If loving you was wrong......

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you're in love with someone, but are in a position that makes it impossible. If you want to see the video version, please click on the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYRM-d0DwLQ&authuser=0

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? People say it is just lusting over somebody because you can't tell if that person is really one hundred percent here for you. But believe me, whenever I have this feeling in my stomach, I cannot help myself. I decided to go along with it just to be with the girl of my dreams. It doesn't matter if she is with somebody else. As long as she is right next to me, I'll always be ok.

I can remember like it was yesterday when I laid my eyes on Lisa. It was 1987, my sophomore year of high school. I was hanging out with my homie Leo. Leo and I were thick as thieves growing up in Philly. People would always think something was going on but I would laugh it off because little do they know I am a lesbian. So I shrug it off in hopes of them moving to the next subject.
This was like any other ordinary day until I saw her. It was the fifth period of the day, and I usually wait for him outside of the counselor's office. I waited on Leo for three minutes and here he comes looking like a broke version of ll cool j. He came straight at me with some new girl on his arm. He raised his hand so we could do our secret handshake.
"Yo, what's up Shakira," he says as he walks towards me.
I look at him and this new girl up and down to see what is going on. I do not know what came over me but once I looked into her eyes, I felt this electricity once we stared at each other. I knew she could feel it too as she blinked twice. She bites her lower lip and looks away once we lock eyes. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had a ponytail with bangs that complimented her bamboo earrings.
Her skin was the same complexion as Leo's but smoother. She had on cut-up blue jeans and an oversized red t-shirt to hide her small figure. The best part about it all was her big beautiful brown eyes that were as large as the sun. Every time I looked into them, I felt I was looking into her soul. Leo looked at her the same way I did.
" Hey, who is this?" I said while pointing at her.
He holds her hand as if it was his greatest possession.

" This is Lisa, my girlfriend. We have been seeing each other for weeks now. "

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head in disbelief. The fact of Leo getting serious with a girl is surprising to me because he is not the type to settle down with the lifestyle he has. Leo usually screws them and dumps them when he is not satisfied anymore. So I was surprised that he was taking this one seriously. I cross my arms over my chest as he stares into her eyes like I just did. I look away and change the subject quickly.

"Well, that's shocking. You're the type of guy that replaces girls so quickly. What makes this one special?"

Leo takes a deep breath as he looks at Lisa again. This was a look I have never seen him do. He stared into Lisa's eyes as if she was the love of his life. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I never saw him so taken back by a girl before. He looks down at his shoes and then looks at me straight into my eyes.
"This one I know is special," Leo says as he turns back to Lisa and kisses her on the lips.

I said absolutely nothing and just knotted my head. I couldn't get over the fact how much Leo and Lisa were giving major PDA in the halls. They were starting to become a serious thing and it was not easy to get used to it. I tried to break the silence since things started to get awkward.

"So how did you two meet?" I said as I looked at Lisa.
She blinked her eyes and then blushed.
"Well, we met at a party. It was the biggest party of the year. I'm sitting with my friends on the couch. I could feel somebody staring at me. I look over and I see Leo with my homegirl's brother who lives up the street. His brother introduced us and it went on from there."
She looked at Leo once she finished. I could tell she was obsessed with him. I was sick to my stomach knowing the fact that I don't have a chance. I quickly changed the subject once I looked at Lisa up and down.
" God damn!! I can't believe you guys went to Reggie's party. His parties are always fucking awesome."
Lisa jumped in with excitement as soon as I finished my sentence.
"Girl, hell yeah! His parties are so Jamin that I can barely go to class the next day." Lisa said

while I laughed my ass off.

" That is funny. I can remember the last time Leo and I went to his party, we were so high to the point that Reggie's brother jumped off the roof and landed in the neighbors' kitty pool."
Lisa and I started laughing so hard. We both connected instantly as we both headed for class. Leo had to leave for his so we both said goodbye to him.
"Alright guys," says Leo as he takes out his books. " I'm out, don't have too much fun."

Lisa and I both look at each other once we giggled amongst one another. We both looked at him and said…

"We won't!!!
Lisa and I looked at each other in surprise. The fact we said it at the same time was interesting. I knew from then on out we were meant for each other. By looking in her eyes I could tell she knew there was something there once we reached by the water fountain. She looked at me up and down and bent over to get some water. Man, that ass was nice and round. Too bad it was blocked by her t-shirt. I looked away and continued the conversation.
“If you don't mind me asking, where are you from originally?”
Lisa whipped her mouth as she got up from the fountain. She carefully holds up her books.
“ I was born in Honduras and raised in Philly. My dad was in the military for 7 years and used to play instruments in the military band. Once they let him go, we packed and went to Philly. Once we started in, he ended up getting a job at UPS."

" Wow, So you are a Latina like me," I say as I playfully push her shoulder. "You speak a little Spanish."

She puts her head back and laughs. I gaze at her sexy eyes again.
"A little bit but not much. I understand fully though, but don't quiz me." She says, as playfully points at me.
I shake my head at her response.
"Alrighty then. I'm definitely teaching you soon."
Lisa looks at me for a good moment. She tilts her head to the side, bites her lips, and then continues to gaze. I catch her staring.
"What's up?"
Lisa takes a deep breath.
"Well, what about you?"
"You know, about yourself."
"Well, I was born and raised in Philly while my mom is from Nicaragua. I pretty much do not know who my father is because my mom said he left a long time ago so he is a stranger to me. It gets lonely too because I barely have a relationship with her. After all, she is always either abusing drugs or using alcohol.”
Lisa interrupts me once we sit in our seats. She looked at me as if I was one of the strongest people on earth. She looked down and then looked up.
My dad drinks too. When he does, he just turns into another person. It's like I do not recognize him.”
“At Least you have your mom and dad that you can count on. We have nobody, just me and my brother. I usually have to play mom and dad.”
We both sat in silence until the teacher came. She touched my hand to show support. As she looked into my eyes, It was as if she found her soul sister. After that, we became closer to the point we were inseparable. We were so close that Leo could barely intervene. Everyday We met after school since we found out we lived in the same neighborhood. It was so easy to talk to Lisa about anything. I always loved listening to her talk and watch her read her poems. She was just so talented that I would never get bored with her. We always had a good time together to the point it was just easy to be around her.
But she belonged to Leo. I knew my place as a best friend not to betray him over a girl. Even when Lisa would get flirty at times, I would push her off me. But that was not always the case. There was this one time Lisa's brother had a party. I had on a black leather top with dark blue jeans. I wore my typical bamboo earrings with my favorite fingerless gloves. I was putting on my ruby red lipstick once I heard her voice from outside.
“Yo Shakira, are you ready or not?”
I pop my head outside my apartment window. I see Lisa in a see-through black top with a blue jeans skirt and bamboo earrings. Her hair was in a bun with bangs as always. She waves her hands in the air while looking up at my window.
“Alright, I’m coming.”
I quickly took out my black purse and rushed down the stairs. I took my little brother to my neighbors downstairs and went to Lisa. She gave me the biggest hug of my life once I saw her. I embrace the moment when I felt her silky caramel skin on mine. I quickly snapped out of it as I was getting hypnotized by her touch.
“Damn girl, you look good,” I say to Lisa as I look at her up and down.
She laughs and quickly spins me around.
"You are the one to talk. You look like one of those fly girls in Madonna's music videos,"

She says as she plays with my shoulder-length hairstyle. "Let's go girl. We are going to have so much fun. Follow me because my brother has a lot of guests showing up and I would love for you to meet them."

"Alright let's get to it."
The music was so loud the entire floor was vibrating. You can confuse Lisa's basement for a nightclub just by people going crazy on each other. Lisa quickly comes towards me as she pulls her baby brother and two cousins to meet me.
She softly grabs my hand as her two cousins and brother approach me. One of them had on blue jeans and a white t-shirt while the other one had on a graphic t-shirt of Run DMC with black paints. Their skin tones together both looked like a chocolate and peanut butter duo. Lisa pulls me in close as she introduces us.
"This is my best friend Shakira," she says as she gets in between both of us, " And Shakira, this is Tido and Jermaine."
One of the dark skin cousins quickly bows as we shake hands. He then straightens up and laughs.
"I see you too are the new Bonnie and Clyde," Tido says as he elbows Jermaine.

Lisa looks at me and laughs.

" I know that's right."
Lisa kissed me on the cheek. My face turns red while everyone started to laugh at both of us. She excused us from her cousins and pulled me to the dance floor. We both took several shots of liquor. We were so in the zone that it felt like we were the only ones in the room. The more we drank and got high, the more we felt like we would float to the sealing.
Lisa got extra close and started to grind on me once the song from cameo “taste like candy” came on. All of our feelings for each other went into the dancing. Things got serious once Zapp and rogers song " I wanna be your man" came on.
Lisa stopped for a second and then looked into my eyes. I stared back at her as all of my suppressed feelings were hitting the surface. Lisa grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom. She slowly took off her top as she looked into my eyes. I took off my shirt as if I had no self-control. Once Lisa gets right on top of me, we both started to make out. Our tongues were in touch as if they were having their own moment. It was like our tongues were dancing to the music. I slowly put my hand down to her skirt to take it off. Once I reached her button, we heard a knock on the door.
“Lisa!! It is your mother. Do you guys want something to eat?”
If you want to see the video version of the story, please click the link in the description box.

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Submitted: March 09, 2021

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