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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The adventures of a group of strangers, who became friends and more.






The creation of the sins

In the year 1419, a lot of diseases were ravaging the city of Clignancia, people were starving, numerous of crime were made, especially by a gang who was appreciated by most of the population because they robbed the rich to give to the poor during their famous parties. However, what the people did not know about that gang was that people in it were secretly a cult working to create an army able to enslave the world.

October was harsh this year, harvest wasn’t as good as expected people were killing each other for a piece of bread, but a few stronger people managed to find a way to survive based on a sharing principle. All of it began with Calamity, Alexia and Calvos who met the year before and thought that if more people would share their food, they would have enough to survive the harsh winter. Thus, Calvos decided to bring three of his good friends in : Isel Barkatia (known for his wisdom), Paprika (known for his very good knowledge in medicine and potion) and Nelzan Vogi (known for her rage and kindness in the village) with one of her friend named Ronan (known to be a man of excess); and Alexia brought in the famous Morwen Volanare (known in all the county for her beauty). The heroes were now a group of 8 managing to survive this winter in Clignancia, but on October 28th a horrible news came to their ears, which shocked them. Indeed, Alexia, who the ears could hear everything in the county heard that this mysterious gang "the B.O.T" were using some treacherous method to enroll their new recruits into their so-called cult. In an excess of rage, the girls were almost ready to raid their stronghold and destroy them, as to the guys, they were so stunned by the news that they could not process it. In a stroke of genius, Alexia got one glorious idea (her words), to create a gang too, in opposition to this suspicious cult. This is how the SHDED was created: its mission is to fight the evil B.O.T and thus saving the innocent souls that could and have been dragged in this mess. Years passed, and the SHDED grew stronger in the mind of people and started doubting the good intention of the B.O.T. The mission was successful, when something terrible got to the ears of Calamity, indeed apparently Alexia were secretly a member of the B.O.T and she was stealing the money they stole to give it back to that pathetic cult. As soon as the members of the SHDED heard that, they needed to have a talk with Alexia, unfortunately Calvos were out that day ambushing a money transfer for the B.O.T in the forest, but had already voted her out and given his vote to Ronan. So, one evening the members of the SHDED gathered for one of their famous meeting and put Alexia in front of her actions. She took the responsibility of what she'd done and left: She (of course) got kicked out. There were only seven now and needed to find a name and Ronan came with this great idea. He told them :"As we're helping people to stay in the right path by doing bad things , we should create an order  in which each person would be named after one of the Seven deadly sins : Calvos would be Greed , Nelzan ... Envy , Isel ...mmh Pride , the gorgeous Morwen would be of course Gluttony , Calamity would be Wrath , Paprika would be Sloth and I would be for sure Lust . See guys, I'm convinced that in this world we are meant for a greater purpose than living a normal life!". This is how the order of the Seven Deadly Sins got created in Clignancia.



The quest of Gluttony’s heart

Right after the creation of the Order, the sins decided to put some ground rules to prevent the previous event that almost killed the group. These rules are:

1)Do not steal your fellow sin!

2)No love interactions between each sin!

3)Respect must be the key word in this Order

A few weeks after the establishment of those ground rules, two members of the Order started flirting with each other, Gluttony and Pride, and tried to keep it a secret because they knew that they could be expelled of the group if their flirt was be known. But what they forgot is that even if Greed was consider as the silent one, he hears and sees everything. One day, the order came back from a demon hunt, in Maleshebus county and thus decided to go celebrate their victory at the C.O (a renown tavern), however Pride and Gluttony decided to go someplace else after a few pints to get some intimacy. So, after an hour or two, those two were nowhere to be found, but none of the Sins worried about it as they were too drunk to understand anything, except Greed that was not yet at that point. Thus, Greed decided to go outside to see if they were getting some fresh air and on the contrary as what he expected, he saw them walking away towards the river. Greed not really capable of straight thinking decided to go find what was going on. Managing to stay low in order to follow them, he saw one of the most shocking thing he’s ever seen since the treason of Alexandra. Indeed, he saw the two lovebirds kissing each other, shocked Greed stormed off and disappeared for a few days. The next day, Pride and Gluttony came back from their little escapade, but not at the same time, so that nobody would suspect anything. Envy and Sloth couldn’t help but notice the absence of Greed, which kind worry the Order because Greed was never late, to what Gluttony asked:” Did you see him leaving the C.O last night?”. The others were not able to recall anything from that night as they drank too much. Pride yelled and said:” Common guys, try to think, he might be in danger “, to which Sloth answered:” I think he went to look for you guys because we could not find you anywhere. By the way where were you guys?” Gluttony and Pride answered quickly at the same time: “We were outside giving water to the horses “. Naively, the others believed them but Gluttony and Pride worried that Greed saw them and would tell on them.

As for Greed , he was camping outside the village because he needed some alone time as he felt hurt by what he saw , indeed to him he thought that no secret were kept between the sins and especially between Pride and him as he thought they were really close friends. Gluttony and Pride told the others that they would go look for Greed and asked the others to stay there in case he comes back. Pride said that the only places Greed could be are in a tavern or in the forest, so they went first in all the taverns of the village asking if anybody has seen him but the answers were the same evrytime:” Has not seen that wee lad , but if you find him tell him that he has to pay his tab”. Gluttony and Pride started to be really worried not only for their secret affair but also for Greed’s life. As they couldn’t find him in the taverns, they began their journey into the forest, as it was the only place left to look for him.

After 2 days of walking into the forest, they encounter one of Pride’s nemesis: “the evil witch Flora”. Gluttony just heard the stories about her, that she was evil because she pushed away the only guy willing to start a relationship with her and that he cursed her to be ugly for the rest of her life. Flora asked what they were doing over here in her forest , to which they answered that they were looking for Greed, she laughed and said that she has seen him but would not let them get through if they do not solve her riddle. However, the only condition was that Gluttony was the only one able to answer. Pride angrily yelled:” Say it already, Gluttony is smart she will solve your stupid pun! ”. Gluttony blushed a little bit but did not want him to notice it but also felt a wave of confidence emerging in her. Flora told them: “Who loves and loved and know was loved and will love for the rest of her life”. Gluttony answered quickly, as the first attempt of three, of an answer:” God”. “Wrong” said Flora. Gluttony looked at Pride speechless and said to Flora: “Then it would be the King of Clignancia”. “Wrong again!” said Flora. This time Gluttony turned all the away to Pride and looked deep into his eyes and in an inexplicable way remembered a story Pride told her about a girl that broke his heart in the past, and then answered to Flora:” Isel !!!!!!”. Flora shocked by the answer of Gluttony disappeared and thus let them pass. The two heroes are back on their journey. A few hours later, Pride curious asked Gluttony how she’d known it was him Flora was talking about. Gluttony as usual liked to tease him and just answered:” I knew that was it … mmmh”. And it’s at this moment that they arrived in a prairie where they could see Greed alone standing, his war hammer in his hand. They went to him and asked quickly: “Where were you? We were worried sick?” to what Greed answered: “I thought you were my friends but I guess not, so why would you care?”. Pride stepped up in front of him and said “What are you talking about?”. Greed angrily answered “I saw you two kissing the other night in front of the river, and I am not mad that you broke the Order rules because the others and I started having doubt about it but did not care really. What broke my heart, is that I thought we were close enough for you to share that secret with me!”. Pride and Gluttony looked to each other and felt so bad that no words were able to come out of their mouth, and felt the only thing to do with him is to explain him the whole situation and hoping he would understand and forgive them. Indeed, they sat down and told him that they were scared they would lose their friendship with them and thus broke the Order's rules, and afraid of Greed especially as he was the most attached to these rules. Greed stunned by the news told them that he was sorry they felt that way towards him and that they want them to know that they could tell him anything, he will never be mad at them. The three heroes hugged and then went back to Clignancia and decided to tell the whole story to the others. Concerning Gluttony and Pride they had to assume that they were an exclusive pair. The others reacted just like Greed and congratulate them and told them that it was obvious since the beginning of the Order. Those two were the exception to the rule.

The extraordinary meeting

The story starts as usual in the renown city of Clignancia, however the day I’m going to talk about could be consider as one really peculiar day. Indeed, the Sins had been sent on a mission to get some kind of artifact for a warlord living in the west of Motheros. The artifact was supposed to give his bearer an immense amount of power but nobody was able to figure out what power it gave. What the sins did not know on their quest is that the warlord was manipulated by two women: Audinna and Ruxanna  both born with telepathic power , which gave them the power to control the mind of souls to whom the heart is not already taken by someone else ; the legend called them the Venus’ mermaids. The intentions of these women were still obscure at this point and the sins were not aware of that, thus they kept going on their quest. Lust was the first to find the cave where the artifact was. As customary in the Order, Lust were given the honor to give the artifact to the impetuous warlord. When they arrived to deliver it, the two women aka warlord’s advisors were waiting for them. The Order surprised to see those unknown faces drew their arms out, thinking they were here to rob them, to which the women responded that they were the warlord’s advisor and that they would take care of that artifact for him. Not surprised by those customs, that occurred numerous times in their previous contracts, Lust handed the artifact to Audinna, however something really strange happened at the instant Lust and Audinna’s hand touched, only somebody that would be very careful would have seen it, indeed a connection had been made instantly. As Audinna would say, the deep blue eyes of Raoul made her feel something she had not felt in a long time and for Lust she was one of the greatest creations of mother nature and was ready to change his lifestyle for a beauty like that.

After a few days, the Order came back to Clignancia living their normal life fighting the maleficent B.O.T but one of them was not really himself. Indeed, Lust could feel a lack of something in his life but could not explain that feeling to the others, so it was impossible for them to help him. He tried to drown himself in whores, potions and ale but nothing could fill the hole Audinna left in Lust. One morning, in a momentum Lust woke up and rode his horse all the way across the county to Motheros seeking to find Ruxanna and especially Audinna. After a long day of riding, Lust arrived in the warlord's palace and saw the women practicing some kind of ritual on the warlord with the artifact the Order delivered. He interrupted them, asking for some explanation about those villainous deeds occurring at the moment. Ruxanna angrily answered that a man has to take responsibilities for his action and thus be brought to justice. To what Audinna completed: “this scumbag killed our parents when we were kids, to take after the throne of our father in Motheros, so he deserves to die!”. Lust astonished by the news remembered a story an old man told him a long time ago: it was about the tale of the two lost daughters of Motheros, which made him understand who they were. Lust, even if he agreed with them that this scum deserved a punishment, he knew that if the women used that artifact, they have a good chance for their souls to be corrupted. He decided to interrupt the ritual, and reasoning them into not doing something they would regret for the rest of their lives. Unusual for Lust known for his excesses in life and his anger issues but who knows maybe Audinna had some kind of influence on him or maybe it was just a smart thought (for once). He managed to reason them and brought them back to Clignancia, and more specifically at Gluttony’s, which was the biggest house in all the county, and which was able to host them for a while. Moreover, on the way to Clignancia, Ruxanna and Audinna admitted that they knew Gluttony since they were kids but lost contact when she had to flee 3 years ago from that evil Warlord. The next day, Gluttony and Lust decided to go to the famous Tavern in the capital “The Shining Moon” to explain the situation to the others and as the night went along, we could see for the first time in a long time an aspect of Lust that we had not seen in a long time. Then, the Order gathered to discuss serious matter, and during that meeting they decided to include the Venus’ Mermaids as honorary member of the Order of the Seven Deadly Sins.

A dangerous play

This tale will not follow the same path as the previous ones, indeed here no fights or dangerous quest involving diverse monsters and demons but a story of courting a woman’s heart. A while after the adventure with the Venus’s mermaids, Lust could not take his mind out of Audinna and knew he had to do something about it and what better way to win a woman’s heart than a fancy ball. Lucky for him, Gluttony’s birthday was near and Lust knew it was his chance and that he had to take it. After numerous talks, Lust managed to convince Gluttony to organize a ball for her birthday at her house and as he expected the condition for her to organize it, was to invite Ruxanna and Audinna, her childhood friends. Lust’s plan was going perfectly well … so far… my sincere apologies my dear lector I got ahead of myself, let’s continue the story.

The night of the party, Lust were the first to arrive at Gluttony’s house, hoping to see Audinna, unfortunately she was not there yet and had to drown his grief into alcohol and suspicious potion that his buddy from the Black Market gave him. The party started without the Mermaids and everything was going well Greed were drinking a barrel of Ale, all by himself, Envy started experiencing some new kind of love, indeed she had met a girl she had always find beautiful and reached second base on the third date. Sloth brought one of his mate from the monastery, on permission this night. Unfortunately, our dear Pride were absent that day because of a family matter. However, when Audinna appeared in the living room, Lust sobered up right away and began one his best pick-up line on her, as he felt confident because of his numerous conquests along the years. But there’s something he had not suspected, Audinna in the past had been hurt by men and thus had sworn that no men would ever win her trust anymore. She resisted his charm, even though deep down in her she felt a little bit attracted and charmed by his manners. Lust , after a while started to lose hope and it’s at that moment that Gluttony appeared and asked the orchestra to play one of Audinna’s favorite song : “The Valkyries‘s Waltz”, and who would have suspected that but it was Lust’s lullaby when he was a baby , indeed his mother used to sing it to him to fell asleep. Coincidence or intended action, who knows, Gluttony never answered that question. When the music started the only two dancing were Lust and Audinna, which lead them to be partners. As the music went, you could see and felt some kind of connection between the two dancers but nothing obvious, you could just feel it in your guts. Envy started making out with her friend in the stables, for nobody to see them and especially one guy Envy cared about as she couldn’t choose between the girl and the boy. Sloth and his friar friend left to get some sleep as, his friend was going back to the monastery the next day the next day. Last and not least, Greed was passed out in the garden on a barrel of Ale. The only ones left were Gluttony, Audinna and Lust. Gluttony felt lonely as she saw Lust and Audinna getting close to each other, indeed she felt some kind of a void in her heart, a feeling of emptiness, which according to her could only be filled by the presence of Pride. As for Lust and Audinna , those two lovebirds were living their best night , indeed a few hours later , Greed woke up seeking for another barrel as his thirst was still not filled and saw Audinna on top of Lust kissing him , and Gluttony drunk as a barrel of rum laughing her behind off by the sight of those two kissing . Greed stunned by the news sat down next to Gluttony and tried to sober up a little to understand that shady situation. When, they decided to get away from each other, Greed and Gluttony asked for an explanation, but it was time for them to leave and so the explanation with them.

The final strike

The night before Christmas, the Queens of Motheros decided to bring back their father’s tradition, which was organizing a huge dance in the castle hall. As customary, all the people of Motheros were invited but Audinna in her kindness wanted also to invite her new friends of their kingdom: The Order of the Seven Deadly Sins. When the messenger arrived to the Order's stronghold in Clignancia, Gluttony was the only one present at that moment and went straight ahead to the C.O were the others were drinking, celebrating their newest victory against the B.O.T. When Gluttony told them the news, you could see a spark in Lust’s eyes because he knew it was time for his final strike on the beautiful Audinna.

A few days went by since the invitation came and the day of the dance came, everybody was ready to go and thus the Seven Deadly Sins began their journey to Motheros. After a long 8 hours ride, the Order finally arrive to their destination and saw all the Christmas decorations in the streets and also on the castle. Indeed, it was so illuminated that you were to see it from 15 miles away. The Sins were welcomed with joy and a wonderful feast. At the sight of this feast, Greed thanked everybody and went eat and drink everything he could. Wrath and Sloth went to observe the gigantic Christmas tree, Envy had to leave us during the evening because she received one terrible news from a peasant who rode from Clignancia. Indeed, her beloved Centurion Adrius was in danger as his company was about to attack the lair of a dangerous Valkyrie, she then decided to go help him in his quest. Despite Envy leaving, Lust went straight to Audinna and kissed her in front of everybody, she felt for the first time in a very long time appreciated for what she is (a King’s daughter) and not loved for her voluptuous beauty. As the evening went along, Greed was drunk as a barrel of rum and decided to organize a little fighting festival inside the party, where he would be the star. He bet all his money each time he fought as he was sure to win every time. After winning this festival with 4000 crowns in his pocket, Greed decided to join the dance but felt some kind of feeling, he had tried to burry for a long time. This feeling was: loneliness ; indeed seeing Gluttony with Pride , and Lust with Audinna ; Greed started shaking as he was not able to control this feeling and so decided to flee outside the castle , hoping to get rid of that stupid feeling as he knew was useless and not essential to live a happy life . After a while, Gluttony decided to go look for Greed, when she finally found him, he explained this feeling to her and she fixed him by telling that what he felt was completely normal and that he shouldn’t keep it to himself. During that laps of time, Lust did not waste any time and when they came back Gluttony went straight between Audinna and him to separate them as she was about to do something she would regret for the rest of her life. However, Gluttony couldn’t guard Audinna all the time and Pride and Greed were not able to help her as they were passed out on each other. “IT IS TIME” shouted Lust, thus he applied his final strike on Audinna, only the two of them knew what he said into Audinna’s ear but we know that a minute after that, they fled to the bedroom and did not came out after 12 o’clock the day after. Pride had to leave a bit after they left to the bedroom, as the Pope commanded him to go to Rome, for he had been chosen to be a part of a Holy Quest. Greed left, as no ale were left and thus went to another tavern to drown his grief that reappeared during that night. Gluttony and Wrath stayed there, to sleep and heard in the hallways some loud noises, you could believe it was a ghost haunting this castle, but both of them recognize who it was as it was some moaning of joy …


The Battle of the Seine

As a wish, Greed always wanted to go on a  legendary quest with all the member of his Order, which is what he asked as a gift for his birthday. However before following him in the unknown, the others asked where they will have to go. Greed during his childhood heard of a great treasure lying at the center of the earth guarded by many monsters along the way, and at the end an ancient force of an ancient age that even the fiercest mages in the world won’t fight it. Thus, he told them about it and everybody were up for it but by hearing the story, Envy thought that the power of the Venus’s Mermaids might appear to be useful. Greed so excited about it answered: “the more, the merrier”.


A few days after, everybody were gathered and ready to go on their quest, with Greed leading the way. He knew that the first step was to cross the River of the corrupted souls, everybody knew that since they were kids that it is almost impossible to cross that river without getting sucked up in it and thus getting killed by the damned souls. As the heroes arrived to the river, they didn’t know what to do, but they couldn’t go back that soon… Despite , that feeling of despair , Sloth with his philosophic view of life decided to bore to death the souls and as he talked to them about the big theory of Neoplatonism in our society, the souls moved to let us walked through , only because they wanted Sloth to stop talking as their head was about to explode . Everybody congratulated Sloth for his achievement but modest as he is, he kept telling them that it was because of everybody that we managed to walk through. The heroes continued their journey to the center of the Earth and arrived to the Door of the Great Mines dug a long time ago by the extinguished race: the dwarves. They knew that that door was the point of no return, and nobody wanted to, thus they continued inside the caves. It was so dark that even the horses stopped, and thus forced the heroes to continue on foot. As they walked through those mines Ruxanna felt some air coming from the right and yelled to everybody to used their senses to feel the air that would guide them to the next step. They soon saw a red light in front of them and ran toward it to finally get out of that dangerous darkness. They thought that light came from a fire or a lamp but no it was the light of a lava river meaning that they were not far from their final destination. The lava river was flowing and bubbles of burning air were popping out of it. Pride in his famous wisdom knew from stories he had heard and read among the years, that there was a way to cross the river: An iron barge putted here by Caron himself. The heroes divided in groups of two to go look for the barge, one group went upstream and the other went downstream. Sloth, Envy, Lust and the Mermaids found the barge a few miles from their starting point downstream and to communicate the Mermaids used their telepathic power to send a message to Greed as he was the only one who the heart wasn’t belonging to anyone. Thus, an hour later the other group managed to join the other. The heroes got on board and tried to find the magical stick that would stir the barge. As they were in the hold, Wrath saw two of her old friends, who died a long time ago and there, she saw their bodies lying there as they were sleeping, Greed in his cynical humor told her: “Why are you looking at those sleeping beauties”. Wrath got mad and did not speak to him after that. The journey on the barge appeared to be longer than expected, indeed before reaching the next step, they had spent 3 days on that barge and a lot of things occurred during that length of time.

On the first day everything was going well, Lust and Greed were singing and playing guitar, the girls were having a good time dancing and drinking together. Pride, Envy and Sloth to make the time go faster were drinking potions Pride had made before the trip to have some fun along the quest. The second became a little harder , the heroes realized they had to reduce on food and drinks if they wanted to have enough to go back , thus everybody became a little bit cranky , tensed , however for Lust and Audinna the carpet of the hold of the barge became what we could say their favorite place . On the third day, the heroes tired of this little lava trip, finally arrived to the next step of the quest: they were in front of three entrances and had to decide which one to take to arrive to the treasure buried here. You could see some ancient writings above each entrance but nobody was able to read it, it was some kind of Runic writings. At that moment, Greed realized that in fact he knows some of the runes present here as his childhood best friend were from ancient northern family, that still used Runes as a way to communicate with the Northern Gods . Thus, he knew the meaning of some of them. And especially one which meant “Danger” and that one was present on two of those entrance. Thus, the heroes went through the third entrance on the right and after a few minutes in a long and dark tunnel, they arrived in a big hall and saw on the far back a huge amount of gold. However, they knew that normally an enormous beast, from the ancient ages was supposed to block their way to the treasure. A they moved forward carefully, the ground started trembling and a huge minotaur with the wings of a demon appeared in front of them and knocked out the heroes. Only, Greed, Lust and Audinna managed to get up and started fighting it with all their hearts. Greed in his violence knocked him back with his Warhammer, Lust trapped him with his nest arrows and Audinna managed to calm him down thanks to her telepathic power. Then, Lust shot a poisonous arrow through its heart and Greed then strike him with hammer, they thought they had killed it but Pride in a momentum of courage yelled that the only way to killed was to throw this potion at its face. Thus, Pride threw the bottle at Greed for him to hit with his hammer at the monster. As expected, Greed did not miss and thus the heroes managed to kill it. As everybody started to wake up, the heroes were ecstatic to the idea that they will finally become rich and managed to survive for a long time.


The Tale of a tale

It was an cold night of winter; everything was going well in Clignancia since its protectors: the Seven Deadly Sins have been there. The crime rate had reduced, the percentage of kidnapping by the evil B.O.T had reduced and moreover its influence on the population had decreased since the Seven Deadly Sins have taken action against them . Thus, to celebrate their wins against the B.O.T, their new friends: The Venus’s mermaids had invited them to another kingdom, where there was the celebration of the union of the princess Eliona and prince Loïs.

The Order excited by the news accepted the invitation, however not all of them would be able to attend the festivities. Indeed , Greed was on his famous retreat in the South , Envy had already planned to see her beloved Centurion and Pride was already taken by his holy quest for the Vatican and for Sloth , it was a mystery but the heroes did not worry about it , as they knew Sloth had the habit to disappear just think about the world and its place in the universe . Despite the absence of almost half of the Order, Gluttonny, Lust and Wrath went there and had a lot of fun and managed to extend the relations of the Seven Deadly Sins with another kingdom. To arrive at the same time, the Mermaids and the Seven (what was left of them) decided to ride together and in fact make a spectacular entrance. When everybody arrived, the party had already started but as a question of manners, the Seven and the mermaids went to great the prince and princess. And as an unexpected turn of event , Gluttony kind of really bond with the princess but couldn’t explain the feelings she had toward her as it was not exactly love but also not exactly friendship , however it did not blocked them to become friends , or as one should say : very good friends .

During the party, everybody was having a lot of fun, except one person, indeed Wrath was staying all alone, whining that the bard was not good enough and that a mysterious guy on the opposite side of the Hall was looking at her in a weird way. Gluttony and Audinna, in their known kindness went to check on her; as Lust was giving his famous potion mixed with alcohol to the Prince’s mage: Merlin; Wrath already mad about that party pushed away Glutonny and Audinna’s kindness, which pissed them off real bad. Audinna told Gluttony that the guy, who was looking at Wrath was a famous criminal, who’s now the governor of Volare, a town were thieves, rapist and all the scum in the world were accepted and also that he is in love with Audinna for a while now. Suddenly, a genius idea appeared into Audinna’s brain: indeed, to kind torture him, she went near Lust and let the magic began with him, and of course as Lust couldn’t resist her and he fell right into her play. They kissed, danced and did other unmentionable things, which made the governor lose his temper. Wrath took this occasion to punch him the face and had to stay outside for the rest of the party, as she was not allowed anymore inside. The party continued without her, Lust was having the time of his life with Audinna , and for Gluttonny , well we didn’t have a lot of details on her as we only know that she went for a walk with the princess and only reappeared an hour later . At the end of the party, let’s say that our four heroes were a little bit inhibited and decided to take coach ride to Audinna’s castle, to make sure they would have a roof over their head to sleep.

The next day, Wrath was the first to leave as she had somebody to see apparently but nobody knew something about it. After that, Lust, Audinna and Glutonny discussed about her strange behavior and conclude that something wrong had to have happened in her life, for her to act like that. But what they did not know, is that she had always been a demon controlled by Alexia, who is working with the B.O.T.



The return of the Wild

This chronicle is one of the key event that triggered the Calamity War, indeed Envy due to personal reasons decided to do a religious retreat in the country with her family to get her head straight. As the months went by the Seven Deadly Sins started missing her more and more. Until one day, we received a letter saying that Envy was missing us and more importantly that she was feeling better. Excited by the news, the Seven Deadly Sins wanted to get all together to celebrate her return in the Order. Thus, Gluttony decided that we needed to get together, so that she’ll be able to see also her Centurion, who is on leave the day before.

Gluttony was the first of the Seven with Envy at the new Tavern that opened in town: “The Salty Kiss “, then Greed, who came after a contract he had with a villager to build him a cabin in the woods. However, Greed couldn’t stay long as he was needed as a scout for the army on the other side of the county. As a surprise for Envy, Gluttony did not forget to invite Audinna as the two of them became very close since the Order know the Mermaids. The three of them started talking about the strange behavior of Wrath. Indeed, for a few days, the Order had been noticing some little things that made our heroes a little bit suspicious towards Wrath. For instance, Gluttony had seen Wrath a few nights ago, in a little alley interacting with a random guy, at that time Gluttony did not really ask any question about it because she did not want to bother her and appear as she was spying on her. Moreover, as Envy told them that Wrath was starting to become more and more selfish, in fact as Envy tried to talk to her but she wasn’t very responsive to the questions, so she let go. Concerning Greed and Audinna they were not very fond of Wrath as they had some issues with her in the past and thus decided not to talk to her anymore... After a long talk, Greed had to leave and a while after Lust joined them and they had a really good time, drinking, dancing, kissing each other (here talking about Audinna and Lust) and had a really good laugh about the way Gluttony acted that night. Thus, the next day, they filled the rest of the Order up about that good laugh and Wrath kind stranded away from us very discreetly. Except that Gluttony saw her leave and decided to go find out what was all that attitude about and started revealing her true nature (in fact she was treacherous demon sent by the B.O.T) by shouting at her and being mean to her. Gluttony might be kind at first sight, but deepdown she kept a lot of anger due to her past and hate when people abuse of her kindness. Wrath started yelling that she was jealous that all of us managed to see Envy when she got back from her religious retreat  and as she was talking to gluttony , Gluttony noticed some strange features appearing on Wrath’s face :one horn on the left side , some sharp teeth growing out of her mouth, etc … . However, Gluttony was so mad, she did not really react about it and decided to respond but Wrath in a momentum used a teleportation’s potion to get away from Gluttony , which pissed her off even more . Gluttony rushed to the others to explain the situation to them and they started discussing about it …






The Calamity War

During the Calamity war, the brave Seven Deadly Sins fought for their freedom of speech against a demon named: "Calimutos”. A demon who at first sight could be consider friendly but when you get to know it , it's an evil mastermind  who get into your head , make you believe that it is your friend but don't be a fooled , it will crush your soul whenever it gets the chance . Greed was its first victim and first  to understand her true nature but got over it believing she could change. Then Gluttony in her kindness open her heart to her but got crush by her cruelty. It's at this point that the battle began. Gluttony and Sloth were the first one to see the demon but did not approach it in waiting for back up to face this treacherous evil. Then the next day, our beloved Pride came back of his holy quest which marked the beginning of the confrontation. From their stronghold, they walked towards her filthy swamps - where she established her lair after her transformation - ready in our mind to fight it with all our strength. We camped one day in this nasty swamp but couldn't see her at first. While the others were asleep, Greed during his shift to cover the campsite saw it and woke up the others. Greed in his momentum went first to fight it as he was already ready to fight, giving time for the others to suit up. This first attempt was a failure in a way as he got pushed back againsta tree but also a win because he managed to get through her shield of protection, which explained why she fled when lust came to give her the final strike to exterminate it from the surface of the world. Then, they decided to retreat to the nearest village to get some rest from this exhausting fight. Surprisingly, she was also in that village so without putting their stuff down Greed went first and smashed her with his warhammer despite his injuries, as his will to fight was still strong. Thus, Gluttony and Lust went with him to help him while Envy, Sloth and Pride kept on fighting the little monsters protecting Calimutos. Greed managed to strike the demon in the head and putting her on ground turned around to show his friends his accomplishment, but did not see her sting rising behind his back, which pierced him right through his chest. After being put in safety Greed said: "Leave me and finish that monster, at least I will not die in vain ". So, they went back into the fight, Glutonny by surprise stabbed her by behind and in his wrath, Lust finished her with his poisonous blade, which could have had happened only because of Sloth and his spells of immobility and the silver spear of Pride and the arrows of Envy, that nailed her on a big elm. Then they came back for Greed with the head of the demon as a trophy but Greed because of his wounds did not survived. That event crushed the heart of the Sins, which forced them to invoke one the greatest force of the universe: “Eltily the angel of death". She said that she could bring him back but it would cost them. Gluttony asked what she wanted, which she answered: " If I bring him back, he will not feel anything again”. Envy hearing that was happy, thinking he would not feel any pain again but Pride with his wisdom asked " does it includes love also?" The angel nodded yes. The sins gathered to make a choice and they decided that their friendship was more important and that even if cannot feel anything, they knew that Greed will still consider them as his friends. The Sins answered: "yes do it". After a day of the Sins praying for the recovery of Greed, he finally woke up asking if they'd won? To which they answered positively by showing the head of the conspicuous, treacherous, filthy demon. Thus, the Sins ended in their favorite Inn "the C.O" drinking many pints of ale to celebrate their glorious victory.

The end...

Submitted: March 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 7 DS. All rights reserved.

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