Spiritual Experiences with Jimi Hendrix in My Life

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These are my memories of spiritual experiences that I've had with Jimi Hendrix when I was a child and a teenager. I still remember them vividly to this day.

First Experiences

My first experiences with Jimi Hendrix's spirit came during my childhood. I was a little girl when I first began to see and experience his spirit. I can still remember a lot of memories from those times, and those memories have always stayed with me.

As a child, I would often see Jimi with my eyes, as clearly as you would see a person in the room. Children are often more sensitive to spirits than adults are, because children are more open to the spiritual world. So when I was a little kid, I would see Jimi around the house, when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

When I was a little girl, I used to be so astonished by these experiences! Jimi would often smile and wave at me as I did school work, but I was confused, because I didn't know spirits existed and that deceased loved ones can visit you in spirit.

I had many, many vivid dreams that I still remember about Jimi, including dreams about his personal life and his beliefs, dreams about things I simply had no knowledge of as a kid. For instance, I had a dream about the difficult relationships he had with women, and how one of them abandoned him, and in the dream, I could actually feel all of the adult emotions of heartache and abandonment that Jimi felt in these difficult relationships. However, I was just a child, a child who knew nothing about adult relationships and break-ups, so the dream seemed to come from a very deep place that I wasn't consciously aware of at the time.

I had a dream about Jimi watching over other children in the world, too. I never forgot that dream, either.

I was shocked, as a child, when I learned from my dad that Jimi died when he was only 27. I still thought Jimi was alive until I learned he passed on before I was born. When I learned this, my heart just ached with pain.

But after I learned that Jimi was gone from this earth, the feeling and bond I felt with him didn't disappear; if anything, it grew stronger. I started to see visions of him often, and I would sing to him as if he could hear me. I felt very drawn to him, powerfully drawn, and I even prayed that I could go back in time so I could be with him. I was still just a little girl, but something about Jimi really stirred my soul.

Although I didn't see Jimi's spirit everyday when I was a little child, I saw him quite a bit. He was a presence in my life, a presence that always watched over me. As I became older, I began to see him more clearly, and started to communicate with him through telepathy.

I still remember seeing Jimi lying on the couch in our house when I was around 12 years old. He was wearing his military jacket, and he looked the way he did in 1966.

I remember being so surprised when I saw him there! He gazed back at me, and I couldn't take my eyes off him, because I was so amazed.

Because I had a very unstable childhood, in more ways than one, Jimi was really the only stability I had in my life. As a child, I felt a lot of comfort in losing myself into the memory of him. In fact, I used to think that perhaps I connected with Jimi as a way to cope with my difficult childhood; however, the presence of his spirit became so strong in my life, I realized there was much more than that going on.



Teenage Years

As I became a teenager, in my early teens, I didn't really think about spirituality that much. I didn't really care about much beyond living day to day. I didn't even think of the future that much at all. Now, I see I was just trying to cope with my day-to-day life, dealing with the effects of childhood trauma.

But when I turned 14, I happened to read a book about a young boy who died of cancer. This boy returned to his family in spirit, and shocked his grieving parents by giving them incredible spiritual visitations which showed he was still alive in spirit. This book had a huge impression on me, and I honestly feel I didn't come across it by accident. That book changed my life; I believe I was guided to it.

It brought up a lot of anguished feelings and wonders I had about why good people, like the innocent boy in the book, died so young and tragically. I couldn't stop thinking about the book, the boy who died of cancer, and the spiritual experiences his parents had with him for a long, long time. What made it even more emotional for me was that the boy resembled Jimi Hendrix in some ways; he was a guitarist who loved Jimi's music, and he was gentle and kind, just like Jimi.

In a way, reading this book helped to prepare me for the spiritual experiences which began to come to the forefront with Jimi's spirit when I got into my mid-teens. But I still wasn't sure if the afterlife was real, since the original edition of the book, about the boy who died of cancer, ended with the author taking an agnostic viewpoint (the updated version of this book shows that he has come to accept that his son's spirit lives on, and spiritual experiences really happen).

In my teenage years, I was a very dreamy child. I read a lot, and I was always drawn to Jimi Hendrix, but I didn't feel his spirit would visit me. Although I loved him deeply, I couldn't consciously accept that I was in love with a man who died before I was born. No matter how drawn I felt to him, I would think, "He's too special for me," because after all, he was famous and a genius.

But I started to have really powerful dreams about Jimi during these years. A lot of them were so vivid, I felt I was in other worlds and dimensions with him. They were so vivid, I actually got kind of worried. I could sense his spirit was reaching out to me, but at the time, I was really uncomfortable about the idea of communicating with spirits. I wasn't even sure people lived on in spirit after they passed away, so I suppressed a lot of my emotions and tried to forget about the dreams.

As I got a little older, I had a lot of new thoughts in my mind. Even though I was only around 15 years old, and I wasn't really surrounded by people who were into spirituality, I thought a lot about the nature of God and the human soul. My mind started opening up to what was to come in the future.

I started experiencing Jimi again, with much more intensity, when I was 15. He came to me in so many ways, leading up to appearing to me where I could see him with my eyes. I was amazed by this, so amazed that I wrote down all the details I could about the spiritual communications I was having with him.

I tried to tell these experiences to my family members, but they didn't really believe me. Yet I was having experiences I couldn't explain away, deeply loving and powerful experiences which were changing my whole life and my view on the world.

One experience, which I still remember to this day, happened when I was around 15. I was lying in bed, and I was wide awake. But I couldn't move a muscle, I couldn't get up. I started feeling this really strange feeling, like I was about to die, but I felt really peaceful.

As I lay there, unable to move, I gazed up at the ceiling. And I found myself in another world, one full of golden clouds and powerful light. Jimi was there, and I heard a voice ask me if I felt ready to go home with him, to the afterlife. I wanted to go, but then I remembered I'd be leaving behind my earthly life, and everyone I loved down on the earth. I knew I wasn't ready to go yet, so I said I'd stay behind, and I did.

I had many other powerful, otherworldly experiences with Jimi Hendrix's spirit. He told me many amazing things, such as why he came to me, and what he hoped we could experience together. The main reason he came, he said, was because he wanted to experience true love from a girl - it was one of the things he never got a chance to truly enjoy while he was on the earth. He also said God had a plan for us before I was even born.

As all of these things began to reveal themselves, I was honestly just amazed. But the love was mutual, and so a very deep bond grew between us. He would show me how much he loved me everyday, cheering me up when I was depressed, helping me through the hard times, embracing me, showing me endless love. And I loved Jimi just as deeply.

What really stood out in a lot of those spiritual experiences during my teenage years is that so many of them involved the afterlife. It clearly wasn't just me having a wishful experience of being in love with Jimi Hendrix. Jimi's mother, who passed away before Jimi did, also came with him to visit me, years before I even knew Jimi had a deep emotional connection with his mother.

Jimi would even help me learn to trust in the reality of experiencing him. For instance, one time, when he visited me at night, he said, "Put this rose under your pillow, so you'll remember that I visited you, and that you weren't just dreaming." I used to wear rose barrettes in my hair, so I pulled the rose out and put it under my pillow as he came to me, just as he advised me to do. I was wide awake as I did that, of course. Then, after we spent time together, and he finally left, I went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, I wondered if I just dreamed that Jimi came to me in spirit, but then I looked under the pillow, and sure enough, the rose was there.

Jimi also took me on journeys to the afterlife, often through dreams. In the dreams, I would see the spirit world, where he lived. Often, it was so beautiful, I just didn't want to leave, but he'd always say I need to return home, because I still have more to do on the earth.

I can still remember a lot of those dreams, and how beautiful the scenery was in the spirit world. I remember we gazed up at the moon in this world, and we sat close together on a wooden bench. We loved each other so much, and we were so peaceful and happy.

What I remember the most about these experiences I had with Jimi in my teenage years was that everything felt incredibly vivid. Unlike hallucinations, which usually just disappear and don't really impact your life, these experiences are still vivid in my mind to this day. I also remember feeling this deep longing to be where he is, in the spirit world. I loved him so much and deeply longed to be with him.

These spiritual experiences came to me long before I even knew twin souls, also known as twin flames. of course, even existed. The experiences astonished me because of how powerful they were. Since I had no real support from anyone in my family, I had to get by as best as I could, with God guiding the way.

It took me years to integrate these experiences into my reality. For years I was wracking my brains and trying to explain the experiences away. But I just couldn't do it any longer, especially since they happened to me no matter what my circumstances were.

Probably the most powerful experience I ever had of Jimi was seeing him when I had a near-death vision during an accident. It was the closest I've ever come to leaving this earth and going back home, and Jimi was there, along with a deceased relative, ready to take me to the afterlife. I experienced a joy and peace and bliss beyond anything I have ever felt on the earth. I still remember that to this day, even though it happened some years ago.

As I got older, I was finally able to do some research, and learn about spiritually transformative experiences, the afterlife, near-death experiences, and so on. It was such a relief to know that I wasn't alone in what I experience, even if my experiences were different from the norm in some ways.

In 2020, as I learned of others' experiences with their twin flames in spirit, I realized that Jimi is my spiritual counterpart, my twin soul. There is no one on this earth who is as close to me, or is as similar to me, as Jimi is. And a lot of our similarities were things I didn't even realize we shared in common, until I was older, and I could learn more about Jimi's personal traits and life events on the internet. The things I learned from documentaries, including ones with his family members' point of view, also matched up with the way Jimi showed himself to me.

I never thought I would be publicly writing about the experiences I share with Jimi, but I realized these experiences could help so many others who have a similar spiritual journey. If no one opens up about anything, how can any of us learn and grow from each other? So I keep on writing and sharing about our journey, in the hope that it can help others someday.

Anyway, that was a look at some of the experiences I had in my childhood and teenage years with Jimi. Those are experiences I will never forget. It's as if they're burned into my memory. I know this experience is real because it has transformed my life in so many ways, and I hope that by sharing it, it can touch and inspire others, too.

Submitted: March 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Autumn Imara. All rights reserved.

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This was so interesting. :) I really do enjoy your writing! Keep up your AMAZING work!

Wed, March 3rd, 2021 3:36pm


Thank you for your appreciation of my writing! I'm just learning how to reply to comments, so sorry for the delay. I'll definitely keep up my work! I'm glad you enjoy it.

Sun, March 7th, 2021 12:30am

Autumn Imara

Hi, thanks! I enjoyed writing about it. :)

Thu, March 4th, 2021 4:31am

Criss Sole

This was quite touching and gave me a lot to think about. In 2010 i had a bad fall, and initially doctors told my parents i had a 0% chance to live. So now i often think about the afterlife, if there is one, and what is must be like.
This was comforting to read. Thanks for sharing.

Sun, March 7th, 2021 6:27am


Oh, thank you so much, and I am so glad this was comforting for you to read. I will be sharing more about the afterlife on here and spiritual experiences as well. I hope that you get more comfort and enjoyment from reading about these things. Much love.

Sat, March 6th, 2021 11:08pm

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