Alien Invaders

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

You just never know who is visiting your house.

I guess it was about 8 o'clock when I got a sudden urge for a snack; I had skipped lunch and had an early dinner.

So I headed for the kitchen and popped my leftovers in the heater.

As the dish heated I looked out the window at the houses on the block; my kitchen is at the front of the house.

I could see light with the same rhythmic intensity coming from all of them.

"Ah," I thought, "They are all tuned into see the new Alien Drama, (slash), Comedy, "Not My Neighbor", just like I am. "

Then the timer-bell rang.

So I grabbed the semi-hot dish and a fork, and back to the couch I hurried.

I had to admit that the first show of the series was humorous, but not as funny as the show's commercials had let on. Still, the show was quirky and better than most of the soap-operas, disguised as dramas, that have come down the Pike lately, so I stuck through the first half hour while finishing off my snack.

When the next Commercial came on, I got up to clean my dish. That is when I saw a light underneath the front door; the seal under the door has always been lacking, so when a beam of light, like a vehicle's headlight hits it, you can see a thin line of light at the bottom of the door.

But this was no headlight, no, it had a blueish glow to it. A very eerie glow!

"Might be a thief casing the joint," I told myself.

Then I grabbed my Copperhead Civil War Weapon; I keep this Great-Grandfather hand-me-down on my fireplace mantle.

I have been warned not to load or try to shoot it for fear it would explode, but I figure any thief looking down the barrel on that hand held cannon is not going to ask questions; I would hope they'd give up or run.

If that didn't work then I'd have to resort to my century old army combat training; god help us both.


Slowly but confidently I moved towards the front door, and I turned the lock's handle ever so quietly so the would-be thief would not know that I was about to pounce.

Then suddenly, and with a burst of energy, I yanked the front door open and flipped the switch for the porch light to come on!

"Howdy Neighbor!" was the greeting I got from my next-door neighbor, Tex.

I don't know what his real name is, all he goes by is Tex and I have to assume he is from that place by the same name.


Well it seems Tex was looking for his domestic animal, Houston. And according to Tex, Houston likes to curl up for evening naps next to my front door.

I really need to fix that gap under the door. Who knows how much heat is escaping?

Tex's reason for being on my porch was news to me, but I couldn't see any other reason for Tex's behavior.

You see, I seldom go out at night since the lock-down thing started, so if his animal was sleeping by my door, well, I'd never know it.

It was then that Tex got a gander at my weapon and started reminiscing about his Great-Grandfather's Oppositional weapons.

I could see where the conversation was headed and I slyly slipped in the fact that we were all united and free.

But before I could see his reaction to my diversionary tactic, I saw Tex's animal, Houston, darting under Mrs. Tisstel's Rose bushes.

So I quickly pointed out that fact to Tex, and in an instant he and his six-battery torch were gone from my doorstep, blue lenses and all.


Back to my couch and the TV I went.

Thankfully I have that feature that allows me to back-up what I'm viewing, so I was able to back the action up to where I left off.

The show was at a place where the "Magnaloy Invaders" had pretended to be domestic animals, and the first wave of them were to be information gathering scouts; like that old scenario hasn't been used in Sci-Fi before.

But like I said, it is a mildly entertaining show with cleaver writing and good acting, so everybody is watching.



Houston has been dropping by to visit. He's been doing that a lot lately and for some reason he likes to play with the keypad on my computer. When he does that, all sorts of strange windows come up with the oddest messages on them. One said, "Mortwaller --- Interstellar Meritocrats," and another just had all sorts of gibberish written on the screen.

Houston seems to be having fun and I can't see that he was hurting the computer any, so I just let him be; he was fun to watch.

I didn't think much about the show on TV, or the fact that Houston was using my computer a lot lately. We here on Talstar-4 don't worry about such things.

But when He left my house in a frantic, I took a look at the computer screen. As usual there was a bunch of gibberish on it, but after pressing the language interpretation lever, things became a little clearer. The words on the screen said, "Houston, we have a problem, abort mission, abort, abort !!!

Seconds after I read the message, I called the Talstar-4 Security Commission's Hot-line.

But before I could register a complaint the ground began to shake, violently, then a spacecraft rose from the surrounding liquid fields and disappeared into the gaseous clouds above.

Several missiles were seen giving chase but no explosions were heard, so the Alien Invaders must have escaped.

I'm kinda sad about the whole situation, I had grown fond of Houston's daily visits. He was a fun little human to watch.



JE Falcon



Submitted: March 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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