Behind her beauty

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a story of a girl named sky. sky has been raised by a single mother. her dad walked out of her life, got married and never looked back. sky is making her way in history and her dad needs some money. what should sky do?


This is a story of 15-year old Sky Diamond Smith. Sky always had her mother, but her dad left and got married and never looked back. Sky didn’t let that bother her, she got what she needed and always helped her mother. Sky never once thought about her dad, not until he came into her life when she was getting notice. Sky grand-parnets on her mother's side came from a musical background, so Sky had the voice of an angel. She had some many talents and she could speak more languages then anyone in her grade. She knew Sign language. She helped her godmother at the hospital she worked at. When

Sky wasn’t helping people, she wrote lyrics. She could rap and hit high notes, this girl was always on the latest fashion trends and she had the most beautiful eyes that would shine bright in the sun just like her dark skin. Sky had a lot in her future, but after her dad came back into her life asking for 15 million dollars for his wife, four kids and two pregnant side chicks, Sky had no Idea what she would do. Help him or let him sleep in the bed he made?


Chapter #1 The beginning of the end


Sky started to walk home from school just to find someone following her. She didn't know what to do, so she did what she only knew to do and run. She turned the corner and so did the person. This person was fast and wasn’t going down without a fight. Sky crossed the road, ran through a park and across a football field, but so did the person. Oops, Sky fell into the school garden. She started thinking “why did I run in circles.” Someone helped her up. Dad? You got fast princess came a voice from under the hoodie. Yeah practice makes perfect. I haven't seen you since my toddler ballet class when mom slapped you and called you a cheater. Yeah well I wasn't right in that situation, I shouldn't have slept with your mom’s step-sister. Yeah I think you went too far and now I’m leaving sky said. No screamed her dad grabbing her hand tightly. The look on his face made Sky want to scream but she didn't. I need some money and I heard that you’re making some extra bucks with that voice of yours. Sky laughed and said you’re not getting a penny of my hard earned money. I need that money Sky, you don’t understand how messed up my life is right now sky dad said. Well you don't know how messed up I was when you left and didn't call or send a  birthday card or anything Sky shouted then started to cry. Sky dad rolled his eyes and said stop acting like a spoiled brat and give me the damn money. Sky looked shocked, but pulled herself together and said  NO! Sky knew right then and there that was the wrong answer. Her dad slapped her in right then and there. He climbed on top of her and said once again Give me the money or I will destroy your mom. I know things she won’t want anyone to know. Sky said, what type of father hits his own flesh and blood. Mark, a woman shouted. It was his wife with their four kids. The oldest kate was the same age as Sky then there were the triplets. Sky didn’t even bother to learn their names. Not a word you hear me mark said. Yes honey? What are you doing said the wife. She slipped and I was helping her mark said with a smile. Daddy Kate shouted, running and hugging him. Mark planted a big kiss on her check and said there's my little princess. I’m a queen dad, a queen Kate said with her blond hair floating in the breeze. Sky thought to herself, that could have been me, no that should be  me. Sky got up, said goodbye and left when she got to the corner she took off running.


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What do you guys think. Background and first chapter goes out to GoldenCaribbeanQueen. Check her out and we should update soon.

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winter rock

I'll be posting an update on this story soon. Stay tuned.
If you have any questions or would like to partner up with me for a story please email me ( my email is on my page).

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