"Paranormal apocalypse season 7 episode 17 "Prey"

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*Dexter woke up in his bedroom. It was late at night. These people need food. I need to supply food Now especially since Kathleen could return at any moment. We need to keep our fighters ready. *Dexter grabbed his radio. “Jeremy you around?”

*Yeah I’m in my room why? *Pack a bag tomorrow is a big day for us. Don’t say anything to Nadine she’ll want to tag along and we need her to stay and watch over Hope-Ridge.” “Ok brother I’m already packed.”

 “Let’s wait till morning I’ll get you and we’ll leave.” The next day around 10 am we were already gone in the woods. “Ok so the cabin and the shake were both empty where should we check next? Jeremy asked Dexter. “I think there’s a few more places north. Look there’s a lot of people counting on us to find supplies Kathleen could be here in days we can’t afford to screw up.

 We need food No matter the cause. “I understand we need the food but are you saying we steal it if given the chance? “I hate this too but we need food No matter the case.” Dexter says. “Ok I’m just verifying. Right ok so here’s what we need to do we need to split up there will be much more ground to cover if we split up. I head west you head east. Sound good?” “Yeah.” “Keep your walkie on.” Dexter says. *A couple hours pass by Dexter walks around and finds an old abandoned shake and slowly approaches the door and grabs his knife and opens the door up and walks inside.

The inside of the shake looked like it had been ransacked ages ago. Nothing. Dexter says disappointed. Just then Dexter hears a loud growling sound coming from outside. Dexter grabs his Knife and runs outside. To Dexter’s surprise a Grizzly bear charged straight at him knocking him to the ground the bear swatted its giant paw at Dexter, Dexter dodged out of the way and started to run away.

The grizzly bear chased Dexter down and knocked him straight into a tree. Dexter blinked a few times as the bear charged right for him. The bear grabbed ahold of Dexter’s backpack and ripped it off his shoulder. The bear growled again. Dexter watched as the bear charged at him.

 This time Dexter swatted back at the bear with the knife cutting the bear. The bear swatted its paw cutting deep in Dexter’s leg. “Ahhh” Dexter screamed in pain as the bear Continued to chase after Dexter. Meanwhile Jeremy was walking along a trail. When he ran across a group of three Lunatics. Jeremy silently crept his way into a bush. He grabbed ahold of a knife and was about to attack when suddenly a ton of arrows struck the lunatics killing them all.

 Jeremy stayed hidden as a Vehicle pulled up and a young man got out of the car and grabbed his arrows from the Lunatics heads. “Less Lunatics in the world.” The guy put the arrows away and got back in his car and sped off. *Jeremy started to follow the car. Dexter dropped the radio on the ground as he limped his way towards a tree and started to climb the tree. Dexter was now trapped in a tree with the grizzly bear pacing back and forth below. Jeremy followed the car to a gas station.

The young man got out and closed the door and ran inside the gas station. Jeremy silently followed the man. And peaked his head inside the window. *Jeremy felt a gun being pointed to his head.* “You stand up tell me who you are and why you’re at my house?” *Jeremy turned around to face the women.*

“I didn’t say to look at me turn around. *Jeremy turned around. “Look I mean you no harm or your people. You see I am with a group we are all starving. I saw you’re car and figured maybe you had food. “So you thought we’d just be willing to give you food from our supplies for nothing? What a joke. *the girl aims the gun at Jeremy.* “Now give me a reason not to blow off your head?” “Look we are both survivors. We have that in common I’m not a bad guy at all. I just need a little food.

 “Even if we had food to spare and we do not why would we be taking place in a gas station? We are poor we are barely surviving. We need food too. “Ok I get the point I will stop following you and I will leave if you let me go.” “I can’t take the chance you see we are being followed and are in danger. We are being hunted by a group of men known as “The gold Standards.” “Who are they?” They have been following us for days stealing from us.

 “Ok I’ll help you kill them.” But we can’t offer you anything. “Like I said I am a good guy. “Thank you.” “Can you lower the gun now?” Dexter stares at the bear as he grabs a hold of a flare gun he brought and shot it into the air. The bear Growled and didn’t move. Jeremy walked over to the man and said “its ok my name is Jeremy I am here to help you kill the gold standards. “Why would you want to help with that we don’t know each other and they are dangerous.

Look I fought assholes before a group named Purgatory. Their leader had a crocodile. I can take these guys out. “Ok thank you.” “Now how can I find them?” “Take the car they follow it drive east. “Ok.” Jeremy gets in the car. “Hey when this is over come back and tell us.” “Ok.” Jeremy says as he gets in the car and drives away.

A couple miles later Jeremy sees a car following after him. “Jeremy stops the car and opens the door and gets out and hides in a bush. As the group runs over to the car. About seven men all armed and wearing bullet proof vests. “Tim you can’t hide from us for long we will find you we will kill your little girlfriend and beat you but not bad enough to kill you, so you will have to continue living in a world without your lover.

You deserve it scum bag. You killed my family and stole my food you deserve death and I will give it to you. The men search the back of the car. Jeremy grabs a grenade and throws it. By the time the men realize what happened the grenade goes off and the car explodes everyone died. Jeremy walks over towards the green jeep and opens up the passenger door. Jeremy grabbed and put on a bullet proof vest.

 And found  Several photos that were on the floor Jeremy searched the photos the first few were of Tim and his wife with the words labeled “Thief” Jeremy then froze as a picture of Nadine and Dexter were next with the label “Killers” Then Jeremy turned and saw Executer’s photo and then Jeremy saw his own photo. “Jeremy got in the car and drove back to the gas station. “It’s done.” Jeremy shouted. As he got out of the car and approached the two. He threw the pictures on the ground. “You stole from them? Why did they have pictures of us? Who are the Golden standards? Tell me.”

 “There a group of Bounty hunters. We are all in danger. But if we bring them someone on the list we will get off their list. Suddenly the girl shoots Jeremy in the stomach. Jeremy falls to the ground knocked out. Jeremy wakes up tied to a chair. As the man says sorry.

“I had no choice this was the only way. The women screams as a lunatic attacked her and cut her. “What are you waiting for go help her.” Jeremy says. As Tim runs off. Jeremy was able to steal a knife that was on the ground and cut himself free. Jeremy hid in a bush. “Shit he got away.” Suddenly Jeremy shot Tim and the girl and they both died. Jeremy searched the gas station and found a lot of food. He put it in the green jeep and started to drive away.

Back towards Hope-Ridge. Dexter grabbed his knife and got ready to jump onto the bear and attempt to kill the bear or die in the process it was his only chance. When suddenly a vehicle showed up and several men with a machine gun killed the bear instantly. “They looked up at Dexter. “Whew thanks I thought I was a dead man.” “The men aimed their guns at Dexter and one of the men said in a dark deep voice “You still might be. Hello Dexter.”

Submitted: March 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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