5 minute episode

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just an episode of my morning for a start.

5 Minute Episode

It was just one boring episode of my day. I woke up at 7:25 in the morning with my eyes still sore. I don’t exactly remember at what time I slept last night, the only thing that occupied my precious lazy mind was our synchronous class in our first subject which is Community Engagement, Solidarity and Citizenship (CESC). Sounds hard? Wait until you experience it. I’ve never really liked mornings, well except when something cool’s going to happen. And when I say cool, I mean travel, vacation, trip, anything that would excite my lonely bored soul.

I forced my feet to balance my body to the tiled floor while my eyes were still pretty tired to open. I walked like one of The Walking Dead’s characters, except I’m the one doing the chasing. Zombie if you can’t guess. So, I walked like a zombie going to the bathroom and clenched my jaw as I felt the revolting pain quivering from my lower left cheek to my mouth up to my head. Great. Just great. Now I am fully awake.

I really wasn’t looking as to where I am going that’s why I wasn’t able to avoid the L-shape edge of the cabinet. Ouch. I should’ve exposed my moves and sidestepped, but glad I didn’t because if I did, I might spoil the rest of the day. If it’s still not obvious, I promised myself to lie low again today. Well, for the record, it’s not my first time not using soap while washing my face. It actually felt rough when touched, but it’s fine because I have really clear skin, and no matter what skincare I do, my classmates won’t be able to notice since our classes are held online and my laptop’s camera is sick. Might need a new laptop soon. Kidding.

Of course, after using the Listerine mouthwash that was just delivered yesterday, I went to my desk and pressed the “on” button of my laptop. I stared at my reflection from the screen for some time and I could weigh the heavy bags under my eyes. I looked like a dead stressed hag and I mean it literally. My brows met as it furrowed when the screen of my laptop turned blue with a text saying “Restarting”. Oh, wow nice, never thought a word could ruin me like this. I am not frustrated; in fact, my eyes are not starting to water. I would really love to come late to class. And oh, I usually use ironies when I feel cheated on.

Then a thought flickered in my devastated mind. At some points in my life, it’s fine to slow down. I may admire The Flash, but some things are better when done slowly. It’s fine to lag. It’s fine not to be responsive. It’s fine to lie low especially when things get too overwhelming to handle. And most importantly, to serve my purpose, restarting is fine especially when it’s for the better.

Submitted: March 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 PinkISwear31. All rights reserved.

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Alizzia Ward

Why is that so real?? But anyways.. It's actually a good one shot though!

Fri, March 12th, 2021 7:19am

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