My Dream Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

What my dream home would look like if I cold afford it.

I walk the lot looking at all the motorhomes 

parked in rows with only enough space

to open a door and climb the steps -

three metal steps or only one 

leading to anther set of interior steps

with wooden handrails to assist your climb


I set foot on a plush carpeted floor in back of 

the passenger seat swiveled to face the rear

of the opulent coach with overstuffed sofa

and two matching revolving chairs and an

end table of shiny dark brown wood between

and a coffee table of the same wood in front


It feels like I have stepped into the foyer of a

castle or mansion as I continue into the kitchen

area with its island counter and ample cupboards

above a double sink of matching size and depth

surrounded by counter space above cupboards 

with two or three shelves to hold pots and pans


Nestled between cupboards I see a full size

kitchen stove complete with a range hood

and king size refrigerator and freezerwith 

silver doors and tops hidden under small 

cupboards to hold the least used dishes or

spices, condiments or extra paper plates


The vision of me preparing a scrumptious 

meal on the island counter and only having

to turn then placing my recipe on the stove

with another turn to pick up the ingredients

for a salad I will not have to take more than a 

step to wash before chopping and layering 


I reluctantly leave the kitchen to explore 

what lies behind the row of doors on one 

side as well as the door at the end of the 

long hall so I open the first door to find

a luxurious guest bath complete with 

both beige bathtub and shower head


The matching washbasin and toilet with

foot pedal flush contrast the teal walls,

gold towel bars, gold mirror frame and 

clothes hook as I turn to leave I see the

 full length mirror on the back of the solid 

cherry wood door reflecting the lavish room


The next door opens into a bedroom fit for 

royalty with a king size bed holding a deep

mattress and plump pillows covered in satin 

sheets and pillow cases of burgundy trimmed 

in ivory hues topped by an inviting ivory down 

comforter that is at least three inches thick 


As I peeked in every room I saw only bedrooms

decorated in different colors but all just as 

inviting then I reached the last door – the door

to the master suite not only was the same cherry

wood but its ornamentation declared it was fit

for a king and queen while the bed was lavishly


Covered with purple silk sheets, down pillows,

stuffed in pillow cases of lavender and a deep

purple down comforter almost twice the depth

of the others then I saw another smaller door 

behind which was a walk-in closet as large as

the other bedrooms with shelves and drawers


Then I looked to the other side of the room

and saw yet another door that closed off the

master bathroom complete with a bathtub

large enough to almost be called a pool with 

water jets for a Jacuzzi and shelf space to 

set drinks on and all encased in etched glass


Reluctantly I retraced my steps to the 

living room to once more absorbthe

regal feel of the motor coach then sat

in the driver’s seat imagining myself

driving down the highway in such a

magnificent vehicle as this one was


Now it was time to return to the real world and

leave my dream home behind to remain in

my wishes and dreams once again as

it has for many days and nights

to return to my small travel

trailer that is junk.



Submitted: February 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 scarletscribe. All rights reserved.

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