Sim One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is a story of a couple trapped with impending doom knocking at the door, with a twist ending.


“AHH, that's the stuff.” David exclaimed happily.

“Hey dave, try not to waste all of it, we were lucky enough to find a bar still intact but we only have a few bottles.” Emily sighed disappointed. Sounds of banging on the walls all around the bar could be heard as they sat together. “So why do you think we made it this long? Dumb luck, or maybe were special. Or maybe we're still alive so we can drink this booze and die happily.” Emily gave a slight chuckle and reached her glass toward david.

“Who gives a damn why we're still here, we’ll be dead soon anyway, we've got two bullets left, we can shoot ourselves or go down fighting. But first things first, we DRINK!” David exclaimed, refilling Emily’s glass then taking a swig out of the bottle. The growls and screams were slowly getting louder and closer.

“You ask me, we set this place ablaze, go down with the ship and all that. Those fuckers can watch our bodies burn knowing they don't get to eat us even after chasing us to the ends of the earth.” Emily bursted out hysterically. David raised an eyebrow as if he was interested in this idea

“Y’know Em, you might be on to something, that sounds like a fan fucking tastic time, lets give those little shits one final fuck-you before we go out. Just like the old days when we would always steal shit to get by.” David said looking sad as the alcohol started affecting him, “The way i see it this world was unfair from the start, neither of us had it easy. But those hard times brought us together right?!” David gave a happy chuckle.

“It sure did Dave, we'll be together till the end right?” Emily gave a warm smile and reached out her glass for more. A gunshot went off in the distance as they both took another shot of alcohol. “There goes the neighbors, rest in peace.” Emily said as she lifted her glass.

“PEACE FOR THE FALLEN AND ALL THAT SHIT!” David exclaimed as if we were trying to draw more of them in. “Shit, that's all of it then, I'm pouring what left on the ground we're going out in a blaze of glory.” David said clearly shaking, unclear whether it was from excitement or fear.

“Ok then, Dave, promise me something. Let's meet in the next life yeah?” Emily blurted clearly afraid but anxious.

“Yeah Em, we’ll always be with each other. You take the gun, i'll light this place up then i'll join you.” David said, not believing a word he was saying.

“Ok, I'll see you on the other side dave.” Emily picked up the gun, pointed it to her skull. BANG!

“Oh Em, i'm sorry i could never tell you how much i love you. GUESS THIS IS IT WORLD, FUCK YOU AND FUCK ALL OF YOU MONSTERS!” The banging against the building, and the screams, all intensified as David shouted his final goodbye, he dropped the match. As the monsters watched the building burn, they heard one final gunshot.

“Mission completed, operation successful. Simulation ending in 3...2...1...and shutting down systems.”

David awoke in a hospital bed, He jumped up and looked around trying to figure out where he was. “Dave?”

“Em... guess we kept our promise.” The two embrace sobbing, above each bed there was a screen that read, “SIMULATION COMPLETE, SUBJECT DECEASED. WELCOME TO AFTERLIFE.”

Submitted: March 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ryder117. All rights reserved.

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