The Psychic Visions

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These are psychic visions that I experienced of Jimi Hendrix, and they revealed things to me about his life that I later found were absolutely true.

I had many visions of Jimi Hendrix's life, which came to me before I even knew much about his personal life experiences. Twin souls share the same soul-essence, so they often feel and sense each other's life experiences and emotions. I had no clue why I had so many visions of Jimi's life, very detailed ones which ended up being absolutely true in lots of details. The only way I can think of explaining it is that he and I share a deep, spiritual connection.

One of the earliest visions I had of Jimi Hendrix's life was an experience that I dreamed of with another character, a character who was like Jimi in many ways, and I imagined him looking like Jimi, but I gave him a different name. In one of my visions of him, I imagined him working at a job when he was only a teenager, and he was all tired and worn out from the work, but he had to make a living. I looked into his eyes and felt a deep connection to him, and I felt sorry for how he had to work so hard.

Years later, when I was an adult, I learned that Jimi Hendrix had to go to work as a young teenager, working in a gardening business and other jobs for Al, his Dad. It was tiring, back-breaking, hard work, and Jimi was worn out from it. He really didn't want to work at that job, so he and Al would often quarrel. I had no clue when I was a child that Jimi had to work at a day job in his teenage years.

Another vision that I had of Jimi's life came to me when I was 18 years old. I was having trouble sleeping, so I saw lots of visions during this period. (I believe this is one reason why the Native Americans used to deprive themselves of sleep to obtain a vision; as you grow tired, your logical mind fades away, and then the visions and emotions come to the forefront.) I had a vision of Jimi's entire life, from the beginning to the end. I saw how he was born, and how he came to the earth with a crash and a bang (like a big surprise). Then I saw how he was treated by his family, and how none of his family members really understood his dreams and his musical visions. I saw how Jimi was often teased and made fun of by the kids and people around him, and how he struggled to fit in.

Then the vision moved forward to the years when he began to make music, and play the guitar. Jimi's style was so powerful and unique, it blew everyone else away, and he was fired from a lot of bands in his early years because he wasn't really fitting in with the typical styles of the time. I distinctly remember one guy complaining that Jimi's guitar playing was too loud!

After this, Jimi finally journeyed to London. In the vision, he appeared in London kind of magically; one day he just woke up and found himself in London! He was astonished, and at first he didn't quite know where he was; but then he found some groovy clothes in the closet of his room, so he put them on, and went out into the street. Somehow, he felt at home, like he instantly fit in with the people of London. No one stared at him or thought he was strange, and he found a kindred spirit in Chas Chandler, who became his producer.

Then I saw a vision of how Jimi's success came, and how he rose to stardom. But I also saw how he was struggling near the end of his life to make a new path for his music. The electric music he created was beautiful, but it was also taking a big toll on him, emotionally and in many other ways. Near the end of his life, I knew intuitively that he longed to find a wife, and he really wanted to be married. I even told my Dad about this, and he looked at me in surprise and said, "I didn't know that!"

The vision ended there, from what I remember. What stood out about this vision was how detailed and emotional it was - it was impressionistic, but every piece of it seemed to fit together. I could feel all of Jimi's emotions, and see his life unfold.

After I had it, I didn't really take it that seriously. I thought it was just a symptom of sleep deprivation, so I moved on from it. At the time I had this vision, I was not using the internet, and I had no books which went into detail about Jimi Hendrix's life story. I didn't even see any full-length documentaries of his life at the time, so I had no clue where all the life details I saw in the vision were coming from.

Two years later, I finally saw a full-length documentary on Jimi Hendrix which went into real details in his life, and I was also using the internet at the time, so I could research more things. To my astonishment, everything I saw in my vision happened in Jimi's real life on the earth. He came to the earth as a surprise baby, when Lucille was still a teenager (like the symbolic vision I had of a crash and a bang, Jimi coming to the earth all of a sudden). In the documentary, the family members, including Jimi's brother Leon, admitted how little they understood Jimi's visions for music, and they said they thought his ideas were kind of strange. Al, Jimi's father, wanted his son to work at a regular job, but Jimi had other dreams and ideas.

Jimi also dealt with a lot of teasing in his childhood, especially in school, because he was different from the other kids. He often wore raggedy clothes, and he was very shy, almost invisible in the classroom. But he had wonderful eyes and a dreamy, creative temperament, and he was gifted in the arts.

Jimi always struggled to fit in in his hometown, and when he became older, he finally had to leave it and go to other places to be accepted. As he joined bands, he usually didn't stay very long, because people were so blown away by Jimi's unique style. He was fired from a lot of bands in his early years, unfortunately, but in the end he found his place in London, England. There, he was able to fit in and find his musical haven.

Near the end of his life, Jimi had struggles with trying to create music he truly wanted to give. Although I had no knowledge of this at the time I had this vision, everything about it was spot on. Jimi's devotion to his electric music really did take a big toll on him; he would spend hours creating music, to the point where he barely got any sleep. He would grow frustrated if he couldn't reproduce the sounds he heard in his mind.

And near the end of his life, Jimi really did long to get married and find a wife. He wanted to find someone he could trust, although he wasn't sure if it would ever happen.

The fact that the vision I had was spot on about all these details really amazed me. It clearly was a vision which showed me knowledge I didn't have before. I believe that this shows just how deep the spiritual bond between me and Jimi is.

These visions are another sign of the depth of twin soul connections, and spiritual connections in general. When you have visions which show you details of a person's life that you had no knowledge of before, it's a clear sign that there is something powerful going on. You may even share a spiritual connection with this person, so keep your heart open to whatever God reveals to you.

Submitted: March 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Autumn Imara. All rights reserved.

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JE Falcon aka JEF

Very interesting. --- You might want to read "Ray's Dream", as written By D. Thurmond / JEF, it here on Booksie.

Fri, March 5th, 2021 12:55am


Thanks! I will definitely check it out. :)

Thu, March 4th, 2021 4:58pm

LE. Berry

Spiritual connection is a real thing...why are we as individuals drawn to certain music, writing or any form of artistic expression? For me it's something of deeper understanding than what is usually taught. Enjoyed your insightful work on the topic Autumn.

Fri, March 5th, 2021 10:19pm


Thank you very much! I'm happy you enjoyed reading about the spiritual connections. I definitely agree with you that spiritual connections are real, and that they definitely come from a deep understanding. And spiritual connections are part of what draw us to creating art, too. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Fri, March 5th, 2021 5:07pm

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