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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Review Chain

The diary of a man whose son transforms every full moon.




To: Dr. John C. Flanagan

Special Circumstances Consultant

Professor, History and Anthropology

University of Maryland




The following are journal entries from the diary of a man named Marshall Leatherman from Rose Canyon, outside Herriman, UT. These were found in his car after he and his wife, Martha Leatherman, were found dead last March 8. Local authorities deemed it a possible threat to national security and asked for the help of the FBI and the CDC. The Bureau's Special Circumstances submits it to your consideration, along with other evidence judged to be relevant to the case.




Tue, February 7


His howls were back again.

I thought Mason has had a grip on it already, but this did not sound like control. This did not sound measured. It sounded savage, like I was hearing an actual animal.

I hope he'd be okay. All that progress, all that preparation, it couldn't have been for nothing. Mason wasn't the most measured boy, but he has will in him. And heart. I know he's still there, deep inside. Maybe he doesn't remember. Or maybe his mind just chooses to forget. But I know he's in there. I know he's in there.

He started howling at about ten in the evening. I was about to go to bed. It's 3 am now. His howls I can still hear from the woods in the mountains. I can never sleep like this.

Martha and I lay awake in bed. Andy said she wanted to sleep with us, too afraid to sleep on her own. We all wait for the howls to stop.



Fri, February 10


I don't want to have to chain him.

There's a reason I keep on insisting that we figure out how he can control himself when he turns. It's not because I'm afraid of him, even though that's what he believes. It's because I think the first step to reclaiming his body is not to give in to the impulse of having to run off every time the moon's full. The more he surrenders himself, the more he loses himself.

Mason proposed we chain him for the next time, so he doesn't run off again. He said it so off-handedly, so nonchalantly, it took me three seconds to process it. Martha was aghast, asked him if he'd lost his mind. Andy looked shocked, then cried.

We have to take him away from the moon, or the moon will take him from us. But is it really worth it, chaining my own son?



Sat, February 18


Mason hardly went out of his room. He's refusing to go to school anymore. He barely eats, too. His friends went to visit earlier this afternoon, but he didn't want to see them. It's hard to see my son like this. It's like a whole different person.

I can't help but doubt myself. Maybe I've been too lenient with him. Perhaps it's my fault that I let him out with his friends that night. If I just had a bit of spine, I could have told him no. He could have just stayed at home. I could have prevented what's happening to him now.



Fri, February 24


Mason ran off.

He wasn't in his bed this morning. By the looks of it, he emptied his school bag, filling it with his clothes. He left a note on his bedside saying he doesn't want to pass "it" to us and that doesn't want to be found.

I went out looking for him while Martha took care of Andy. I couldn't find him.

Tonight, I'll leave the living room lights on and wait for him to come home.



Mon, February 27


We made a list of places Mason might have gone to. Martha and I phoned every one of his friends and went to the houses of those we couldn't reach. We plan on starting tomorrow.

Our list has thirteen places, and it made me question if I really knew my son. There were houses and apartments of people whose names I've never heard. There were places in the mountains, in the woods, there was even an address from the next city. All this time I thought he was just in his friends' house. Christ.

But enough of that now; what's done is done. The next full moon's in a week. We have to find him before then. Martha suggested calling the police, but we couldn't. We have to handle this on our own.



Sun, March 4


We've decided to drop Andy off at Mom's every night so Martha and I can continue searching past sundown. At our previous pace, we wouldn't have covered everything until the 7th. We've only covered five places so far, and everything was a dud. They all said they hadn't seen Mason.

I don't even know what to believe in anymore.



Wed, March 7


The sun had set as I'm writing this, and Martha and I are on our way to an abandoned factory in Lark after dropping Andy off. Mason's friends said they used to hang out here every once in a while. It's the last item on our list.

God knows what Mason and his friends did in an abandoned town. Even I don't want to be here. But this is the only place we haven't visited, and the full moon is tonight. Either we find him here or we don't.

Crazy, to think about it all. One random man in a random alley, choosing someone random to hurt, God knows why. And that random person was my son, of all people. Why not just me?

It’s only been three months when that happened. Everything’s happening too fast.

I don't know what I'd do if we find him. I can maybe try talking to him. I know he's a reasonable kid. Maybe I can convince him to work things out with us.

But if I meet him in a different state? I couldn't imagine. Maybe I could still try talking to him. I know he's in there, even when he's different. I wish he would listen and take control of his own self. And then maybe he can go home and come back to us and we can be whole again.


-----------------nothing follows-------------------


Mr. Leatherman and his wife Martha were found dead in an empty factory on the outskirts of Lark the morning after. Claw marks coming from a large, unidentified animal were present on their bodies (Exhibit 1.1 & 1.2). Mr. Leatherman's left arm was presumed to have been pulled of from his body using brute force (Exhibit 2.1) and his right forearm was seemingly bitten out of his elbows (Exhibit 2.2). Mrs. Leatherman's head was mauled, the majority of her upper skull missing (3.1). Both of the deceased had cracked sternums and missing hearts (Exhibit 4.1 & 4.2).

Their son, Mason, 17 (Exhibit 5.1) is still missing. Searches around the area are currently underway, led by the local police department. Their daughter, Andy, 12 (Exhibit 5.2), is being interviewed by social services. The report has yet to reach our office.

We invite you to the FBI field office in Salt Lake City, UT to inspect the crime scene and render your assessment on the matter. Representatives from the CDC will also be present during the investigation.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Willis A. Blakely

Agent - Special Circumstances

Federal Bureau of Investigation

5425 West Amelia Earhart Drive

Salt Lake City, UT 84116

(801) 579-1400

Submitted: March 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Christian Jerome. All rights reserved.

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G. Adams

I like it. I can understand the angle. I did see some grammar errors with periods, not commas. I make similar mistakes. It is on the edge of supernatural crime drama with the given facts, and reference to FBI. I would be curious to see who would be brave enough to take on this case. Please. Feel free to have a look at one of my chapters in my first book in progress “Another Beginning.” Let me know what you think or feel free to provide me with feedback. Thank you and good luck with your work.

Sat, March 20th, 2021 9:43pm

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