yandere x reader

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

just a yandere x reader

Yandere x reader 
You were just walking downtown as usual. Every day you'd come downtown for your favorite coffee. Today felt odd as though something would happen. You shrugged it off not thinking much of it. Which was a stupid move. You walked into the cafe expecting to see your friend Conner. You met him a few months ago. He wasn't there you were slightly disappointed. Since he wasn't there you took your coffee-to-go today. You felt as though someone was staring at you. That feeling was drilled in your head. You couldn't shrug it off you walked home cautiously. Today you decided to take the shortcut home, Cutting through the alley was something you normally wouldn't do. 

You were freaked out when you hear footsteps. Starting to speed up was a poor choice, the footsteps got closer and quicker. Your breaths became sharp and heavy. Your running was useless, somebodies hand was on your shoulder. Slowly you turned around, it was a tall man. He had golden eyes, a warm smile, and black shaggy hair. He handed you your wallet "You dropped this at the cafe". Hesitantly you took the wallet "thank you", you said quietly. He turned around and left. Slowly you started calming down your breathing was normal, you were taking your time getting home. Something felt off about your house, it was as though someone was inside. And there was, you didn't know it yet but the man you ran into earlier put a tracking device in your wallet. Today must not have been your day, you finally decided to drink your coffee. But then something hit you on the back of your head. Everything went dark the last thing you saw was spilled coffee. 

???'s POV: "Finally after so long she's here with me.", I thought. Her hair is as soft as silk, She smelt like lavender. Her skin was perfect just like her. She was starting to wake up, her eyelids slowly fluttered open. As soon as she opened her eyes I could see how panicked she was getting. I tried calming her nothing worked so I left the room for a bit. 

No one's POV: Panic settled in so many thoughts running through your head. The man from earlier was standing in front of you. You should've listened to your gut and ran faster. Tears slowly ran down your face you thought, " what if I never get out". The darkest thoughts ran through your head. He was gone you tried to think of ways to escape. More and more tears fell down your cheeks "maybe I'll never get out. What if I die here? " These thoughts filled your head.  There were so many things you still haven't done. What about your family? What's gonna happen to them? The man came back in and gave you a cup of water. You could only move enough to get the water. You were quite thirsty so you chugged down the glass of water. Something was in it your eyelids became heavy. As you were slowly falling asleep a smirk appeared on the man's face. 


I woke up in a different room. I was less restrained but I still couldn't move a lot. He walked back in I was able to get a better look at him. I could feel my face heating up a bit. 'No! NO, you can't be falling for a man who kidnapped you!' you thought. But still his sweet smile, beautiful eyes, and shaggy hair...who wouldn't love him. He gave you a soft smile. "Hey! Y/n it's great to have a closer look at you". He placed his thumb on your chin which caused your face to turn a crimson shade. "My name is Yoshioka Chiasa, but you can call me your future husband" It's Bold of him to assume you'd date him even further marry him. HA! He kidnapped you how could you ever fall for him. You turned angrily and he did NOT like that. He grabbed your chin and made you look at him which you did like. "Don't look away from me princess, that makes me very angry" He said with an angry smile. You only fell harder for him but still, you glared "Let me go, you sick bastard! What the hell do you even want from me!?!"

He smiled softly "That's easy, puppet. I want you to be mine!" He continues to smile softly. You didn't know what to say but does he think that's the way to your heart? "WHY WOULD I EVER BE YOURS!?! YOU'RE INSANE!!" That pissed him off. "He grabbed a handful of your hair and brought you close. Your eyes widened when this happened "You can't talk to me like that, puppet! I'm the Puppet master!" He pulled on the chains a bit "These are the puppet strings that bind us!" He had an insane look in his eyes. You decided to try and shake him off which only caused him to get angrier. But he calmed down "Looks like the puppet needs a punishment" You didn't know what this meant but it terrified you. Tears rolled down your face again "Just leave me alone! I just wanna go home!" More and more tears rolled down your face again "Just leave me alone! I just wanna go home!" More and more tears rolled down your face. He didn't like seeing you like this. He gave you a soft kiss on your forehead 
 I can't allow that. This will be your new home will be the happiest family" He smiled and cupped your cheeks. That caused you to blush. Since you had the mobility of your hands you covered your face out of embarrassment. 

That caused him to slightly laugh After a few more days of being held captive you warmed up to him. He was a kind-hearted person. You truly felt love for this man. And he loved you. He put a small bed in your room and a radio so you could listen to music. He's so kind to me maybe this is what love is. One night while listening to the radio your tunes were interrupted by a missing person alert. It was about you, you didn't know what to think. Your family is still trying to find you it caused you to smile a bit. 

 But you also have learned to love him and how you live. You turn off the radio as he comes downstairs. The man who kidnapped you is now the man you love. Who would've thought? He hugged you and you patted his back. He smothered you in kisses everywhere except your lips. He looked at your lips with the most attentive stare. Like he was studying them. It kinda freaked you out so you just gave him a quick kiss which surprised him. 

He ran his fingers through your hair as you soon ended up having a full-on make-out session. Only to break for air he smirked at you "So you do love me". He didn't wait for an answer instead he kissed you again while smiling. You melted into the kiss it was rough yet passionate. You were so happy to feel so loved. He gave you the kindest smile and rested his forehead on yours. It's been a few weeks since that happened he's added more things to your room. He got rid of most of your restraints so you were able to move more. He added a small T.V to your room so you could watch movies together. You found out much about him like how he likes to cuddle, watch musicals and he enjoyed reading. Tonight he seemed off as though he was angry at you. Usually, when he came down he would kiss your forehead. But today he just sat down and didn't look at you. You began to overthink 'maybe he doesn't love me anymore, did I do something wrong? What if he kills me?' You continue to overthink. 

Later he still seemed mad till he snapped. He grabbed your chin and brought you close while glaring. He didn't say anything he just glared while holding eye contact. Your breath quickened when he did this. He didn't even know what to say he looked at you with pure hatred. Your eyes watered then he let go and stormed off as though he expected you to say smth. While watching him storm off tears soaked your cheeks. You couldn't control yourself he was what you wanted he is what you needed. You held your knees to your chest while continuing to sob. After a few hours, you finally composed yourself. He came back down the next day still angry but calmer. He sat on the edge of your bed and watched you sleep. Seeing your chest rise and fall slowly calmed him down. He brushed the hair from your face and planted a kiss on your cheek. He felt guilty about yesterday. After a few minutes, you woke up. You didn't know what to say to him. He didn't know what to say to you either. 

So he didn't instead he kissed you. It surprised you but it was appreciated. Later he told you what was wrong "I'm sorry for flipping out and acting the way I did. I never knew how many guys...liked you. But you're mine! And they should know that! I want to make it known" He roughly cupped your cheeks and looked deeply into your eyes. The look in his eyes drove you crazy his look of dominance as though he'd eat you right up. He roughly kissed your lips you flung your arms around his neck. He tried to slip his tongue in your mouth. Just to tease him you denied him access. He slipped a cold hand under your shirt causing you to gasp. He took that as a chance to sneak his tongue in your mouth which he did. His tongue explored your wet cavern causing a soft groan from you. He broke the kiss leaving a string of saliva left. Your face was as red as a tomato. 

Years later you ended up having two twins. Named Okita and Otani Chiasa they had your beautiful e/c eyes. But their father's black hair Otani (the son) Had his father's soft smile while Okita (daughter) had your *hair length* h/c hair. They seemed to be the best of siblings as though nothing could come between them. They help each other with everything. Every day you hope they don't find out how you two met. To you, this was the best and only way to live. 

Submitted: March 14, 2021

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