The End of The World

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There will be where this world will be destroyed, and it will surely happen. But as long as the world shows its good side then it won't happen. Can the world continue to show its good side? No one knows, surely every time this world shows its bad side then destruction will come little by little.

Table of Contents

The Beginning

This is a world where all beings, live peacefully and safely, all live side by side and happily. There are smiles and laughter from the i... Read Chapter

Someone Appears!

In the forest to the east of the Novar Kingdom there is a woman who is looking for medicinal plants, she is looking for medicinal plants ... Read Chapter

Morning In Novar Kingdom

maybe the fight was short ,but i plan to make it epic in another chapter!
Read Chapter

Lord Nicolas

Lord Nicolas is one of the Lords who is known as the balancer of the world along with the other seven Lords. Lord Nicolas is known as a... Read Chapter

Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests? Who is he? And what's he going to do?
Read Chapter

Night In Novar Kingdom

Three days after the kingdom was attacked, now the Novar Kingdom looked calmer than before. This is due to the absence of Lord Nicolas,... Read Chapter


The moon is directly overhead, indicating that it is midnight. The swords within the Novar Kingdom reacted when the moonlight shone on ... Read Chapter

They Start moving

* The Utopia Kingdom is in the east of this world, there is a time difference with the Novar Kingdom and the other Kingdoms. When h... Read Chapter

Someone Who Called it Savior

In an no name village, it is very rare for outsiders to come or stop by the village, they prefer to pass it rather than enter the village... Read Chapter

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