone. She felt a little more power flow through her. Apparently, her metaphorical broken bone had grown stronger.

The tentacle lashed out, and Lollyender thrashed. The other girls ran ahead and pinned down the figure’s tentacles and legs, knocking her to the ground. The cop drew out a gun. Mr. Dullerson grabbed Sally and Cleo and held them back. Once pinned, the figure, who turned out to be a girl slightly younger than Lollyender, squirmed, transformed into a bat, and landed a foot in front of Lollyender.

“Wait,” Lollyender held a hand up to stop her friends from attacking the figure. Her face hardened. She locked eyes with the girl.

The girl’s eyes darkened. “Well, hi.”

“Who is she?” Sarah asked.

Lollyender looked a bit shocked. “No one.”

“Seriously?” The figure fumed. “That’s what I get after all this time? Sorry to burst your bubble—it wasn’t my idea to pass through the portal. I was sent here. Obviously, you don’t seem to care.”

“I care that you’re in my house on Earth all of a sudden. Seems you’ve gotten kicked out of Seb.”

“Excuse me,” Alex interrupted, pointing between them. “Yeah, uh, hi, I’m Alex, and what the heck is going on?”

Before Lollyender could open her mouth, the girl responded: “I’m Elli. I’m one of Lollyender’s sisters.”

Submitted: February 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Aia Bunny. All rights reserved.


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