Chapter 1: A New Her

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Blood. The metallic smell stung my nose. I could feel and hear the sharp pains of death. I wasn’t there though. I knew that. But that didn’t stop the frost form on my fingertips. When I opened my eyes, I found my arms covered in frost. I needed to get in control. I needed to be perfectly in control. Especially if my parents expected me to hide out.  I let out a cold breath. The room was nice. White walls, dark brown hardwood, a desk and a white queen bed. That didn’t help with the fact that I had insane people after me. I didn’t care though. I could kill them if they tried to attack me. That was one thing my parents didn’t understand. They didn’t see how hard I tried to conceal my magic. People thought I was a monster even when my magic was concealed.Peoples terrified faces filled my mind. Stop. None of it matters now. I made my bed and got ready for school. The maroon, black and gold uniform hung in my closet perfectly ironed. I put it on and grabbed a pair of shoes. I sat in the mirror. My pale white skin stared back at me. My clear blue eyes looked cold. My platinum white hair was a little snarled. I closed my eyes. I took a breath and peeled my face away and made a new me. Long curly caramel hair, cinnamon skin, and greys filled the mirror. Perfect. I made myself shorter and wider. Thank you glamour. Breakfast was going to be soon. So I opened my dorm door and locked it behind me and made my way to the cafeteria. Large buffet tables were arranged for students with all different types of food. A line was forming of students clad in the same uniforms. I found a place in line and I allowed myself to observe. Students hangout chatting and slowly making their way to the line or they were making their way to tables. Though, many probably didn’t want food. I found myself with an apple, utensils, eggs and at the end of the line. I looked around and found the stairs to the second floor. My bodyguards were waiting for me. I made my way up the stairs. When I reached the top my eyes immediately darted to the familiar chestnut and caramel hair. Charles spotted me first. He was a sweet guy. With his inviting honey eyes, caramel hair, tan skin and athletic build he was model worthy although he was a musician. And although Asher seemed brooding and edgy he was a softie with chestnut hair , olive eyes and pale skin. He was taller than Charles and was more fit. 

“Caylen,” Charles greeted me with a hug. 

“Excited?” Asher asked with a lopsided grin. 

“Sure,” I joked sarcastically. 

“English first right,” Asher asked, question flitting across his face.

“Yes,” Charles responded for me as we sat down. 

“How are you doing?”Charles inquired as he picked at his food. 

“Good,” I lied. Sympathy flashed across his eyes. 

“That’s good,” Asher said, frowning. He fell silent and seemed in deep thought. Breakfast continued with small talk about their families. 

‘Some girls throw themselves at us. So you might want to watch out,” Asher said with a smirk as we walked to our class.

“Yea right,” I said as I walked beside him. 

“You’d be surprised,” Asher said.

“I probably wouldn’t. A group of girls are heading our way,” I told him. I recognized the girl in front as the daughter of a guy who owned a huge firm. 

“Asher,” She said in a syrupy voice. She was pretty. But barbie doll pretty. Too perfect. “Do you and Charles want to join us for lunch?” She asked. 

“Sure as long as my friend here can come,” He said. Her smile seemed to freeze and she nodded and strutted away. “That girl is so insecure,” He muttered under his breath. We continued to class.

“Are you new,” A tall lady in a knee length dress asked.

“Yes, I’m Caylen Bowers,” I said, shaking her hand. She looked like a nice teacher with her brown hair up in a bun and her pretty face with simple makeup.

“Oh yes. I remember hearing that I had a new student. Here let me find you a seat,” She said leading me into the classroom.


Submitted: February 23, 2021

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