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The Performer Emerges

The Rockstar sat in stunned silence in his dressing room of the Olympic Saddledome.  His mind was a montage of past and current memories.He had difficulty in sorting out the past memories from what was happening now.  He saw the basement of the family home with the name of his first band emblazoned on the yellow cement walls.  He heard someone yelling outside his door, “Where’s that ambulance?”  Don was in the dressing room with him talking in muted tones about a disaster on stage.  Suddenly, through the jumbled fog which was the Rockstar’s current mindscape, emerged the vision of a group of teens sitting around a campfire singing to Peter, Paul and Mary’s cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowing in the Wind’.


The Rockstar knew he had to do something in the unfinished basement of his family home.  If he was ever going to be able to practice with Sandra, it would have to be in the basement.  His mother would never condone them practicing in his bedroom even though it was downstairs.  The basement was a fairly large space but as was the case with most, it was full of stuff strewn there with the purpose of storage.  It was a mess but if cleaned and organized it would serve as a great music studio.  At a quick family meeting, the Rockstar was given the go ahead to work on the basement.

The job turned out to be a somewhat creative endeavour for the little family.  A survey that involved the Rockstar, his Mom and Lulu resulted in discovery of some neat stuff but more importantly, a lot of stuff that could be thrown away.  Everyone pitched in and in a very short time there was a huge pile of discarded stuff in the alley for the garbage men to take away.  For the first time in memory, the floor of the basement could actually be seen!  The drab concrete walls and floor made the room seem lifeless.  The one small basement window was the only highlight.  The Rockstar’s Mom saved the day by stating that maybe she could afford a couple of gallons of concrete paint for the walls and some paint for the stairs if the Rockstar applied it all.  He readily agreed.

It took the Rockstar several hours to paint the walls with even a little help from Lulu.  When finished, the basement looked much better and the bright yellow walls literally lit up the dingy room.  An old couch was cleaned and covered with a bright sheet.  Some old coffee tables from Grandma were repainted with paint she also gave him.  A couple of discarded floor lamps rescued by the Rockstar from the back alley provided needed illumination.  The Rockstar’s record player was placed on a stack of brightly-painted butter boxes near an electrical outlet.  A few tattered lawn chairs rounded out the new music studio.  The Rockstar was pleased.

The Rockstar ran into Sandie at school several days after their most recent “practice”.  “I have missed you,” she offered.  “We didn’t set a date to practice our songs!”

“I have been really busy Sandie,” interjected the Rockstar.  “I’ve been doing more and more deliveries for Bailey’s Drugs and my lawn client list has grown to the point where I have had to turn some of the business over to Lulu.  Mostly I have been working on creating a music studio in the basement so we can practice at my house as well.”  Sandie was visibly surprised and seemingly happy.  She asked if they could do one more practice at her house before breaking the news of going to the Rockstar’s home.  That made good sense to the Rockstar so they set a 7:00 pm time for the upcoming Friday evening.

The Rockstar had a rough week.  Keeping up at school occupied much of his time.  Mr. Bailey had him delivering many prescriptions on school nights.  His lawn cutting business kept him busy especially on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings as his clients wanted their lawns to look nice for the weekend.  He did get some respite from this routine when the unforecasted thunderstorms struck on a weekend.  He was looking forward to seeing Sandie on Friday evening even though he had not practiced very much this past week.  He was so tired he could barely climb the stairs to the Woods’ front door.  Before he could even touch the doorbell, Sandra opened the door.  The Rockstar was astounded by the sight of this gorgeous young woman in skin-tight jeans and a brilliant blue t-shirt with a neckline that revealed her ample cleavage.  He was speechless and could only exclaim, “Wow!  You look beautiful tonight Sandie.”  She rewarded the compliment with a quick kiss on the Rockstar’s cheek.  Suddenly his tiredness vanished and a surge of anticipatory energy coursed through his body.  From the kitchen came a warm greeting from Mr. and Mrs. Woods who did not turn around from their tasks of finishing the dishes.  Sandie grabbed the Rockstar’s hand and led him to her bedroom.

Upon entering her bedroom, Sandie presented the Rockstar with a list of songs she felt they should lead at the upcoming teen fire and song night at the Rosedale community hall.  She had chosen 5 songs she felt the Rockstar and she should sing during the evening. The first one was ‘Tom Dooley’ of which the Rockstar had mastered the chord progression.  She suggested they practice that one first.  Overwhelmed by her beauty and now her organization skills, the Rockstar complied without saying a word.  Sandie positioned a handwritten lyric sheet in front of the Rockstar.  She even had the chord notation above the word that cued the chord.  Sandie began to recite the story background which was the Intro to the song.  The Rockstar softly strummed the chord sequence.  Right on cue Sandie began to sing the lyrics and the Rockstar amplified his strumming.  The deep richness of her voice and the passion she had for this folksong resulted in an inspiring experience.  Motivated by what was happening, the Rockstar joined in the song albeit very softly.  Sandie smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up.  The song finished with an Extro that was the second repetition of the Chorus and the striking of the final chord.  After a notable pause, Sandie smiled and with a look of surprise gently offered, “I didn’t know you could sing!”

“Neither did I,” responded a surprised Rockstar.  “I never thought about singing.  I just like to listen and play music.  I rarely listen to the words in a song as I am busy trying to figure out the chords so I can maybe play it.  Your wonderful singing just now caused me to want to join in.  I couldn’t help myself and was surprised I even knew some of the words.  I did discover that it was easier to play the chords as the lyrics cued when to make the change.”

“We have to try this song again and make some changes,” exclaimed an excited Sandra.  “Can you single string pick the chorus while I tell the opening story? You will have to do it twice!  Will you sing each chorus with me but louder?  Do you think we could sing the chorus in harmony?  What can we do to change the Extro and make it ours?  Are you ready?”

“Whoa Sandie!  Slow down.  Firstly, I am not yet  able to ‘pick’ the individual notes in the Chorus but I will work on that.  Secondly, I will sing the choruses with you.  To sing in harmony, you will have to teach me.  We can personalize the Extro but let’s figure that out after we go through the song one more time.”

“Ready Sandie?  Let’s start with a count to set the tempo. On 3. One. Two.  One, two, three.”  Sandra began the story, while the Rockstar chorded.  As the first Chorus began, the Rockstar joined her only much more loudly this second time.  They worked through the song pretty seamlessly and felt it sounded good.  Suddenly they heard applause from the open doorway.  There stood Sandra’s parents both with big smiles.  “That was incredible you two!  Your voices blend so well together.  You have given this song new meaning to us both!”  With that, they turned and left the two speechless teens.

The silence was broken by, “You called me Sandie in front of my parents!  You are the first person to ever do that.  I really like it.  Let’s listen to the record a couple of times and see if we can figure some more things to try.”  As if on cue, the Kingston Trio burst forth from her record player.

The evening ended on a productive and positive note.  Sandie and the Rockstar developed a list of 5 songs they would offer at the upcoming teen singsong in a couple of weeks.  They realized there was some significant work that they both needed to do separately and together in order to do a good job at their initial performance as fledgling musicians.  They scheduled a couple of practices together to ensure they would be as ready as possible.  Where these practices would be held would be determined in a social conversation to be held during the snack Mr. and Mrs. Woods invited them to have with them at the end of their practice.

The Rockstar and Sandie entered the kitchen as a couple of tired but happy teens.  They had achieved a solid handle on 2 songs and a plan for how to deal with the 2 remaining on their list.  The plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies and steaming hot chocolate were most inviting.  As the teens joined the adults, Mr. Woods asked them what was best about their practice tonight.  Sandie answered first by noting that she discovered the Rockstar could sing pretty well.  A somewhat embarrassed Rockstar identified that he saw how well-organized Sandie was, resulting in some great work being completed in a fun way.  Sandie beamed!  Mrs. Woods wanted to know why they were practicing songs.  Sandie responded by telling them about the singalongs held at the community hall every month or so and each teen was expected to lead the group in singing currently popular songs.  She added that she had volunteered herself and the Rockstar to do some songs at the next session.  The Rockstar shared his view that these practices were great opportunities to learn more about playing music and now with a practical goal – a performance!  Mr. Woods seemed impressed.

The Rockstar then posed a question to Sandie’s parents.  “How would you feel if Sandie and I practiced periodically at my house?  I would like her to meet my Mom and my little sister.  I have created a bit of a music studio in our basement.  It has a record player so we can play the tunes we are learning.  It is kind of a cool area in which to play.  What do you think?”

Mr. and Mrs. Woods looked at each other, signaling to the Rockstar their concern.  “Where would your Mom be when you two are practicing?” queried Mrs. Woods.

“We could only practice Friday or Saturday evenings as other nights are school nights.She is a teacher and school nights are only for homework.  My Mom will be upstairs when we would practice.  Knowing my sister Lulu, she will be sitting on the stairs staring at Sandie and listening to our music.  She will look for stuff to tease me with later!”

“Sandra, what do you think of this proposal?” interjected Mr. Woods.

“I would like to meet his family Dad!  I think it will be fun practicing in a different place.  I know Aaron will pick me up and walk me home, especially if it is dark.  You also know how important my music is to me and this seems to be a good opportunity to get further value out of all the money you have spent on my piano and singing lessons.”  The Rockstar was impressed with Sandie’s reasoning and how she maneuvered her Dad.

“We need to have a family meeting about this proposal.  Can Sandra give you our decision at school on Monday?  Now let’s have our hot chocolate and another cookie.”  The Rockstar noted this was a pronouncement and not a question he needed to answer.

A little later, the Rockstar indicated he had to get home.  After accompanying him to her bedroom as he picked up his guitar, Sandie walked him to the door.  She lingered for a moment and then without a word, she kissed him on the lips.  His surprise was obvious.  “I am so proud of you!” exclaimed Sandie as she closed the door.  Practicing music had surely taken on many new dimensions noted the Rockstar.

The next day the Rockstar had a busy Saturday.  He was able to service all his lawn clients very efficiently.  He had only 5 local deliveries for Bailey Drugs and they were all within short bike riding distance.  One delivery netted him a large tip making his day’s earnings to be $25.00.  Several good days like this in recent past had enabled him to help his Mom out with the family household expenses.  Finances were still tight but not nearly so on the week prior to his Mom’s monthly payday.  The Rockstar’s little family had learned all about budgeting immediately after the departure of his Dad but sometimes unanticipated expenses caused a weekly strain on funds for groceries.  Visits to restaurants never happened but today the Rockstar wanted to treat the family to a pizza at the Ye Olde Pizza Jointe.  The family walked up to the “Jointe” as it was close to home.  The Rockstar used this opportunity to talk more about Sandie and the music practices.  He also described his invitation for her to practice with him in the music studio.  His Mom was very interested as he had procured her advice and permission prior to addressing it with the Woods family.  Lulu wanted to know more about Sandie in anticipation of possibly meeting a girl in his brother’s life.  It was a fun family time and his Mom was very proud of her son and how he was growing up.

The following Monday, the Rockstar intentionally sought out Sandie to find out the decision regarding a practice in the music studio.  He was a tad nervous as suddenly Sandie was playing a little different role in his life.  He found her talking to her girlfriends by her locker.  As he approached, the girls scattered but not without nervous giggles.  “Hi Sandie,” chirped the Rockstar.  “You look so pretty today. How was the balance of your weekend? I managed to do a fair amount of practicing for our performance.”  Sandie just smiled and the Rockstar realized he was prattling.

“The answer is yes,” she whispered as a huge grin spread across her face.  “Dad would like you to pick me up at 7:00 pm and he will come to your house at 9:30 and take me home.  He would like to meet your mother and sister. Are you good with this?”  Good!  The Rockstar was ecstatic and it showed on his face.  Regaining his usual cool, he told her he had to get to his first class and beat a hasty retreat down the hall.  Looking back he saw Sandie’s big smile had not abated and it warmed his heart in an unaccustomed way.

Finally Friday evening rolled around after a 5-day escalation in the Rockstar’s anxiety level balanced with the excitement of having Sandie over to his home.  The normal 5-minute walk to Sandie’s house took less than 3.  The climb up the front steps took longer.  The door opened almost before the door chime’s ring had diminished.Sandie stood there with her bundle of records, a stuffed toy, an amazingly different smile and her father.  Even though not totally pleased to be accompanied by her father, Sandie’s chatter started even before their feet left the stairs.  The Rockstar experienced her excitement during the short walk to his house.

As was his habit, the Rockstar entered the small family home via the back door.  Holding the door for Sandie as he had been schooled all his life, she entered the back landing with the Rockstar close behind.  He directed her up the 2 stairs into the kitchen.  Standing by the counter was his mother and seemingly under control, his little sister Lulu.  “Mom, I’d like you to meet my friend Sandra.  Sandie, this is my Mom.  The short little imp Mom is holding to keep her in control is my kid sister Lulu.  Lulu, just say ‘Welcome Sandra’ and add no editorial comment.”  The lightness of the introduction seemed to cause the tension everyone was feeling to abate significantly.  Mom walked over to Sandra, wrapped her arms around her and said, “Hi Sandra.  I am so pleased to meet you.  Welcome to our home.”  Fortunately Lulu said nothing.

Sandra, with her usual elegance, responded with, “Thank you! I am so pleased to meet you also. Lulu, I brought you a stuffed toy to show you how pleased I am to see you.  Can I have a hug from you too?”  Sandie then introduced her father.  After another formal exchange of felicitations, the ice was broken and all could now get on with their inexorably changed lives.

After the evitable social dialogue, the Rockstar suggested that maybe the music practice should start as a lot of work needed to be done.  Mom apologized for them having to practice in an unfinished basement but there the resultant noise would not disturb anyone and Lulu would not disturb them.  Her parting comment was if she couldn’t hear any sound, she would come down stairs to check and see if everyone was okay.  This statement was not dissimilar from the open bedroom door at the Woods’ home and was not lost on either Sandra, the Rockstar or Mr. Woods as he graciously excused himself and left for home.

The Rockstar led Sandie down the stairs to the newly created music studio.  She looked around scanning the somewhat spartan furnishings, the blue 45 rpm Victrola record player and the 2 tattered posters of Elvis Presley on the wall.  She turned to face the Rockstar and said, “This is perfect!”  She then grabbed him and gave him a long passionate kiss on his lips.

The music practice was wonderful.  The 2 emerging performers nailed the first 2 songs they had practiced at the previous session.  The Rockstar played the single note introduction to ‘Tom Dooley’ and even slipped in an effort to sing in harmony on the choruses as Sandie sang the verses.  There was even an inadvertent smattering of applause from Lulu who had positioned herself on the stairs out of sight of the performing duo.  The second song they worked on was a cover of the Tokens version of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’.  After going over it a couple of times with the record and personalizing it, the duo were ready to do their rendition of this very simple but popular song.  Both the Rockstar and Sandie smiled as they sang when a tiny voice on the stairs had joined them on the ‘Wimoweh’ chorus.  They both felt good about their version and were ready to tackle their next song.  Some footsteps on the stairs diverted their attention.

In walked the Rockstar’s Mom holding a tray of sodas and trailed by Lulu clutching her new stuffed animal.  “You two are incredible,” exclaimed the Rockstar’s Mom.  “Sandra, you have a beautiful voice.  It is so powerful, yet melodic.  You, my son, totally surprised me.  Your guitar playing has improved so much. I didn’t even recognize it.  I never knew you could even sing.  You two are a great duo like Ian and Sylvia.”

“I like how Sandie sings,” said Lulu.  “My brother can’t sing but he sure can dance!”  All laughed at Lulu’s observations.

Flushed with the truly genuine affirmations, the Rockstar and Sandie got back to work.  The third song Sandie had chosen was proved to be a real challenge.  She wanted the duo to perform the ‘Green Leaves of Summer’ made a folk hit by the Brothers Four.  After listening to it on 45 a couple of times, the Rockstar felt it would be awfully difficult to learn as it had 6 chords in a very complex and variable progression.  He was worried about the time it would take to learn the song and the potential for errors during the performance.  Sandra asked him how he felt about Peter, Paul and Mary’s version of the Bob Dylan song, ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’.  After listening to it a couple of times, the Rockstar said it was doable as it was only 4 chords with easy repetitive patterns in both the verses and the chorus.  They set to work on this song.

The chorded Intro was played with ease by the Rockstar.  The first verse was performed as a harmony by Peter, Paul and Mary.  With her strong voice, it just made sense for Sandie to sing lead in the verses.  The Chorus had the potential for some harmony.  In a feeble attempt at humour, the Rockstar asked if he was to sing harmony as Peter or Paul.  Sandie groaned and a high-pitched giggle came from the basement stairs.  The Rockstar strummed and Sandie sang in accompaniment to the record to get a feel for the tune.  The Rockstar tried to sing some harmony during the choruses.  He sounded so terrible that the giggles turned to outright laughter from the basement steps.  The Rockstar was both embarrassed and perplexed.  Sandie tried to comfort him but to no avail.  Suddenly Lulu spoke up, “Why don’t you get Mom to come down and help you?  She teaches music at school you know!”  With that she ran up the stairs and got her.

The Rockstar’s Mom entered the studio with Lulu trailing behind her.  “How can I help?  Lulu, go sit in the chair at the end of the studio and do not make a sound!”  Lulu did so as she knew better than to mess with Mom.

“We are having trouble figuring out the harmonies in the choruses of this song,” offered Sandra.  With that, she started the record so the Rockstar’s Mom could hear ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’.  The Rockstar began to strum the chords and Sandra sang the verse lyrics.  It was not long before Mom jumped in on the chorus singing in perfect harmony.  She and Sandra sounded incredible together.  The song came alive!  Even Lulu was surprised and kept quiet which she was not always inclined to do. 

“Now let’s do the song without the record,” directed Mom.  The Rockstar started the count and began the Intro chord sequence. Right on cue Sandie began singing the first verse.  When the Chorus beginning with “The answer, my friend …,” the Rockstar’s Mom sang in perfect harmony with Sandie.  They finished the song with a big applause from the genuinely excited Lulu.  All were pleased with the result.

The harmony is really simple, said his Mom.  Remember there are 2 harmonies being sung.  You need to sing one simple harmony and it will sound fine.”  “Here is how it sounds,” and she sang it in the same wonderful voice the Rockstar had heard a little more often now that it was several years since his Dad had left the family.  “Now sing it with me.”  The Rockstar did so and again 3 times more.  “Okay,” said Mom.  “You and Sandie sing the song and Lulu and I will be the audience.”

A fabulous version rang though out the basement studio.  Both Sandie and the Rockstar got caught up in the power of Bob Dylan’s lyrics.  This song was their best performance yet.  Even the Rockstar’s Mom got caught up in the power of the moment.  A tear sprung out of her right eye as the song came to its end.  More resounding applause came from both Mom and Lulu.  “What’s wrong Mom?” whispered the Rockstar.

“Nothing is wrong son.  I am just terribly proud of you and of course, Sandra.”  With that, she took Lulu by the hand and both went upstairs.  In the absence of no audience, the Rockstar and Sandie shared a big celebratory hug.

The momentary silence was broken by the back doorbell.  Sandie looked at her watch.  It was 9:27 pm.  “My Dad is here,” she exclaimed and started gathering her records together.  The sound of the Rockstar’s Mom inviting Mr. Woods into the kitchen for a brief social exchange gave Sandie and the Rockstar time to quickly talk about their next and final practice.  “I would really like to do Gordon Lightfoot as our final song.  Let’s work on it next Saturday night at my house and see how it goes,” she offered.

“Sure, I’m good with that,” exclaimed a puzzled guitarist.  “It will be our last practice before our singalong gig so maybe we should run through all our songs.  Maybe we should start at 7:00 pm?”  He then gently grabbed Sandie and gave her a kiss just as she had done earlier.  Nothing more was said and they entered the kitchen finding the Rockstar’s Mom and Mr. Woods sitting at the kitchen table beaming at each other.  It was obvious that the adults had made a good connection but the teens wondered why.  “I hear you two were impressive tonight,” offered Mr. Woods.

“You are very talented young people,” echoed the Rockstar’s mother.  “Both of you learn so quickly.  Your growing skills are awesome giving you great potential as musicians.  Lulu and I really enjoyed your practice.”  The praise from the significant adults in their life truly humbled the two teens.  The best each could do was offer a sincere thanks but in the core of their minds, a confidence was building.  In the core of their hearts, something else was also growing.  The session ended with Sandra asking her Dad if the duo could practice at the Wood’s home next Saturday evening as they needed to pull their performance together.  Permission was quickly granted resulting in Sandie and her Dad leaving for home after a warm and amicable parting.

The following Saturday evening practice turned out to be even more special than either Sandra or the Rockstar anticipated.  The Rockstar arrived at the Wood’s home to find a very excited Sandra awaiting him.  She whisked him off to her bedroom with nary a word.  A puzzled Rockstar followed dutifully.  Upon entering the room, Sandra pivoted to face the Rockstar.  “I want to talk about the decision regarding the song to finish our set at the singalong.  I really want us to do ‘I’m Not Saying’!  It’s a newer folk song so not many of the audience will know the words.  Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian singer and that is important.  The song has a good lively pace which is a good way to finish.  But my real reason is this is ‘our’ song!  Even though I am not wild about the lyrics, the song is very special to me.  You gave it to me.  It is symbolic of us and our relationship – no promises but we will try.  The singalong will be the first time we are formally introducing our wonderful connection as a duo and a couple.  It means a lot to me!” 

“It means a lot to me too Sandie.  Let’s get to work on it.”

The practice was very positive and productive, due in part to the declaration both had made.  They worked out a personal rendition of the concluding song by slowing the tempo slightly.  They sang through the whole set a couple of times with a flow and a sound that portrayed a solid confidence.  Their intensity on their musical work caused them to miss the ring of the doorbell.  They only sensed something was happening when they heard some different voices in the living room.

The chatter from the Woods’ living room drew the musical duo to that room.  There, in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Woods, sat the Rockstar’s Mom and Lulu.Taken by complete surprise, all the Rockstar could say was, “Mom, what are you two doing here?” 

Mr. Woods rose to the challenge generated by surprise, by announcing, “Due to the fine work of Sandra and you and the obvious talent you both are demonstrating, we adults wish to take you to Bob’s for a milkshake.”  With that, Lulu leapt to her feet and ran over and gave Sandra a big hug, like the one reserved for special, deserving people.

The diverse group of 6 began their brief trek up to 16th Avenue in anticipation of the tasty ice cream-based treats awaiting them.  The two Moms walked together and talked incessantly about the adventures of their children.  Lulu had grabbed Sandra by the hand and chatted inanely as if Sandie was the big sister for whom she would gladly trade her brother.  The Rockstar and Mr. Woods brought up the rear.  Their conversation was quite different than those of the ladies in the entourage.  “How are you feeling about the upcoming singalong?” posed Mr. Woods.

“I am a bit nervous!” responded the Rockstar.  “Sandie will be great as she is so talented as a singer and confident in everything she does.  Playing guitar and now singing is really new for me.  I hope I won’t let her down,” admitted the Rockstar.

You won’t son, offered Mr. Woods.  Sandra’s confidence isn’t always rock solid.  She struggles at times with social/emotional self-regulation.  She is showing us a confidence that I think you bring out of her.  You are so kind in allowing her to take charge and then genuinely support her ideas.  She is a different person with you than she has been with us as of late.  You seem to know how to bring out the best of truly who she is.  You have become very special to her and I thank you for how you changed her somewhat insular and lonely life.”  The Rockstar gulped and was grateful that they had reached Bob’s.  He needed to process what he had just heard.

All had a great time at Bob’s.  The laughter was generous and the shakes were befitting of the celebratory moment.  The two families got along very well and the talk was both interesting and entertaining.  The Rockstar had not seen his Mom have such a positive time since his Dad had left the family.  As the evening drew to a close, the families decided to go to their respective homes as the Rockstar’s family lived very close to Bob’s.  He made arrangements with the Woods’ to pick up his guitar the next day.  He was grateful for this opportunity to see and talk a little more privately with Sandie.  He and Sandie glanced back at each other as the families walked their separate directions.

At the appointed time to pick up his guitar, the Rockstar practically ran to the Woods’ house.  He needed to see how Sandie was doing as he had virtually no time to talk to her after they stopped playing their music and the family time at Bob’s.  As on cue, Sandie opened the door before the Rockstar reached the top step.  “I missed you last night, she blurted out with a dampness in her eyes.  My parents are out working in the backyard.  Let’s say ‘Hi” and then talk alone in my room.”

Back in her bedroom, the Rockstar asked Sandie how she was doing.  She burst into tears, rushed across the room and threw her arms around his neck.  Looking deeply into the Rockstar’s eyes, she whispered, “I am so confused!  Up until we reconnected, I had a pretty clear picture of who I was, what I wanted to do and was happy with being alone.  Now I am not!  My music now has a purpose way beyond enjoyment.  I can hardly wait to be with you.  I love to sing and make music with you.  I now realize what being alone is really like.  I love your family.  I don’t know what is happening to me.”  With that, she kissed him deeply on the lips.  After the lengthy embrace, the Rockstar suggested they sit down and talk.  He took a deep breath and prepared to make a comment he had no idea of what to say or how to say it.

“Sandie, I feel much the same as you.  I had a simple plan that I have had to adjust also because with you now in my life, things are different.  I am beginning to experience feelings that I never thought I would ever have again, especially after my Dad tore my heart out when he left us.  You have made me happy.  You have encouraged me to step beyond myself in my music.  You have caused me to work toward something rather than just sit in my room and play my guitar.  I don’t know this for sure but I think we are experiencing young love.  Maybe we should not be confused by all this but rather just enjoy the ride.  It is sure to take us somewhere.”  The Rockstar’s teenage lecture ended when Sandie gave him another long embrace!

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