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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jacob recounts his time with miracles.

What would you give  

To bring to life a single 



To wish so desperately  

For a loved one  

To walk back into your arms  

One final time  

And to have your grief  

Fall away at the touch of your  



To have all the things that the 



Are not burn away  

As the brightest star  

Of your deepest desire  

Materialize into that  



Could you live knowing  

That through your vessel  

The hopes and dreams of all  

That have lived, will live, and live today  

With a single thought  

Could enter the world of  



To end one day  

With the strife of ending your wife's life  

And begin the next watching  

As she walks through that gate called 



Under the guise of childhood innocence, 

To discover that watching her  

Playing among the trees  

Only deepens your grief  

Rather than subdues it,  

Laying her down to sleep  

After washing away  

The blood of another  


From her body  

As the grief gains companionship with unease  

Rather than being dismissed  

By comfort and relief as your  



Threatens to overtake  

The endless boundary  

Of the world you sought to shield  

From the very corruption transfiguring your  



To with a single wish  

Bring both the greatest happiness  

And deepest pain  

To those you’d seek  

To help with your 



Could you take it back? 

When a part of your soul 

Disfigured by the darkest emotion of men  

Reaches back through hellfire  

Could you take back your 



Standing before the gate  

Built from the bones of love,  

Strengthened by obsession and pain,  

Perpetuated by the souls of the innocent  

Could you look your  



In the eye,  

As you pull the plug on a lifetime  

Of work and suffering,  

The years of cruelty your once kind heart  

Inflicted on the helpless souls  

Stumbling along your path,  

Ending that  




Standing before the gate,  

I could not  

Destined to shepherd the  



Of men and I could not look past  

The beauty of the memories  

Carved into her soul,  

Hidden just below the Ravens shadow,  

And as my wife,  

My child,  

My friend,  

My essence  

Passed beyond the gate 

I knew that my 



Would end all  



Submitted: March 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TheDemonWriter. All rights reserved.

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