The Covid Variant

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A poem about the outcome of a Covid Variant. LOL

The rain has washed away my yesterdays

I set them out before the storm settled in.

It seemed it would be good to let them go

After all, what I did was a sin.


I didn't watch as the rain came to get them.

What good is it to dwell on yesterday?

I just laid the lifeless bodies near the river

And when the rains came, they all washed away.


The Wick-um County Sheriff will have his hands full

With mangled bodies popping up along the shore.

He'll say, "It's dangerous living out in a flood zone."

And I'd agree, if I was the one I was before.


It seems that Covid had spurred the beast within me

A Variant rose up and went ramped for awhile

What could I do when boredom got the best of me;

Stalking people and digging graves was my style.


But then I told myself, that the floods would come

And with the floods, the dead would rise again.

So I dug them up and laid them by the river;

Now they're gone, and I am without sin.

(Hidious Laugh)

Oh please

Let us do it once again!

(More Hidious laughing)


JE Falcon



Submitted: March 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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