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I pace the cold room. It's been days since Jimaic left, and I haven't seen him since. I'm worried about him. And.. I miss him. I miss hearing his laugh, I miss seeing his smile, I miss his presence. I miss.. well... him.

I didn't realize how attachted I had become to him, until now. I felt empty and cold when he wasn't around. I... I think I like him.

I sigh, before settling back down on the cold floor. I haven't left this room since that fatal day, and I'm starving. But.. something about Jimaic not being here... It made me loose all self preservation...

I hear a ruffling upstairs. Was it him? Did he come back? I rush upstairs to find... a cat. I chastize myself for getting my hopes up so much.

"Well... I'm up here... might as well do something..." I wander around the deserted house, not really looking, but still keeping half an eye out for food.


A few hours of aimless wandering passes, and I finally decide to go clean up the body. Dedushek-ir -- God, that felt weird to 'say' -- deserved a better ending than just rotting in that massive fridge of a room.

I go back down, and try picking him up, nearly falling. Kind of don't want to drag him, but he's too heavy for me to carry. Hope his soul doesn't get mad at me.

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ferroki. All rights reserved.


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