Chapter 3: 3. Poison

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The Emporer was impressed with me. He did not understand why I seemed so wise and intelligent. He thought that I was very compassionate and liked my thoughts that everyone should have a better life. He did not understand why his son was not that intelligent and why he did not care about others. This made the Emporer worry about the future of Rome. I understood that, I also enjoyed the walk around the garden every day with the Emporer. He was a nice man and cared about the Romans.


He announced one day at a huge dinner party that he was worried about the future of the empire. Everyone looked worried and some laughed in disbelief. They thought the empire could never fall. The Gods would never allow this. The Emporer would not discuss this as he had a plan. I would be married to Cato and this will ensure that Cato could take some wise advice. I did not react to this, but Cato was very mad and stormed out of the room saying he would never marry someone so primitive and backward as me.


Things went back to normal. I had no real friends as people did not consider me Roman. It was good that I had Frida. I found it hard to treat her like a slave. It was more fun when we would explore or play games or simply do things together. Of course, the Romans did not like this and would remind me that a Roman never gave a slave too much freedom or affection. I was told that slaves were like puppies... they needed to be trained.


The Emporer insisted that I would walk with him every day or come and sit by him. He would talk about politics and try to teach me about them. I did not think this was so interesting as I never was interested in politics. Some things were interesting, like how the Emporer was afraid of the new Christians. They were growing in numbers and many considered them a threat. It was hard for me to listen to the hatred shown by the Romans. I knew I was a Christian, but I kept this a secret.


The Emporer became very fond of me and told people that he considered me as a daughter. He would give me new dresses and jewellery. I even had my pony! This generosity and attention I got were not liked by the others at the palace. I heard people whispering as I walked by them when people asked who do I think I am. Frida told me that the Emporer was becoming more and more unpopular, as people were wondering why he was spoiling me, that many considered the daughter of the enemy.


I could see that I was spoiled. One day, the Emporer asked me if there anything in the world I wished. I told him that I wished that Frida was set free. Then she would be a friend. The Emporer said that he would do this someday when the time was right


I tried being friends with Cato, the Emporers son. He hated me since I came. How can anyone hate another person, especially when they did not know each other? I did not like the fact that he did not like me. When I tried being nice and using all the charm I had. It did not work, as he just was meaner and seemed like he hated me more. I concluded that he was just a spoiled boy that could not think about others. I just had to live with the fact that he did not like me.


Things got very bad when the Emporer announced that a statue of a God was damaged by graffiti. Someone decided to paint the Christian symbol of a fish on it. Everyone thought this was the end of the world and the Gods would be very mad and bring havoc down on Rome. I was more relaxed than the others that were in a panic. I figured the statue could just be cleaned. It was also because I was secretly a Christian. I knew that the Roman Gods were not real so no harm would come to Rome. What I didn't think about was that the Romans would blame this on every bad thing that happened


A few days after this happened. The Emporer invited me on a ride through the city. He did this sometimes so he could meet and be with the common people. It was important for him that they could see him and that he cared about them. The Emporer also admitted that it was nice when the cheered and were excited. It made him feel loved and wanted. This did not happen today. They jeered and shouted in angry voices. Much of the name-calling was at me as they called me names that I cannot even repeat. The Emporer was sad at afraid and ordered that we would be taken back to the palace.


The whole incident scared me, so I went to my room and hid there. Frida tried to cheer me up but I snapped at her that I wanted to be left alone. I could see that this hurt her but she did what she was ordered to do. She went and did some chores.


Cato came into my room after he heard about what happened. I thought he would gloat and tease me. However, he smiled and was nice. He put some wine on a table and said that it was for the Emporer and me when we had our daily conversations. I did not understand how a boy that openly hated me was suddenly being nice. He even said that I should not be sad about how much the Romans hated me. They see me as an outsider and some believe that I am one of the Christians. Cato told me that Romans would never expect a wild primitive girl that pretended to be a Roman. They would never accept me as one.


Cato walked around my room and was quite nosey. I suppose as a spoiled crown prince, he could not respect anyone's privacy. When he looked in a chest I had, he seemed to get angry again and he shouted for the guards. The Emporer was also summoned. Then things went fast for me and blurry as well. I was confused when my room was filled with guards and the Emporer came. They were all shouting and pointing fingers. Some were giving me some angry looks. Some were shouting at me and asking why I have done it. I could not answer as I had no clue as to what they were talking about. I was confused and afraid. Even the Emporer sighed when he looked at me and told the guards that I would be confined to my room.


Then everyone left and I was all alone in my room. They even took Frida so I was all alone in the room. It reminded me of when my mom grounded me in my room. This was so boring and I always hated it. At least I knew why I was being punished. No one told me as to what I have done wrong now. It was like I was innocent and yet being punished. I was confined until the Emporer came that night.


He told me that paint was found in my room and Cato accused me of painting the statue. Cato also accused me of being Christian. I pleaded to the Emporer and told him that I did not paint any statue. The Emporer smiled and said that it would be against my nature. He believed in my innocence and admitted that I had many enemies in Rome and the palace. The Emporer hugged me and asked why Cato could not be more like me. I smiled back and told the Emporer there is hope, as Cato bought some wine so we could drink it when the Emporer visited me.


The Emporer smiled and sat down to drink some wine. I did not have any as I hated the taste of wine. After a few sips of the wine, the Emporer held his neck as he was choking and could not breathe. I could see his face swell up as he fell to the ground. I shouted for help, but it did not matter. By the time the doctor came, the Emporer was dead. I knew that the crown prince poisoned his dad with the wine. He most likely thought that I would drink the wine and be poisoned. It scared me to think that Cato could be so cruel as to poison gis own Dad.


I started to tremble as I thought that Cato was no longer the crown prince, he was now the Emporer!


The first thing that the new Emporer did was to order his guards not to leave me out of this room. Frida was not allowed back to help me. I figured that she was down in the dark and damp cell. That left me alone except when the guard came in to give me food or something to drink. I had a lot of time to think. It was then that I realized how much I missed the Emporer. He was like a friend and a substitute Dad. He did not care if I was Roman or not. He protected me and made me feel safe.


I was alone so I did what I knew best. I got on my hands and knees and prayed for the Emporer, I wondered if he would go to heaven because he did not believe in God. He was a good man and cared about the Romans. He did his best as the Emporer.


The new Emporer came in as I was kneeling and told me that he knew that I was a Christian all the time. Then he told me that I would never get my freedom as everyone suspected that I poisoned the Emporer. This got me mad as I told him that he knew very well who killed the Emporer and how could anyone kill their father? Cato glared at me and laughed, saying that there was no one to protect me. He left me as he continued with his wicked laugh.


I slumped to my floor and knew that my life was in danger. Would the magic book save me?


I was told that the new Emporer sold Frida, so she was no longer my slave or here to be a friend. She was sold to a mine owner which is probably the worse place a slave could be. I felt sorry for her and even cried as I knew that her body could not cope with the stress and the toil of the hard work that was at mines. I also knew that the new Emporer sold her to show me how powerful and how evil he could be.


Things became worse for me as well. One day, the guards came and took me down to the dark and damp cells. I was told that I was no longer a guest of Rome, but a prisoner of Rome. My dad had decided to fight the Romans. This of course upset me. I was his daughter, did he not realize that this put my life in danger? I know had to get used to being in a cell with nothing to do and feeling cold, hungry and alone.


I thought I would be there forever. Cato visited me and told me that we were going on a trip. I did not trust him, but anything would be better than being in this cell! I was once again jeered at and called names as we went through the streets of Rome. The Romans saw me as an enemy because my father was at war with Rome.


We went to the colosseum and watched some gladiators fight. I do not know why the Romans like this as it was games with death and lots of blood. While I watched this exhibition of murder and death, Cato told me that my dad went to war, however, he lost and is now a prisoner of Rome. Then he bought a man and woman out. When the woman looked up she saw me and started crying. I knew deep down that this was my mom and dad.


"Your mom and dad are here!" Cato said, "Now they are enemies of Rome and you were always eager wanting people to think you are Roman. A Roman would put any enemy to death. Do you think that these people should die because they went to war with Rome, or should I send you down to reunite with them"


I was angry with everyone. Why was I being forced to choose? I did not trust Cato. I looked at him and said that he is the Emporer and the fate of my parents were in his hands. Cato smiled and said that since I did not protest, I condoned his decision to execute my parents. I closed my eyes as I heard my parent's final screams.


It was not over. The guards dragged me down to the arena and I stood in the middle while all the Romans jeered me and threw things at me. Cato stood up and said that I was an enemy of Rome. He told the Romans that I poisoned his father and I did not care if my parents were shown mercy or not. He finished off by saying that I was a Christian and we could not be trusted.


The gates opened and two lions came out. They looked very hungry. I closed my eyes and fainted to the ground.


A fog started rising from the ground and there were thunder and lightning. The clouds went very dark. It was like nighttime.


Everything went black.


When I woke up, I was not home with my parents in 2020. I was standing in front of an old nun. 

To be continued on the sequel

Signs of the Timez – God's Bride

Submitted: March 23, 2021

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