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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A witch, a village, an eviction, and justice brought on by a baby. Ah, you reap what you sow.

In the Bigalow Village, long, long, ago

Lived a good witch, a kind witch, with nary a foe.

She was a spirited one, full of Leprechaun fun,

And she lived by the motto, "You reap what you sow."


This sounds like a Limerick start to a warmhearted story, right? --- Wrong!

The fact was that there were some members of the Bigalow Village's Governing Board that did not want Witches living among them. Diversity was not in their best interests, or so they said.

Even some of the mega-farmers that owned most of the land around the village felt that Bigalow Village should not play host to those that "Were Not Normal".


(The Story Begins.)


On the first of April, the Mayor of Bigalow Village was out riding his Trot-ah-various when a bunch of Ring-tailed Ruckus Raisers darted across the road, right in front of the horse! Well, the Trot-ah-various was spooked and ran through the thickets that were next to the road. It wasn't long before the Mayor was knocked off of the horse and onto the rocky ground. --- He landed with a thud!

Sadly, the Mayor hit his head and was dead!


After some long-winded speeches and a one hour wake, they laid the Mayor to Rest in a shallow grave.

And since everyone in Bigalow Village was already assembled for the funeral, the Village's Governing Board proposed a candidate to replace the Mayor; Sleazy Sidewinder, III. There were 40 Yeahs, and 39 Nays, and two abstentions for lack of a second candidate.

Then it was said that the vote was unanimous by the business community, so Mr. Sidewinder was appointed acting Mayor and was given the One Digit Salute by The Village Council.


Immediately, Mayor Sidewinder called for a special meeting to be held immediately; "The Witch has to go!" he said intently.

There were 40 Yeahs, and 39 Nays, with 2 abstentions for lack of a forum. But it was said that the vote was unanimous by the business community, and a bill was passed to buy the witches land and send her packing.

The number crunchers crunched the numbers to decide how much the village owed Witch Wanda for her land, and the widow's cottage that she lived in.

So the number crunchers crunched the numbers, then the Assessment Assessors assessed the assessment downward until Witch Wanda owed the village Seven Guilders just to be able to avoid jail for back taxes owed. She void not to pay!


As Witch Wanda was escorted out of her former home she turned and spit on the doorway. And when she did that a cloud of smoke rose from the porch and the cloud grew until it covered the house. It is said that the cloud remained for hours after her leaving.


Well wouldn't you know that Mayor Sidewinder bought Wanda's house and all the grounds, and he did it the very next day.

And before almost anyone knew it, he and his new wife had gutted the house and had hired a contractor to do renovations; the wife was thinking a second floor with a master bedroom and bath. Oh, and a nursery too.

Yes, for the price of back taxes reportedly owed, Seven Guilders to be exact, the new Mayor was a land owner of property worth a thousand times more.

Reports of a land grab conspiracy were rumored by the 39, and 2 said they were not sure but would look into it.

However, 40 said it was all legal, binding, and titles had been given. Yes, all sales were final, and that was that.


(Nine months later.)


Ah, such a happy occasion for the Sidewinder Family, Little Sleazy Sidewinder, IV, was born.

And in due time the baby was presented to the family at large.

As the child was taken from his blanket for all to see, a gasp was heard from each and every viewer.

The gasp was brought on by a visible spot that was seen on the child's forehead, a dark spot, a Mole, maybe. But whatever it was, it would have to be removed because sameness was paramount in the Bigalow Village.


Creams and ointment were used to lighten the area, but every time something was tried the area grew in size, and worse yet, it got darker.

Doctors were consulted with little help. One doctor was sure she could rid the child of the mole, she would cut it out!

Once cut, two dark areas grew on either side of the original.


It was the oddest thing, what happened next; every time someone would speak ill of the child and it's skin color, they would wake up the next morning with the same condition.

So doctors reasoned that the mole condition was infectious and it was the work of one of Wanda's Spells. "The house itself must be contaminated," they reasoned.

So without further consultations, the Sidewinder Family moved out of the house.

Within a week of leaving the house, the darkness that was on the child's head seemed to just fade away.

However, the people that spoke ill of the child's discoloration, those that now had spots of their own, their spots started spreading and within a year they were all various shades of darkness.


As far as Wanda's house went, no-one wanted that witches house. So it and it's lands were sold to whoever would take them for the taxes due.

And after two years of alienation, Wanda bought the newly renovated two story house, complete with furnishings, for 3 Guilders.

Then she moved back in without a word against her doing so; no-one dared to say a thing.


I told you that Wanda's motto was, "You reap what you sow," and I think she proved that to many of the residents of Bigalow Village.

And as for her method of getting the job done, I'd say it was Spot On.



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: March 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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