Just For a Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Warmth of your memory leads me to virtually fall into the passionate arms of my champion once more. My memory of you never fades. You were my first. I hope that means something to you, as it does me.

I am addicted to the words you write and crave them. They come to tantalize my mind and soul with ancient riddles. They soothe my psyche. 

I look around and hear a dripping sound only to realize it comes from your soul's cavernous darkness. But I won’t be frightened, because it's only droplets of the ink flowing from your fingertips.

They seek a path to the angels, an audience with a sighted visionary. 

The cobwebs of tomorrow seek a place of honor within the center of your mind. 

An angel spirit is floating about your sovereign body to preserve and protect.

Your energy changes beautifully. Your metamorphosis is inspired and complete. 

As the dark wind drys the ink upon the page your soul awakens solemnly from the obscurity. 

Lightening strokes the passion that influences where you hide your thoughts. They happen far away from the deep indulgence of a feminine form.

Secrets of ancient seasons are located at the crossroads of timeless beauty. Find the words to entice and give her memories another chance. 

Unlock the secrets and admire her timeless beauty. Stand still in the future season of her pain. 

Note that your espoused influence enriches this one's faith in the depths of reflection. 

The mysteries of her heart are there to better understand why she loves as she does. 

Know that you are admired, adored and respected within the depths her heart. 

Reach within your darkness and find the light that has felt your pain. 

Enrich your mind with the ancient words that speak to your heart. 

Make a pact to follow the madness of the serpent under the cover of midnight. 

Guide him to the entrance of her tenderness and she will care for you and take you in.

The warmth of her breath upon your face engages the wild beast within his own darkness. 

He emerges as a force of nature that exists to satisfy every need.

Reach inside the opening to erase her pain.

She needs your touch to go deeper. 

Fuel your flame within the darkness. Fill her with yourself, your vibration. 

Push deeper into the fullness of her pleasure. Please yourself in her coming climax. 

Power and pleasure is your sovereign manhood. Your virility is always present. It aligns with her needs to be met ever again and again. 

The flame of lust will burn forever bright to light the darkness of our souls. Come, take your rest if just for a day.

Submitted: March 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Elenore B Rigby. All rights reserved.

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