Underground Students

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Welcome To The Underground Students, the story began right away at!
All University are about to open the semester of the year with all students Registration incredentials,and acceptance fee.
Every Families are bringing there Children's for the School Admission. And all Children are required to Score 6 credit, in each subjects including Mathes And English, and also Score 180, in JAM POST UTM.
When the University partially selected the Good and Bad Candidate for the new Take in admission. Though Some Brainless Candidates are also Attach with the cleverly Students, due to the Underground administration of the Country.
The Students Finally Resumed to the University academic for the 1th Semester of the year, and all students are on a School Lectures and the un seriously Students are all learning with the serious Students in the lectures room.
When the university Lecturers host a similar Test and Quiz's in order to test the Students ability on what is already being thought. The Most Brilliance student of the Class at department (biochemistry). He wrote the Exam, but according to the University Students,the all said that he is the best of the best at Biochemistry.
So after 2 week's, the results is out and everyone when on fast to check there point, some thing when wrong here.
The Brilliance fails, and the Brainless students hitup the point.

The battle begins right at that day, the Most Brilliant of Biochemistry name Lazz Niga dbz, he said that the reason for him not score well at the Test/Exam, is because he has no sufficient money to buy all the neseserary items for the school Department fees. Show there lecturer used this weapon to fail them, and he also added that he saw his lecturer with his girl friends on a bar.
But the Brainless students are always on top, when it comes to score. In a research let's find out.
According to the School Say's, is that the Brainless students are the children of the Rich Men around the countries.
So how come all well find and smartly for there children, in order ways the parents pay's some Staff huge amount of money to self there children from any exam or Test.
The brilliance are becoming so low in the school attendance due to the nature of the school policy, so the Biggin to create a new policy in the school environment, in order to self there situations in the school. That's a bad policy suggestions within them that laws says we should keep among us, no secret.
Universities are calling all students for the final year exam of the semester, on the next day.

The Exam has been started, and all students should not be caught with any Expo or any tool for this exam Say's the H.O.D.
The Brainless students began to think, in which way to write the Exam, but brilliance are rejoicing.
In the lest 30 minut, someone was being caught while written on the exam, an is one of the Rich man son. And he was send to banished on the hall.
The end of the 1th semester, And all result will be awaiting for the next semester.

As school welcome all students to the new semester, all check your result before any payment Fee's.
The Brilliance finally win and scored 75% of the exams. But the Brainless fails and where holding C.0 and were ask to withdrew from the department to any less department.
This is so shock to the Brainless students, and the when off and tell there parents about the news, after that there parents called on all School Staff that are being paid for.
The Staff seriously pleaded for mercy, and graze were given for next time it should not be repeated.
COME TO THINK OF IT, how managed did they brilliance managed to ESCAP.
According to the brilliance, the said that they were members of the Underground bad Boys.
The reason for them to ESCAP is because the followed each lecturers to there housed with guns and training them, and also warn them to stay away from there scrip files.

The brilliance Underground students began to Terrorized the school Staff, and the in the tired school.
Critic Consensus: The Underground Bad Boys uses a sharp cast and absorbing period detail to help make up for the frustrations of a story of there past Test/Exams, short on dramatic tension.

The Story Of The Bad Little Boy
By Lazz Niga Dbz 1875

Once there was a bad little boy whose name was Lazz Niga Dbz - though, if you will notice, you will find that bad little boys are nearly always called James in your Sunday-school books. It was strange, but still it was true that this one was called Lazz Niga dbz.

He didn't have any sick mother either - a sick mother who was pious and had the consumption, and would be glad to lie down in the grave and be at rest but for the strong love she bore her boy, and the anxiety she felt that the world might be harsh and cold towards him when she was gone. Most bad boys in the Sunday-books are named James, and have sick mothers, who teach them to say, "Now, I lay me down," etc. and sing them to sleep with sweet, plaintive voices, and then kiss them good-night, and kneel down by the bedside and weep. But it was different with this fellow. He was named Lazz Niga dbz, and there wasn't anything the matter with his mother - no consumption, nor anything of that kind. She was rather stout than otherwise, and she was not pious; moreover, she was not anxious on Lazz Niga dbz account. She said if he were to break his neck it wouldn't be much loss. She always spanked Lazz Niga dbz to sleep, and she never kissed him good-night; on the contrary, she boxed his ears when she was ready to leave him.

Once this little bad boy stole the key of the pantry, and slipped in there and helped himself to some jam, and filled up the vessel with tar, so that his mother would never know the difference; but all at once a terrible feeling didn't come over him, and something didn't seem to whisper to him, "Is it right to disobey my mother? Isn't it sinful to do this? Where do bad little boys go who gobble up their good kind mother's jam?" and then he didn't kneel down all alone and promise never to be wicked any more, and rise up with a light, happy heart, and go and tell his mother all about it, and beg her forgiveness, and be blessed by her with tears of pride and thankfulness in her eyes. No; that is the way with all other bad boys in the books; but it happened otherwise with this Lazz Niga dbz, strangely enough. He ate that jam, and said it was bully, in his sinful, vulgar way; and he put in the tar, and said that was bully also, and laughed, and observed "that the old woman would get up and snort" when she found it out; and when she did find it out, he denied knowing anything about it, and she whipped him severely, and he did the crying himself. Everything about this boy was curious - everything turned out differently with him from the way it does to the bad James in the books.

Once he climbed up in Farmer Acorn's apple-tree to steal apples, and the limb didn't break, and he didn't fall and break his arm, and get torn by the farmer's great dog, and then languish on a sick bed for weeks, and repent and become good. Oh! no; he stole as many apples as he wanted and came down all right; and he was all ready for the dog too, and knocked him endways with a brick when he came to tear him. It was very strange - nothing like it ever happened in those mild little books with marbled backs, and with pictures in them of men with swallow-tailed coats and bell-crowned hats, and pantaloons that are short in the legs, and women with the waists of their dresses under their arms, and no hoops on. Nothing like it in any of the Sunday-school books.

Once he stole the teacher's pen-knife, and, when he was afraid it would be found out and he would get whipped, he slipped it into George Wilson's cap - poor Widow Wilson's son, the moral boy, the good little boy of the village, who always obeyed his mother, and never told an untruth, and was fond of his lessons, and infatuated with Sunday-school. And when the knife dropped from the cap, and poor George hung his head and blushed, as if in conscious guilt, and the grieved teacher charged the theft upon him, and was just in the very act of bringing the switch down upon his trembling shoulders, a white-haired improbable justice of the peace did not suddenly appear in their midst, and strike an attitude and say, "Spare this noble boy - there stands the cowering culprit! I was passing the school-door at recess, and unseen myself, I saw the theft committed!" And then Lazz Niga dbz didn't get whaled, and the venerable justice didn't read the tearful school a homily and take George by the hand and say such a boy deserved to be exalted, and then tell him to come and make his home with him, and sweep out the office, and make fires, and run errands, and chop wood, and study law, and help his wife to do household labors, and have all the balance of the time to play, and get forty cents a month, and be happy. No; it would have happened that way in the books, but it didn't happen that way to Lazz Niga dbz. No meddling old clam of a justice dropped in to make trouble, and so the model boy George got thrashed, and Lazz Niga dbz, was glad of it because, you know, Lazz Niga dbz hated moral boys. Lazz Niga dbz said he was "down on them milk-sops." Such was the coarse language of this bad, neglected boy.

But the strangest thing that ever happened to Lazz Niga dbz was the time he went boating on Sunday, and didn't get drowned, and that other time that he got caught out in the storm when he was fishing on Sunday, and didn't get struck by lighting. Why, you might look, and look, all through the Sunday-school books from now till next Christmas, and you would never come across anything like this. Oh no; you would find that all the bad boys who go boating on Sunday invariably get drowned; and all the bad boys who get caught out in storms when they are fishing on Sunday infallibly get struck by lightning. Boats with bad boys in them always upset on Sunday, and it always storms when bad boys go fishing on the Sabbath. How this Lazz Niga dbz ever escaped is a mystery to me.

This Lazz Niga dbz bore a charmed life - that must have been the way of it. Nothing could hurt him. He even gave the elephant in the menagerie a plug of tobacco, and the elephant didn't knock the top of his head off with his trunk. He browsed around the cupboard after essence of peppermint, and didn't make a mistake and drink aqua fortis. He stole his father's gun and went hunting on the Sabbath, and didn't shoot three or four of his fingers off. He struck his little sister on the temple with his fist when he was angry, and she didn't linger in pain through long summer days, and die with sweet words of forgiveness upon her lips that redoubled the anguish of his breaking heart. No; she got over it. He ran off and went to sea at last, and didn't come back and find himself sad and alone in the world, his loved ones sleeping in the quiet churchyard, and the vine-embowered home of his boyhood tumbled down and gone to decay. Ah! no; he came home as drunk as a piper, and got into the station-house the first thing.

And he grew up and married, and raised a large family, and brained them all with an axe one night, and got wealthy by all manner of cheating and rascality; and now he is the infernalist wickedest scoundrel in his native village, and is universally respected, and belongs to the Legislature.

So you see there never was a bad James in the Sunday-school books that had such a streak of luck as this sinful Lazz Niga dbz with the charmed life.

Universities life 

Lazz Niga dbz

Submitted: March 07, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lazz Niga Dbz. All rights reserved.

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