The Rockstar - Beginnings

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Featured Review on this writing by Criss Sole

The Rockstar is a trilogy of mini-books that chronicle the experiences of a lad who stumbles into a life centered on music. It is the story of his journey from a teenager in the sixties through to his final concert he dreamed of performing. As with all of us, it was a life ranging in great joys, love and agonizing tragedy all laced with intrigue.

In Beginnings, the sixties saw many teens dream of becoming a Rockstar. Rock ‘n Roll was emerging as the popular genre of music. The brief popularity burst of guitar bands gave cause and simplicity of hopes and passions of fledgling musicians. The inevitable journey to emotional maturity provided by life experiences enabled a bright young man to find his life’s way.

Table of Contents


The Rockstar - Beginnings   Prologue   There was a thunderous crash as the drummer began the introduction to a ... Read Chapter

And in the Beginning ...

And in the Beginning … The Rockstar was in a state of extreme confusion as Don, the band's manager continued to guide him forcefull... Read Chapter


Sandie Sandie emerged in the Rockstar’s misty mind.  His reverie took him back to when they first met at the Rosedale Junior H... Read Chapter

The Performer Emerges

The Performer Emerges The Rockstar sat in stunned silence in his dressing room of the Olympic Saddledome.  His mind was a montag... Read Chapter

The First Performance

The First Performance The aftermath of the final concert was evolving.  The shouting had abated somewhat as monitored by the Roc... Read Chapter

From a Duo to a Trio

From a Duo to a Trio “Bad news,” said Don gently.  “Mark is dead!”  The Rockstar gasped in horror.  His mind r... Read Chapter

Building Blocks

Building Blocks The din outside the Rockstar’s dressing room in the Saddledome continued unabated.  People continued to shout ... Read Chapter

A Band is Born

A Band is Born An authoritative knock on the door reverberated through the Rockstar’s dressing room.  Don answered it.  E... Read Chapter

Facing the Future

Facing the Future The shock the Rockstar was currently experiencing was akin to the night Sandie had left the fledgling band – a pr... Read Chapter

Garage Band Adventures

Garage Band Adventures  A rather urgent knock on the door by the Rockstar’s security guards created a brief silence in the som... Read Chapter

Decision Points

Decision Points Emptying the Rockstar’s dressing room turned out to be a good move for the beleaguered musician.  The relative... Read Chapter


Milestones Marley’s aggressive and unanticipated entry jarred the Rockstar out of his state of shock over the tragedy befalling his... Read Chapter

Road Warriors

Road Warriors Leaving the Saddledome with his family and returning to his sometimes home when in Calgary, the Sheraton Suites Eau Cla... Read Chapter

Paying Your Dues

Paying Your Dues The interrogation by the police detectives was very intense.  It was evident from the questions that the Rockst... Read Chapter

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Criss Sole

What a terrifying night. Hopefully Mark will be alright... i wonder what caused this chaos.
Got lots of questions now... great beginning.

Sun, March 14th, 2021 5:23pm

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