Venture to BTS Concert 1 (Parare)

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Are you ARMY? Dying for BTS Concert?

Yes, I did go to BTS World Tour, Love Yourself in Hong Kong.  This is my venture story to THE CONCERT.


From TV news, YouTube and Facebook, I was getting the name of BTS very often and they got my attention.  Became curious about this K-pop band, who turned out to be the most successful ever in the history of Korean pop music. 

Yes, they are the biggest boy band in the world.  They even did the speech at the U.N.  Quite impressive. 

During after-work Zumba class, the instructor was even experimenting one of BTS songs. 
Definitely, first time to listen to that song. 
Totally Unzumbable!!!
But we managed, somehow.

As they were getting popular and became such a world phenomenon (even cover of TIME), I wanted to join this trend.



I became a fan when they released the song IDOL, I know, a late bloomer.  Especially I liked the funny intro part with quite interesting sound and rhythm, which gave you a curiosity and much expectation what to follow next in the song. 

Loved a remixed version featuring American-Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj and its music video.  Her collaboration helped a bit to expand their fan coverage from just teenagers, hopefully.



Going to a live concert of popular singers/bands are quite rare experience that ordinary people including myself could not afford.  Not just the money, you need to plan ahead and invest quite a time for the event.

It was February 2019 around my birthday.  I decided to treat myself with BTS concert experience as a birthday gift.

I heard that their tickets would be sold-out within 10 min. (?) timeframe.  But without giving up hope, I googled ‘BTS Tour Tickets’.  With my surprise, it did show several options of ticket purchase for their upcoming Hong Kong and Bangkok Love Yourself Tours in March and April 2019.  

Later, I figured out those ticket selling companies were buying chunk of tickets using their some kind of mega macro programs when ticket selling started.  No wonder you were never able to buy tickets using your iPhone or MacBook as it was technically impossible to beat their super computers. 

Later, they sold to miserable but eager fans by batches.  Of course, the price would be a total rip-off.  No choice,  I had to join this late comer club.


I had to decide between Hong Kong and Bangkok. 
I visited two cities several times from business trips but have never been to Asia World-Expo Arena or Rajamangala National Stadium. 

I didn’t want to get lost or have a problem coming back to hotel after the concert.  So, started to search the hotels near around.  As a lone traveler, I needed to find a decent one, hopefully within walking distance as a commute back to hotel at night would be a nightmare especially considering heavy traffic in Bangkok. 

Thank god, there was Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, which was directly connected to Asia World-Expo Arena.

As the location was confirmed, it’s time to decide the date and buy the ticket.  As this would be the first and last (?) chance to go for a live concert, I wanted to get a good seat with a decent view of the stage performers.

I went for the best again over-priced seat closest to the stage.

I had to decide between Saturday or Sunday depending on the hotel availability.  Finally, Sunday, March 24 was chosen.  It was one of the front seats, just next to the right wing of main stage. 


The ticket company even charged additional US$100 for administrative processing along with ticket price itself with kind notes of  'to ensure your ticket is purchased'.  What does that mean?  You pay extra 'just to MAKE SURE'??  You couldn't believe how over-priced it was. 

I had to calm down and talked to myself 'this is your birthday gift' when I did the final payment.


To make it things worse, the SkyCity Marriott turned out to be very pricy.  Furthermore, I didn’t want to take a leave for this but no choice I had to book one night of Sunday as Sunday was bit cheaper than Saturday.  Still this booking became the most expensive ever one-night lodging in my life.

Had to justify myself that this would be one and only.

I had to skip a routine Monday business meeting by applying one day annual leave with remarks of 'important personal matter'.

It’s time for air-ticket.  I had to compensate the over-the-budget concert ticket and hotel.  Managed to find the budget airline of Air Asia round tickets, Sunday morning 6am and Monday morning 9am.

Couldn’t sleep that much on Saturday night from the excitement of this venture, like an elementary school girl waiting for a school picnic.


Had to wake up at 3am to be on time for departure flight.  After I arrived in Hong Kong airport,  tried to find a free hotel shuttle bus.  After spending so much, if I could save some money, why not? 

There was a warning of typhoon that week.  It was quite windy and chilly.  Had to wait for this free bus for more than 45 min. in the middle of nowhere quite far from main building of the airport.  Renovation construction was on-going everywhere in Hong Kong Airport. 

Became miserable and felt stupid while waiting, especially with thin jacket and sleepy eyes, accompanied by strong wind.  Hotel was quite near.  What a 'penny wise, pound foolish'


I saw a couple (mother and daughter) waiting for same shuttle.  I figured that they had the same goal of mine.  A daughter was carrying a backpack with BT21 Chimmy plush doll hanging from the zipper.




Hmm, I would see them at tonight’s concert.


Finally, a shuttle bus arrived.
 - front cover





Submitted: March 13, 2021

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