The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey via the Akashic Record

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my soul being entered a number of akashic records in order to research certain events or people. i will be uploading the list of those persons in my next installment. this is what i can recall of her visit to the akashic record in search of the murderer of jonbenet ramsey. i cannot verify or swear to this as truth. i am reporting what i saw.

The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey - as observed via The Akashic Record


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





My Friends and Readers -


Of course this is an extremely sensitive subject.   Further, no one in an Earth Form can describe or access The Akashic Records (also known as Life Books in the Bible) - and The Record Library is known by other names.


Think of it as a Library in the Higher Planes of Heaven which contains your personal Soul History of Incarnations. To me, the “Life” records in my book appear as Liquid Crystal displays.  They also, for whatever reason, have dark lines in perpendicular formation, as if one had opened a book.


My Soul Being apparently is taking lessons in MIND, of all sorts and also, Murder.  I see I was a police officer in another Life. Since I earned my Certification in Crime Scene Evidence Collection in THIS life and had hoped to continue on to Forensics, this does not seem so far-fetched.


To observe what happened to the young lady, who was murdered by an unknown assailant or assailants, my Being and two others of her Soul Friends simply opened the book and dropped into two seats at the dinner table.  Yes, they can ALL do this. It will appear 3D.  This is how “Heaven School” teachers instruct - Souls can re-indwell their human character and even two or three or more can indwell others in certain scenes and experience or replay the scenes in order to better understand the emotions and issues involved.


Nope, not lying.   I respect your skepticism.


Sometimes they switch roles, so they can understand the point of view and emotions/actions of the other players, if I may use that term.


They wish to gain insight, knowledge, information, etc.


So for whatever reason, my Being did, in fact, drop into the “film” of the Life Record of SOME member of the Ramsey family, with or without permission, in order to watch the murder occur and ascertain the identity of the murderer.


As I have pointed out previously in other installments, alternate Timelines exist quite often - there may be Timelines/Lifestreams in which JonBenet may NOT have been murdered. There may be Timelines/Lifestreams in which someone else murdered her. Choices drive the Karma.


PMH Atwater, famous Experiencer, speaker, published writer and teacher regarding the many features and facets of Near Death Experiences, wrote that there are virtually NO accidents in this world, even murder.


You all have read my opinion on those Soul Lessons and role plays and all that ungodly activity on the part of Beings who are supposedly taught that “Only Love Matters” and “Only Love Is Real” and other such excuses for what goes on here on the Earth Plane. Or, it is also “only” a Game. God help us.


An adorable little human girl, popular in Beauty Pageants in Colorado, was killed on Christmas Day, 1996. That is enough for me to protest the idea that she was murdered simply because her Soul murdered someone in another “Life.” I just can’t let “Source” off the hook on events like this one.


So here is what I saw, via my Mind’s Eye.  We are all familiar with our Mind’s eye, where we can envision or imagine the back of our heads, ladies, when we are trying to twist up our chignon or French braid.


In no way am I making light of the seriousness of this murder. I am NOT a police officer, or forensics expert or attorney or anything ELSE but a woman who has been given, literally, the Akashic Record which shows the event. I guess it was downloaded. How would I know?  My Being manifests in my mind’s eye plenty of OTHER human beings she wanted to investigate. And I will list those in my next upload. Obviously I was not there - but my Soul Being wanted to know, since, I presume, she was not there, either.


To give details I would have to undergo Past Life Hypnotic Regression. I want to do that - only after the pandemic is over because I don’t care to be regressed via a computer which can be hacked.


JonBenet Ramsey - concise and quick read:


I understand there is some film about her murder - and endless articles. I read one article long ago. I did no research on that event back then.  Because when I read those articles, no one had been accused. Since I knew people personally who entered their young daughters in those beauty queen pageants, I am certain I found it shocking. Those beauty pageants were detestable in my opinion then, and they are equally repugnant to me today.


First of all, in the Akashic Record my Soul investigated, her brother Burke was NOT even in the room. He was not/is not guilty of the murder of his little sister. I did not read all the articles or books. I have never seen any of the movies. It was my understanding she rather depended on him for security at times.


Repeat: in the Akashic Record I observed, Burke Ramsey did NOT kill JonBenet Ramsey.


Nor did some homeless man, nor did a local pedophile.


The murder WAS an accident. This is NO WAY excuses the silence of her parents, who both witnessed the murder. They were sitting at the table with the man who DID murder her. Because of the circumstances, and I cannot imagine what sort of business was going on there, they decided to deny all of this.


What sort of man would kill a little girl? And her parents did not report him to the police *immediately*?


Nor did they ever identify him, nor talk about him.


So here is what I saw - and ONLY what I perceive from what I observe in my Mind’s Eye;


It is Christmas and very late. It is snowing. A man walks to a side door (or so it appears to be to me) at the Ramsey residence carrying a standard brown paper bag, wearing a long dark coat, a red scarf, blond-ish hair, (oddly, he has a tie part and bangs, which I don’t see on men all that often) stocky build.  Mr. Ramsey lets him in. It looks like they walk UP to a table in the living room area - not many steps, but up. They sit down at a table, rather large, like a dining room table. The man has come to share a Christmas libation with his friends, and they ALL seem to be friends.


Nothing sinister about this man, per se.  JonBenet was up and present, and I don’t know why, it seems to be rather late for a little girl. But, Christmas and all that. Everyone is tired and merely up for a late night drink with a fellow merry-maker, if you will.


There is not much on the table, some china plates, silverware and wine glasses. There IS a tall crystal candy dish or large crystal candlestick with a flat beveled or scalloped base.  Whatever it is, it is the murder weapon in question.


My POV is from the right, looking left. John Ramsey sits on the left, the guest to his right, Patsy Ramsey on the far right end. JonBenet is being teased by the guest, except at one point, he draws her into his lap and one could say, in an inappropriate manner, sticks his thumb into her mouth and moves around his thumb.  She does not like this and complains, wiggles around, wants to get down. He is indeed, quite stocky, strong and is laughing.


She bites his thumb HARD.


This man is apparently drunk and angry and surely is not in command of his senses. He shoves her off his lap, so part of her body is now under the table.  The guest was sitting very close to her father.  She is crying and frightened.


The guest grabs the candlestick (Left-handed?) and cracks it into the top or side of her head.


She screams and cries. Blood starts to pool and trickle. Her father pulls back, away from her, stunned into silence. (In such situations, I suspect most people under the spell of fatigue and libations would be similarly stunned and unable to process what was going on.)


At this point, I wish to offer an opinion, although that obscures what I actually see. People who are stunned in such circumstances go into shock, don’t process information well and her parents likely could not. Everything becomes unreal. I know, as I have been in traumatic situations of long duration.


I see her father truly can’t even understand what has happened.  I don’t see the mother well at this point. I see the guest grabs her by her upper arms and tugs her out from under the table.


She shrieks for her brother Burke, sobbing and crying and in and out of awareness.


For whatever reason, I cannot discern, the men, either the guest or her father, make haste to stand her upright and examine the wound.  She is not able to stand. The concern, I feel, is that her brother may have heard her, so they hustle her to those stairs and take her down - to where I cannot see. At first she is sort of stumbling and one of them is carrying her - over one shoulder it looks like.


What I vaguely recall about what happened next, is not related to what I see. I do not know where JonBenet Ramsey was taken. I recall she was found in a wine cellar or room. What I DO see is the three Spirits hang over top of her, silently. She is not moving. Strangely there is a bit of straw strewn around. A sheet? A towel?


I have read, or recall, her injuries were unspeakable. I do not see who did such horrific things to a little child.


So I can tell you about the guest. Not much, however who knows how long ago my Soul Being went in search of this information.


He is a sailor friend of John Ramsey, Senior. He is short, stocky, well-built and blond. They were in the Navy together or trained together. John Ramsey still went boating with him - where I do not know, in what sort of boats, I do not know. Seems to be sailboats.  I sense (only sense) he is sort of a brute, and as I just described, has a serious anger issue. But he did not intend to murder JonBenet Ramsey.


What I sort of recall is that he ultimately left. Alone. He came by car and he left by car.  I see foot prints in the light snow.


What is most appalling for me as a mother, is that the man was not reported to the police. I don’t recall if the police were called immediately, or an ambulance. Honestly - all I can tell you is what I saw in this “Vision,” a remembrance of what is stored in the Akashic Record.  My Soul friends and my Being floated down and sat at that table and watched it all. ANY BEING can do this. It is only a film, a recording.


I cannot imagine WHY on Earth, dear God, those parents did not phone the police and identify that man. He did not write that ransom letter. He did not work with John Ramsey, Senior. They were not expecting his Christmas visit.


Yet, their silence condemns them. They did not and would not have murdered their daughter. The guest did not arrive in order to kill their child.


But it happened.  There are only two reasons why they did not call the police.


The father was out of his mind with grief and shock and his wife HAD to have been. Instinctively, people go into denial. It happened fast and explosively. Such events seem unreal AND . . . and in my own case, took many years to even accept that the events were real. The human brain does what it does to protect us.


The father did not want anyone to see his daughter in such a condition, and may not have known what had been done to her.


To this day I know that man was protected. He did not answer for his crime. And the parents of JonBenet Ramsey did not reveal his presence nor his identity, even though he murdered their child.  Accident or not, it is still murder.  I cannot process what in Heaven’s Name that man must have had on them, or what vows or fraternal promises may be behind their silence.


Patsy Ramsey, God rest her, suffered from cancer and Crossed Over to God.  She’d had a long fight with cancer. They are all Souls in bodies, and will all be together one day, as Souls are after their deaths on Earth.


But mark me, her brother Burke did not kill her and would never have done so.


Hopefully after the pandemic, when I can be in the same room as my Regressionist, I can discover more information. This is all I can see in this moment.

Submitted: March 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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