Death First, Then Coffee

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Unable to find her heart in all her worldly travels, Morrigan returns to find closure, only to find herself haunted by the dead and a young girl who just might hold the key to her salvation.

Table of Contents

Cold Drip

In search of something she can't describe, Morrigan finds herself back in a town she thought she'd left for good, and a stranger offers a startling connection.
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Single Origin

Sometimes going home is the only option, even if that home is haunted by the ghosts of your past.
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With little other option, Rigan finds herself heading back to Olympia, back to Emily, and the hope that one small child can change her dark future.
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Monsoon Coffee

Rigan begins the fateful task of getting to know Emily - even though it might lead her back to the darkness she keeps trying to leave behind.
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Café Corretto

Rigan finds herself being drug into the real world, complete with a real job - but even with her new responsibilities, she can't escape the shadows of the undead who follow her, or the crow that's
adopted her as his pet.
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The dead begin to follow Rigan - and even the normal daily tasks she finds herself roped into isn't enough to ignore their growing pleas.
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As Rigan tries to move on with a more normal life, she can't escape her fate - and there is another like her, stalking her every move, who will stop at nothing to reach the spirit world.
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