A Wilting Flower

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The boat waited on the riverbank just like always, and like always, Lucia climbed in, head down, shaking all over. Cold river spray misted her face as they crossed the wide river, and Lucia was permitted some, if almost no movement. When she was certain they weren’t looking, she bent her head down and opened her locket, carefully guarding it against the spray of the water and any curious eyes. Staring back at her was a tiny picture, of a solemn girl with dark brown eyes and hair, her pale skin smooth and unblemished. Anyone who didn’t know would assume that Lucia carried her own portrait in her locket, but she knew better. Inside her locket was the girl she’d left behind. Her name? Lea Lycan. And now Lucia was paying her price.

A story of loss, love and eventually recovery

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Her shoulder shivered as the cold water poured down her shoulders, twisting and cascading down her back, stinging as they rolled over h... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

4 months earlier…    The heat was unbearable, searing her skin. Lucia pulled Lea closer to her. The fire creeped clos... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

She and Lea had been running around the house, celebrating their 4th birthday, playing tag with the other children in the village. Last t... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Voices floated in and out of her daze. Lucia tried to sit up, but the pain throbbing against her head kept her from doing so. Her ears ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

She wanted to know how much longer she was going to be trapped in here, but she didn’t dare ask. Instead, she kept silent, watching t... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

She awoke for a final time to the bright sun shining through the thin curtains. The sun relaxed her and released some tension. But it w... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

By sunrise, the light was shining into Lucia’s tent through the thin cloth walls. She shivered in the morning chill and stretched her a... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

The next morning, Lucia rose with the sun, having no desire to see any form of Lea in her sleep again. The only Lea she ever wanted to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Turning forward, she suppressed a whimper as her wrist began to burn under his grip. Not Good. They quickly pulled into a dark alley, f... Read Chapter

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