The Rise of Fame: Portrait of Mona Lisa

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An informative article, I wrote, towards the history behind the Mona Lisa portrait, earning it high measures of popularity.

 The Rise of Fame: Portrait of Mona Lisa


[Date: 2-28-2021]


Painting the “Mona Lisa” portrait into existence, as majority of us know, was by an artist under the name “Leonardo da Vinci”. This, exact, artist is also the creator of the mural painting “The Last Supper”, which is resting inside of a church in Milan, Italy—Santa Maria delle Grazie, translating to English as “Holy Mary of Grace”. Unlike the other painting, Mona Lisa is an oil painting made on a poplar wood panel. The piece of art was completed between Fifteen-O-Three and Fifteen-O-Six, believed by many.

Behind the title of the portrait is Lisa Gherardini, the ex-wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Not only was she nicknamed “Mona Lisa”, she has gone as “La Giocondo” as well. In Florence, Italy, she was born. Leonardo da Vinci, translating to “Leonardo from Vinci”, was also born in the Republic of Florence.

Anchiano, near the village of Vinci, is where Leonardo was specially born in the Republic of Florence. To Andrea del Verrocchio, who was a sculptor and painter, Leonardo was an apprentice. By Fourteen-Seventy-Eight, he was an independent master. Leonardo da Vinci had been more than just a painter; he had been a sculptor, draftsman, architect, and an engineer.

His marvelous portrait, The Mona Lisa, hadn’t gained its fame ‘til hundreds of years later. In “Eighteen Hundred”, the portrait was kept by Napoléon Bonaparte, once a military general and the first emperor of France. Even though, he would not be the first keeper for the portrait. At King Francis I’s request, Leonardo moved to France, where he had completed his marvelous portrait. The Mona Lisa was, then, displayed in the king’s Fontainebleau palace of Versailles. Later, Louise XIV—known as the Sun King—relocated Leonardo’s work of art to the Grand Trianon palace of Versailles. During the outset of the Nineteenth Century, Napoléon Bonaparte would become the final handler before she found her new home at the Louvre.

The Mona Lisa rested in the bedroom of Bonaparte until Eighteen-O-Four, when he was crowned as Emperor of France. This exact year, the portrait found her new home at the Louvre museum, where she modernly rests. But, on August Twenty-First of Nineteen-Eleven, the portrait was stolen from the Louvre by a museum worker named Vincenzo Perrugia.

The museum worker behind the theft was, also, an Italian artist. Directed by Joe Medeiros, there is a documentary titled “The Missing Piece: Mona Lisa, The Thief, her Story”, offering you deeper information. The film director had spent thirty years investigating the theft of “The Mona Lisa”. The film, itself, was released in Twenty-Twelve. Released in Nineteen-Thirty-One, there is a German drama in black & white by the name “The Theft Of the Mona Lisa”. Going missing at the Louvre museum in Paris, France is the reasoning behind the portrait rocketing into fame.

It is said that the portrait has taken a few attacks—such as acid getting thrown on it and a rock in separate cases, causing her to become shielded with a bullet-proof glass by the Nineteen-Fifties. Even the shielding faced an attack, getting spray painted in ‘Seventy-Four and standing against a teacup thrown on the Second of August, in Twenty-O-Nine. One of the most expensive paintings worldwide, the painting is. “Mona Lisa” is believed to be more than eight hundred and sixty million for its worth, with a valuation of one hundred million in the year of Nineteen-Sixty-Two. Even with this being said, the painting cannot be bought or sold.

The portrait has been visited by many celebrities. Such as Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, the “Mona Lisa” has been visited by—who is known as a rapper, but also a businessman, record executive, and a record producer. Along with him on the visit would be his wife, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, who we know is a singer, but is an actor and a record producer as well. Commonly known as a rapper, also being a record producer, record executive, and an entrepreneur, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has visited the most famous portrait by Leonardo da Vinci. Seen as a model, but also being a businesswoman, actress, stylist, and producer, Kim Kardashian has dropped in for a visit too. Marshall “Eminem” Mathers—known as a rapper, and is a songwriter, actor, and a record producer—has walked his way into the Louvre, visiting the portrait of La Giocondo. Usher Raymond IIII—a singer, dancer, songwriter, actor, and businessman—has made his visit, also.

Of Leonardo da Vinci’s magnificent work, the Louvre holds more than the Mona Lisa portrait. The other portraits there from his talented hands are “Saint John the Baptist”, “The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne”, “Portrait of Isabella d’Esta”, “Baccus”, “Annunciation”, and “La Bella Ferronniére”. For which many may know, the Louvre museum stands in Paris, France, aged at two hundred and twenty-eight years—created in Seventeen-Eighty-Three. If the Louvre had no existence, where would his paintings have gone?

The museum is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said by their site, but once she reopens, all visitors must book a timeslot. Once the Louvre returns to life, the doors should be open each day from Nine A.M. to Six O’clock, except for being closed on Tuesdays. When the Louvre reopens, tickets can be bought online at

Submitted: March 01, 2021

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very interesting and intriguing article. I have really enjoyed learning this information. Consider working for a Newspaper.

Fri, August 13th, 2021 8:21pm

The Ghost-Bull

I, highly, appreciate your comment! Reading what you typed kicked in greater motivation.

Sun, August 15th, 2021 3:18am

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