Full-moons are Romantic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Poems

Rebecca Betty Bees has a beau and he has come to call on her under the light of the romantic full-moon. What could go wrong?

Down in the Holler

near the Whip-poor-will's trees

Walked Simon Mac Darlin

in a cool evening breeze.

He was out for a walk

and to do some sweet talk

To his soul-mate,

his one love,

Rebecca Betty Bees.


The moon was full

and there was a curious sound

of rustling leaves

as they were tossed all around.

Then came the Whippoorwill's call,

an Omen to all,

Bad luck was the warning.

Simon's heart did pound.


There, before him,

stood that Whippoorwill bird;

that singing winged prophet,

void of a word.

But Simon paid him no mind,

he left caution behind,

And called out to Rebecca,

loud enough to be heard.


Rebecca, Rebecca,

you are my heart's desire

Your face in the moonlight

is all that I require.

Please don't say no

and look down on your Beau

For the light in my heart

has become a Bonfire.


Well how could she resist,

to look on her love

She opened the window,

light came from above.

The moonlight took affect,

transforming I suspect

Then she descended on her true love.

But not like a dove!


She ripped him to spreads

in moonlight so bold.

It's the third Beau this year,

Boy that's cold!

It's a curse, you might say,

that they never call in the day

'Cause full-moons are romantic,

or so they were told.



JE Falcon




Submitted: March 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Cute poem, you got there! And as soon as you have a chance later, please read my new cute misc area mini story called Fay’s Cute Pics!!!! Thanks a bunch!!


Tue, March 9th, 2021 1:08am


Thanks, and yes.

Tue, March 9th, 2021 10:57am


Ha! Love it, JE.

Tue, March 9th, 2021 6:34pm


Thanks Hul! --- Where this ending came from I have no idea, maybe one of my deceased relatives is having fun with a chain of limericks. --- Well, that is if our ghostly cousins and long past relatives connect with us from time to time. LOL

Tue, March 9th, 2021 10:55am

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