Theft of the Dragon King

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Persephone races to capture the one being capable of demonstrating her power to the gods of the Tapestry


I stood there among the forest and all of its inhabitants, wrapping myself in the complete calm of their world. I did not move; I did not breathe. I only waited in that darkness, feeling the stillness rest against my skin as the forest watched. The silence grew so heavy, that not even the branches dared to sway for fear of shattering the delicate balance that had been established between me and the night. I don’t remember how long I had been there, standing in that forest. All I knew was that I had to be here. If I was late, I would never again have such an opportunity. I was not going to let tonight pass me by.  


As I stood in the night, the cold air caressing the exposed flesh of my arms and legs, I felt a microscopic tug on my halo, a tug that an ordinary person may have missed or judged to be something other than what it truly was. But I was no human, and in that split second in which I began to feel the hairs on my halo displaceI reached out behind my back, extending my open hand, and as my arm finished the motion, I flexed the hairs of my halo and a thick vine swung up to meet my hand. In the moments that it took for my halo to call the vine forward, my eyes could already see the faint arrival of a blue so light that it was almost white. The super-heated plasma which surrounded the outside of all bolts of lightning had entered onto the scene, a signal that I would soon miss my chance. As that blue solidified, giving more shape to the arc, I could feel the minute fibers of the vine as they slammed into the individual cells of skin that made up my palmI had already began forcing the muscles in my legs to contract, storing the energy that would propel myself forward in the next second. As the bolt began to arc its way across the night sky, its tendrils white as the pure energy ripped through the molecules in the air, the blue shield of plasma forming nanoseconds afterwards as the energy fused the molecules together. As my fingers finally finished wrapping around the vine, my legs released their bounded energy, and I flew into the sky. As the lightning bolt reached its peak length, a swarm of little branches reaching out from the main stem of the arc, I threw my arm forward as hard as I could, the force of the action propelling the vine towards the arc, the tip wrapping around several times, weaving between the tendrils of electricity as I began to swing myself from lightning bolt. When my swing as in full effect, I began to loosen the vine’s grip on the bolt, the hairs of my halo searching fervently for the next anchor I could use to continue on my journey. Just as I began to sense the next strike of lightning, a massive shadow passed overhead. As the shadow passed by, the next arc of energy began to strike from the heavens, and as the initial light of blue plasma filled the sky, I could see the ornate crystals and scales erupting from the skin of the mighty beast before me. It was here, I had made it. Now I just had to catch it. To catch Ragnarök. 


I remember everything about my birth. When the divine Creators broke out from their reality, and into our own, they brought with them the Egg of Souls. When the Creators had finished weaving the strands that would hold this reality together, they used the egg as the focal point of the new universe, the Tapestry. When they died, the burst of energy that dispersed from their bodies was enough to awaken the sleeping child within the shell. Ragnarök, the first of the dragons, burst free from within the egg. Hungry and frightened, the youngling began to rampage across the land. With its mighty claws, Ragnarök tore apart the Tapestry, creating each of the distinct worlds and realms that exist today. In his anger, the first storms of the new world raged on, with fury enough to match his own. Fires and floods cut across the realms, shaping each one into its own unique landscape. Oceans, rivers, lakes, as well as mountains, valleys and hillsides. As the elements of the Tapestry swirled together, mixing with the vast energy emanating from Ragnarök’s soul, the devastation of his rampage sowed the seeds of life. As he danced across the realms, parasitic organisms hailing from the voids beyond this reality, the true origin of the Creators, began to peel away from the flesh and scales of Ragnarök’s outer armor, mingling with the ash and water layered over the natural landscape, these new forms of sustenance giving rise to mutations propelling the song of evolution forward, bringing that dream of life the Creators had given their very lives to achieve into reality. Plants, animals and eventually humans rose from the primordial soup of the old world as Ragnarök burnt his way through the Tapestry. The foundations of a new world birthed from the violent aftermath of Ragnarök’s wake. 


For years Ragnarök shaped the worlds of the Tapestry, until at last his rage began to quiet, replaced instead with an unyielding hunger. With the last remnants of his energy, the dragon fell to the corpses of the Creators, piercing their flesh with his teeth and claws, ripping free chunks of meat as he ate. As the beast consumed his adoptive fathers, a gradual heat began to build from within the lower chambers of his lungsflowing out freely into the air as he swallowed. As the heat made contact with flesh, it began to melt, the fluids mixing together with the many parasites still clinging to Ragnarök’s body. A small crystal at the center of the dragon’s body began to glow as he continued eating. Once he had finally eaten his fill, Ragnarök took to the skies, dark and dead as the ashes from his destruction rose to blot out the sun. With a mighty roar, he exhaled a pillar of flames so pure that one could make out all of the colors in the Tapestry. From within Ragnarök’s stone, a massive shockwave of energy exploded, traveling to each of the puddles of cooling flesh. These newborn souls pushed and pulled at the heaps of deformed flesh, giving shapes to each of them, new bodies for which the souls could inhabit. Each body was formed in the image of the Creators, which had been imprinted into the Soul Stone during Ragnarök’s infancy. Each of these bodies was also gifted with a unique ability, tied to the very strands of the Tapestry which held reality together, and empowered by Ragnarök’s pure flame of life. It was here that the old gods were born.  


This cycle went on for the next thousand years. Ragnarök would awaken from his slumber before raging across the Tapestry, burning years of pent up energy. Death and carnage would sweep across the realms, until at last Ragnarök’s urge had been satiated. As his energy died down, he would return to the resting place of the Creators to eat. It was during this grand feast that new gods would be born into the realms, all while life struggled to regain its foothold. After many cycles, Ragnarök flew into the darkest realm in all of the Tapestry, untouched by the light of the tower, and as he slept a small child peeled away from his scales. This child would grow to be Galerion, the hunter of the realms and the only living being capable of controlling Ragnarök. 


From that day froward, Ragnarök’s cycle of life and death was consistent. Whenever a portion of the Tapestry grew too large, and threatened to overtake other realms, Galerion would ride Ragnarök into the land to cleanse it. If a world was struggling to withstand the harshness of reality, and failing to produce life, Ragnarök would be used to birth new life into that world. As Galerion learned to master Ragnarök, the other gods also began to mature, mastering their own abilities. As the gods grew, they began to bend the Tapestry into a more hospitable environment capable of nurturing life across all of its lands. As these gods grew more plentiful, the corpses of the Creators began to decay. 


While the gods began understanding how to make the Tapestry thrive, they still faced many hardships. Due to the chaotic nature of Ragnarök’s first thousand years of isolation, the physical manifestations of the Tapestry had been reduced to lands of ash and frost. While the gods and the living beings who toiled the lands helped to reduce these issues somewhat, nothing they did could ever really cure the world of its icy chains. That was, until the day of Ragnarök’s final cycle. As he landed on the last sliver of flesh of the final remaining Creator, the body of the original Author, Ragnarök feasted. However, the most Ragnarök could pull from the body was a scrap of flesh barely larger than his smallest tooth. As he lifted this piece of flesh from the bone, a small child was unearthed. A little girl. She lay on the ground, surrounded by a ring of flowers on the only patch of grass in the realms. The first scent of spring filled the air around her. As Ragnarök swallowed the petty morsel that had been left for him, he rose into the skies, and let forth his flame of life high into the heavens. As the fantastical pillar of color rose above the ashen skies, the girl awoke. As the flames grew higher and higher, the largest of the souls birthed from Ragnarök’s stone burst free, seeking out the flower child. As it neared the body, the flowers surrounding the child began to spiral around her. As the girl and the soul merged into one united being, the flowers began to spin faster and faster. They spun so fast that each of the petals began to merge together, crafting a magnificent halo of nature cycling just above the child’s head. The flowers that made up the halo danced, the small hairs of their skin feeling out the air around them. As the halo finished forming, it floated down gently to the child’s head, floating just a short distance above. Once the halo had settled, the soul of the girl reached out to it, permanently attaching the halo to her body. 


With the halo attached, the girl walked out from within the Author’s corpse, her toes wiggling in the snow coating the ground. The cold and barren landscape displeased the child. She closed her eyes, and reached out with her hands, her fingers stretching out as far as they could. Slowly, and with a subtle power, she began to inhale, focusing on the earth around her, the soil that lived just beneath the ice, calling out to some unnamed thing living in the depths below. She did not understand why she thought something would be there, she only knew what she felt in her heart. As she exhaled, the hairs of the halo flexed, and small stems began to breach the surface of the snow, reaching their way high into the heavens. As these plants grew into the first trees of spring, the ice and snow began to melt away, the warmth of the child’s heart radiating from within each of the plants. The fresh water fed the roots below, giving them more energy to feed from, allowing those trees to grow so large they breached the ashen clouds above, giving way for the sun to shine its light on all the lands below. The child extended her arms upwards, greeting the sun as a mother greeting her child. As she beckoned the sun forth, a final gift was bestowed upon her.  


The left over cartilage, melted down over the centuries from Ragnarök’s feasts began to make its way to the flower child, the liquid snaking its way up her legs. It continued climbing her body, up her back until at last  the fluid made contact with the base of her shoulders. Once in place, the cartilage pierced into her skin, burrowing just under the muscle until at last it hit bone. The liquid cartilage fused with her spine, extending out from the skin and reforming into the skeletal and cartilage structure of wings. As blood vessels joined into this new system, muscle and skin began to crawl their way over the skeletal appendages. As the child stretched out these new wings, flight feathers had finished filling out the limbs. Testing out these new wings, the girl lifted herself into the sky, towering over the massive trees she had summoned only moments ago. The entire land was devoid of snow now, only the touch of spring was left. At the epicenter of it all was me. I am that flower child. I am Persephone, the last of the children of Ragnarök, and the first of the new gods.  


As another flash of lightning filled the sky, I continued hopping between them, doing my best to keep up with Ragnarök, whose shadow I continued hiding under. I chased that creature like a woman possessed. From the moment I was born I had been planning tonight’s hunt. I can still feel his energy on my skin, resonating deep within my bones just like it had all of those centuries ago. I want to feel that power again. To feel it forever. I can only imagine all of the good Ragnarök and I could do together! With my ability to control spring, and his powers over life and death we could finally weave a Tapestry devoid of pain. It would be such a wonderful place wouldn’t it? I just wish the other gods would listen to me, but they push me away like I’m some child. Why should I be stuck babysitting some “special” humans, when I could be out there shaping the cosmos. They think because I’m so much younger and smaller than them, I don’t now what I’m talking about. They think I’m too reckless. That I’m weak. I’ll show them who’s weak when I claim Ragnarök as my mount. I’ll show them all when I make this world a better place without them. 


Ragnarök and I continued traveling within the storm, and as we moved I was careful to maintain my place directly under the center of his body. Due to his massive size, Ragnarök couldn’t see me if he tried. After a while, the dense sea of green below dissipated, revealing long sections of farmlands before transitioning into a sparse collection of houses, finally merging into towns and villages. We were finally here, the place where I would take Ragnarök for myself. And I would succeed. There was no way I could fail, after all I had planned for these exact set of circumstances. The time, place, conditions, everything had been hand picked. The most important part was that Ragnarök was alone. 


Following the birth of Galerion, anytime Ragnarök started another cycle of life and death, Galerion would always ride into the chosen region with him, to ensure that Ragnarök’s destruction was fully controlled and that it wouldn’t spread to other places. As Galerion and the other gods grew into their powers, they coalesced at the epicenter of the Tapestry, and their place of birth, the Tower. It was here that the Council was formed. A decision making body that would allow each of the gods to work together to make the Tapestry a better place for the lesser beings. Each god was given their own duties corresponding to their powers, and due to Galerion’s bond with Ragnarök his role was to act as the Shepard of life and death. Due to Galerion’s tendencies toward caring for those souls that had been misshapen and cast away from the mortals, Galerion was also given total control over a region of the Tapestry that was in constant chaos. This region was so hazardous that it came to be known as the Desolation. This was where Ragnarök’s unfiltered rage had hit the hardest, and it served as a constant reminder as to why the gods needed to survey and control the dragon. As Galerion and Ragnarök worked and lived in the Desolation, the region began to acquire a variety of beasts and monsters that would live there under sanctuary. Many of these beings came willingly due to the care Galerion offered to them at the discovery of their abuses. Others were forced to live there under threat of death should they leave the boundary. These beings were only allowed this chance at life because of Galerion, who believed that all life should have the chance to live, and to have a chance at redemption should mistakes be made along their path. He always did have a fondness for the most disgusting monsters, while shunning the rest of us. It was because of Galerion’s secondary duties as father to the Desolation that he and the Council decided on an alternate situation for Ragnarök.  


If Ragnarök went on a cycle of death and destruction, Galerion absolutely had to be in attendance. Ragnarök was unpredictable when it came to bloodlust, and all it takes is one wrong move before the dragon would destroy everything in his path. Galerion would act as a release valve, closing off Ragnarök’s rage once enough death had occurred. However, during a cycle of life and rebirth, Ragnarök was calm and could finish out tasks by himself. Thus, whenever the Council decided that a region needed to have more souls brought into it, Ragnarök would either go alone, or with Galerion as Galerion’s duties dictated. Tonight’s mission was one such night. Not only was Ragnarök flying without the aid of Galerion, but Ragnarök would also remain calm throughout the mission, ensuring that I would be able to enact my plan careful, and without too much trouble. 


As for the location, I wanted to wait until Ragnarök was sent somewhere with a lot of plant life, so that I would be at my most powerful. Ragnarök himself makes a lot of tonight easier, due to his size and the lightning storms naturally generated by the internal reactions within his body, escaping into the air and supercharging the molecules around him. Whenever he is about to use a lot of energy, a storm is created as a byproduct of channeling that energy. All of these factors together would allow me to easily sneak onto the dragon, and take control before he realizes what’s happening. All that had to be done was executing the plan 


Once Ragnarök and I began to fly over the villages of the region, he gradually descended from the sky. As he fell, I used the final bolt of lightning to propel myself backwards, giving myself room to back away from Ragnarök, and to free my wings so that I could glide down behind him, out of sight. I was no longer afraid of my wings giving me away, as the pressure difference between the rising winds, and Ragnarök’s descent would create enough noise to mask any sounds made as I flew. After releasing my vine from the bolt, and jumping into the air, I waited a few moments before cutting off the bindings that held my wings close to my back, freeing my chest and shoulders. My wings snapped open, catching the wind, allowing me to push further into the sky, deepening the distance between Ragnarök and myself. Once the angle between him and myself was steep enough, I began to drift towards his body. The rough and uneven spread of his scales, as well as the crystalline growths throughout his back made from a clear landing path following his spine. Once in position, I threw my arms and wings back, bringing them together tightly, forming my body into the shape of an arrow. 


I accelerated through the air, and as I shot through the sky, I could make up all of the molecules and atoms that made up reality. I could feel as those minute particles smashed against those particles making up my own being, as they bounced off, broke some off or merged with other particles on my body. As I focused, I could make out the faintest strands that made up the Tapestry. Red for fate, green for matter and blue for timeThe world around me slowed as my mind analyzed the infinite crossings of the strands, each going their own ways, linking every point of reality together while also ensuring they stay separate. I was looking for any infinite number of these strands that could lead me to the outcome that I sought, the ones that led to success. As I followed the strands, a sudden flash of silver flanked me on my right side, the sound of a continuous and low rumbling thunder following just moments behind it. As I neared the exact moment in time, space and destiny that I sought, a shadow of pure nothingness blotted out all perception. I felt a cold, and unyielding presence within my very soul. This presence was not of this realm, of this reality. I let go of my thoughts, of trying to steal away into an exact moment, instead choosing to leave the strands quickly to avoid whatever it was that had found me. As my fingers tightened across the three strands which weaved together into that new world, all probabilities unified into a single point particle, a particle that I allowed my essence to ride into the infinite. As I left the strands, entering this new reality, a thought entered into my mind that was not my own. “I have been waiting a very long time for you, Penelope.” Dread filled my heart as I fell into the Ragnarök. 


With a flash of light, I re-entered the Tapestry at the exact same time and place that I had left, except now I was riding a different line of fate, hopefully one that would result in my domination of Ragnarök. I had almost no time to readjust to my situation, as my body slammed into the dragon’s frame. In a split second I rolled my head into my chest, allowing the tips of my wings to adjust my momentum, swinging my body into a front roll rather than crashing headfirst into scales and stone. As my feet connected onto Ragnarök’s body, I transitioned from the roll and into a sprint, allowing me to gain control over my momentum. As I ran, I looked around the area and saw that I had managed to land in the middle of Ragnarök’s spine, with the crest of his head peaking out several hundred feet away. I continued running, until Ragnarök suddenly stopped his descent. He had arrived at the village that needed his help. This change caused me to slip on one of the scalesand slide off of his spinedown the rough region of his sides. I was going to fall off. As I tumbled down the mountainous terrain of Ragnarök’s body, my wings crumpled under the forced of the fall.  I could feel several of my bones break and fracture. Blood wept from a number of wounds as I was penetrated by the sharp crystals growing all across his body. I reached out with my fingers, trying desperately to cling to any foothold I could find, but the blood that coated my hands and Ragnarök’s scales made this nearly impossible. In my moment of panic, my halo clenched its hairs down as tight as it could, and the vine on my wrist shot out from my body, impaling itself into the nearest scale. I cried out as the tension between my falling body and the vine shattered the bones in my wrist, my battered body barely clinging on.  


For a moment, I could breathe, the moment of panic over as my limp body swung softly from the vine. This calm only lasted for a single moment. As I looked up to the vine, looking for any way I could escape the situation, I felt the vine drop as a portion of the scale it was anchored to ripped from Ragnarök’s flesh. In that instant, Ragnarök gave a horrific cry of pain before flailing his body wildly trying to throw me off. As he flung his body around recklessly, massive pillars of flame flew from his mouth as he screamed, painting the village bellow a fiery orange. I could hear the panicked cries of the villagers below as I struggled to hold onto the vine, mourning for those who had been incinerated by the first volley of Ragnarök’s wrath and at their own pain as those who were not killed instantly burned alive. Seconds after his first attack, Ragnarök dived down, using all of his strength to get closer to the village, believing that they were the ones who had hurt him. As he dove, my body shot up above his body, the change in velocity giving me a chance to escape. As his body dove below mine, my halo relaxed its hairs, releasing the vine allowing me to return to Ragnarök’s back. Though I could not use my wings to fly, painfully I stretched them out as far as I could, allowing them to catch wind so that I could glide down to Ragnarök’s back once more. I landed just as another volley of fire was spat into the village. I could hear the village as it was consumed within Ragnarök’s flame. As Ragnarök once again began to climb high in the sky, I watched as the last of the buildings collapsed, several massive spirals of fire dancing across the ruins, eating all of the fuel that remained. In just a few short moments, Ragnarök had managed to destroy this village, the very village that had begged for him to come. I could make out the next village as Ragnarök flew, his anger and bloodlust now fully unleashed. I had to stop him before he destroyed everything. 


As Ragnarök made it to the edge of the next village, I closed my eyes, focusing on the plants and trees which made up the forest around us. As I inhaled, I could see each of the roots which anchored them to the earth, the veins which carried the microscopic water droplets up the roots, and throughout the flesh of the plants. I could see each of the individual cells, calling out to he sun above, converting its magnificent rays into nutrients and energy. As I exhaled, I called out to the oldest of the trees, their cells pulsing together in a responding cry. As I opened my eyes, the individual hairs of my halo reached linked together with an Elder tree, each of those hairs becoming one with the cells that made up those trees, giving them access to the deepest roots reaching down into the flesh of the earth. I could feel the heartbeats of a thousand tress all around me. I could feel as they dried out and burned at the touch of Ragnarök’s flames. I could feel the insects and animals that lived in and around the tress. As the hairs of my halo connected to the minds of the forest spirits, I could feel the very soul of the forest touch my heart. As I harmonized with the forest, each of the hairs pulled down, reaching to the tips of the roots below, and in a single instant everything in the forest was still. Then the roots breached the surface of the soil. 


Ragnarök had almost finished burning this village to the ground when the roots shot up to meet his body. Many of them were vaporized instantly upon contact with his flames, but several found their way into his flesh, piercing deep into the muscle, before letting the little feeder tendrils which branched off of the roots main body sink their way into the bone, anchoring into a thousand different locations. Ragnarök screamed out in pain and anger, a pure white flame blasting from his mouth. I struggled to hold the roots steady as Ragnarök tried to burn them away. Another set of roots burst into the open, wrapping themselves around his limbs and throat, hoping to hold the beast in place as the anchored roots fought to ground the beast. The dragon’s tail whipped around wildly, avoiding being captured by the roots, and managing to shear multiple roots in half. As Ragnarök’s back legs regained their freedom, he dug them into the earth, using his legs to pry the back half of his body up off the ground, the tension causing the anchoring roots to rip out from his bones. My halo surged again, bringing more tendrils out near his head, wrapping around his neck and mouth, binding it so that he could no longer burn the roots in front of him. They pulled down tightly, trying to bring his head into the earth to suffocate him. As his head touched the earth, his wings scattered through the air, desperate trying to break free from the roots. This effort only hastened his fall, his burst of energy only depleting his already failing oxygen supply. With a final act of defiance, Ragnarök threw all of his weight onto his side, seeking to crush the very roots underneath his body. As he connected to the ground, I was thrown off of his body, unable to control myself as I focused on controlling the roots. A few moments after, he fell unconscious due to a lack of oxygen and energy, giving me the time to finish entrapping his body within the roots. 


I laid on in the dirt for hours, feeling the heat of Ragnarök’s flames as they danced around me. I did not try to save the villagers. They had all been dead by the time I got control of Ragnarök. They were dead and it was my fault. How had everything gone so horribly wrong? All I wanted to do was help people. I just wanted to help. I closed my eyes tightly, fighting back my tears. This was their fault. If those stupid gods didn’t treat my like a child I wouldn’t even be here! If only they let me help. Now everything is ruined. There was no way we could ever be able to help these people. All we’d ever do is stomp them out as we try to help. That what happens when giantplays with antsEverything we do is useless. As I lay there in that dirt, the fires raging all around me, I could feel a part of my heart die. “It’s your fault, you stupid beast.” I bolted up, the sound of those words frightening me back to reality. I didn’t realize that I had said it out loud, but as I stood the anger washed over me like an ocean. “You brought us here, and for what? To die? To make others die? ANSWER ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I screamed at the dragon, a roar so deep and primal that no other creature in the Tapestry could dare to face the child who made it. I had never felt such strong emotions before. I walked up to the unconscious body of Ragnarök, hate pouring from my heart, escaping out into the air through the pores of my skin. As I made my way to his body, the plants that danced on the ground grew into platforms, reacting to the primal needs of my soul. I climbed onto the dragon, the soft scales of his underbelly deforming under my feet. I could feel the heat of his internal fire on my toes. As I walked my way up the belly of the beast, the trees of the forest began to mutate and grow, my anger corrupting the innocence of their essence, the very foundations of nature, as they reached out to block the sun.  As the sun vanished, I could feel my own heart darken under the weight of what had happened. I would never let this happen again. That was my duty. 


At last my feet stopped at the edge of Ragnarök’s chest. The heat was strongest here, the place where the Soul Stone and Ragnarök were joined into a single entity. I could feel the pulsing of a thundered thousand souls through the soles of my feet, the infinite possibilities of what they could become echoing in my mind. This small stone was responsible for the highest flight of pleasure and the deepest scars of pain felt by the beings destined to suffer life in the Tapestry. I swore that after today, no new souls would ever have the possibility of feeling such pain again. A single hair of my halo flexed, just as I raised my arm forward, the vine connected to my still shattered wrist poised and ready to strike the stone dead from Ragnarök’s chest. Just before that hair relaxed, a spear burst its way through my chest, impaling Ragnarök’s chest just below his sternum, shattering the bones holding the stone in place. My mind fell away from reality. 


I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart.” The sound of singing was the first thing that touched my mind as I began to awaken. The next was the intense pain of my wounds reestablishing their existence. I vomited on my lap. “In my heart I have but one desire, and that one is you.” My eyelids fluttered rapidly as I struggled to pry them open so I could study my surroundings. A blinding white light burned its way into my eyes, swaying softly in the air. As my eyes adjusted, I could make out several strange mechanisms I had never seen before. On my left was a small wooden box, with what looked like a black plate spinning magically on top of it. As it spun, it sang to me. “No other will do.” On my right was a strange type of painting, made up of various flashing lights of differing colors, each set of colors and lights forming their own painting before the next painting flash into my vision. As these paintings flashed together, I swear it looked like they were moving in the frame. The paintings themselves seemed to have some kind of writing in a language I could not understand. One thing that I did recognize was the image of a Raven in the center of a sea of red. “I’ve lost all ambition for worldly acclaim, I just want to be the one you love.” The rest of the room was bare, save for a rusted door sitting directly ahead of me. I tried to move to it, but I fell forward, my body tied to a chair. I struggled to free myself from the chair, and as I fought, the lights went black. The singing box had gone silent, and all that remained with me in the room was nothingness.  


I continued struggling until a strange cold entered the room. “And with your admission that you feel the same, I’ll have reached the goal I’m dreaming of, believe me.” The voice was rough, like grinding nails against solid steel, the lyrics scraping through his vocal cords. I cried out as I felt a hand reach out to grab my hair, pulling me off of the floor. I looked forward, straining my eyes to try and make out the figure that was in the room with me. I had never had an issue with seeing in the dark before, whatever happening in this room was not happening in reality. I don’t want to set the world on fire.” As he sang, his voice ripping its way into my mind, piercing all of the walls of my brain, cutting its way down into my heart, a small light began to emanate from behind him. Slowly I could make out the shape of his head. It was grotesque. The skin of his face was so thin you could see down to the bone laying in wait beneath. As it stretched painfully across his face, I could make out patches were the bone was exposed. He smiled a wide smile, revealing rotting teeth, his gum line worn nearly all the way to bone. As my eyes made their way up his face, I saw a hole where a nose should be, memories of dried blood discoloring what little skin covered the area. Where his eyes should be, instead sat two darkened pieces of glass, and as I stared, trying to get a peak of the eyes behind them, I could only make out the faint wiggling of what seemed to be a thousand maggots crawling their way in his eye sockets. I nearly vomited again when he reached out to grasp my throat. “I just want to start, a flame in your heart.” As he sung, he used his other hand to place a necklace around my neck, with the Soul Stone hanging from it. As the Soul Stone fell onto my chest, the man stared back at me for another minute before finally speaking to me for the first time. “I’m sorry its come down to this kid, but we’re all out of time.” As he finished, he threw me back by my face, my body falling down to the ground, still trapped in the chair. As I hit the floor, I fell back into the Tapestry, landing on Ragnarök, where I had been before being attacked. The pain of the spear shot through me again as I cried out in pain. As I cried, I looked down to see the Soul Stone hanging from my neck, before blacking out.  



Submitted: March 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TheDemonWriter. All rights reserved.

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