Chapter 1: 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 168

This world is cruel, so cruel that you might want to die the moment that you were born into this world.


Elements, that’s what we call them, the ones that have elements within them are called elementals. Caster, Archer, Saber, Assassin, Chevalier, Lancer, and the strongest of them all Light and Dark. These are the classes that was classified when this world was “developed”. The one god that teach and told us the knowledge of such, and there’s dark they’re just purely evil no goodness inside of their hearts.


I thought everything was just going normal as it would, until one day…


The attack of an entire kingdom, Clohister.

Or as people would call it, the land of the pure. The people there lived in prosperity and harmony, dressed in white to symbolize their purity. All of it was turned into its head.


Nearly every single one of them was brought back, captured and tortured. The girls were made to be the king’s sex slave and maids, while the guys were being used as slaves. The Kingdom of Purity is no more. Those who escaped dare not to go back to their ruined kingdom. The remaining citizens of the kingdom fled to a nearby kingdom, The Kingdom of Heroes or most commonly called as DeLucia.


The heroes are mainly and consistently and only have light elementals. But that’s not the case with the people, the people have different elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Lightning, Grass, Bug, and more that is to be discovered and studied.




Tomita :”Hey are you sure that this is the way?”

Lucia :”Don’t worry, I know this place”

Tomita :”That’s not very assuring”


Tomita : Girl, 11 years old, Fire elemental

Lucia : Girl, 10 years old, Lightning Elemental


Tomita :”I think we should go back, I have a really bad feeling about this”

Lucia :”Don’t worry! Even if someone were to attack us we could defeat them easily!”

Tomita :”I know but we still haven’t mastered our own elements”

Lucia :”There it is!”

Tomita :”The Golden Goblet?”

Lucia :”Yeah ! I told you we would find it didn’t I?”

Tomita :”You really weren’t lying when you said that you said that you said that you found a golden goblet”

Lucia :”Let’s bring it back!”

Tomita :”Are you sure we could bring it back? What if it’s not even real? More importantly Are you sure that it doesn’t have a curse?”

Lucia :”Don’t worry, it’ll be fi-“


Without even finishing her sentence, an old man appeared, warning them about the consequences if they were to take the golden goblet, the golden goblet consist of all of the elements and there is one for every elements and to which the old man said that there is more than just the ones that has already been discovered. The girls left without bringing back the golden goblet.


Tomita :”What does that old man meant by there is more elementals?”

Lucia :”So there is one for every elements huh ?

Tomita :”Well Lucia, I’ll be on my way to the dorm”

Lucia :”Okay, be careful Tomita!”

Tomita :”You too Lucia!”


There more mysteries surrounding the world of ____ the humans can only say that these are just mystics and there are more there is than to be discovered. Even though these girls are still young, they too have their worries and hopes, not just those two girls all the people in this world are the same, but I can’t say the same to the elders of this world, and you might might be wondering who I am aren’t you ?


I am an overseer, by no means that I can be called a god of this world or any god if any. We are only to observe not to intervene and not to let our feelings get the best of us that’s our only mission. If we are to fail, our memories of being an overseer will be removed or locked away to be precise. What I’m telling you here might not be all correct because I’m an overseer and all of that and the ones that can only ask for information are only the higher-ups the ones that has a high ranking that what I have now.


So the fact that I’m telling you this reader, is a hell lot of work. I too was like every and any other person that you pass through your life, nothing in my life meant a whole lot. So that’s why I became an overseer. So? What now you say? You have to find that out for yourselves.


Find out what this grueling world pasts has to offer, don’t you dare try to change it…












to be continued...

Submitted: March 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ChillX91. All rights reserved.


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