Based on the cinematic masterpiece "Inception" by Christopher Nolan, this story follows the perspective of 17-year old Oscar Figueroa being in a group of his friends as they dive deeper into their secret use of the "Dream Runner", which is a mysterious invention that allows anyone to access the full ability of controlling dreams and entering the dreams of others. However, having the ability to enhance brain and dream ability comes at a price, and won't be seen or used by everyone the same way. The journey of finding answers to questions, solutions to problems and present discoveries from the past are found through dreams.

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  It started in the afternoon. The highway stretched on and on. Beside it, the world expanded far on each side, goin... Read Chapter


I began to look at my surroundings. I was in a theater, but not a normal one. The red and white ceiling reached very high above my head... Read Chapter


I woke up in a small jump. I heard "Money" by Pink Floyd being played from a small radio nearby, only the Beatles, who weren’t a... Read Chapter


Picking myself up, I thought I was finally awake. “That had to wake me up,” I said out loud, pushing myself on my feet. I then real... Read Chapter


I shot up from the seat breathing heavily. I felt ice cold sweat drizzle through the back of my head, running down my hair. I felt my b... Read Chapter


It was raining lightly. The sky was a thick mist, covering the whole sky with its grey texture. There was fog, thick and thin, all over... Read Chapter


“’s a date?” Ali asked, walking up to me as I got my books out of my locker. I turned to look at him, giving him a serious... Read Chapter


(Aaron's house [after school]; Billy's perspective)   We walked up the cracked, dirty cement pathway that led to the front ... Read Chapter

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So, reading through this chapter i have put in a couple of edits throughout, mostly spelling or wording errors that I noticed. Overall, it was a really good piece but I feel as though there were a couple of really long run on sentences and i started to lose concentration while I was going through it to be honest. I feel as though if you were to break up some of those sentences it would flow better for the reader. For example in the first chapter when you start talking about the clothing that the character is wearing it got to be a bit much for me personally. Onto a positive note, I loved the connection between being in the dream and coming back into reality. It almost felt as though there wasn't a disconnect at all but that it was still part of the dream and that was awesome. I thought at first that he had fainted while at the funeral and then found himself back at home but finding out that it had all been a dream was like coming out of the dream for myself as well (if that makes any sense at all). I cannot wait to see what else this book has in store for me.

Wed, May 19th, 2021 3:54am


Thanks a lot for this review MadameV. I go deep into the clothing since every dream in this book is based on real dreams that I wrote down before forgetting them, and describing these (actual) clothes keep me in as a reminder that this was real, and these dreams actually made a real life connection. I did notice the long sentences myself, but I'll fix that soon. But yes, these dreams are real, and the details in them did happen in my head before. Thanks again for this very helpful review, I'll be sure to keep your feedback in mind for editing. - E.E

Wed, May 19th, 2021 9:14am

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