Akashic Record Investigations

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My Soul Being investigated these people in the Akashic Record/Life Books. I hear they are not allowed to do this, but hey, she's an investigator!

My  Some Soul entered these Akashic Records as part of her research for her “role” as “me.”  (One may assume many Souls do this, as well.) They are her Prompts, research for Karmic Intersections or curiosity.


1) Alexander the Great


2) Yahweh


3) Jesus Christ


4) Marduk and a bit of “Enki.”


5) Julian Assange


6) Edward Snowden


7) Intense research on Hillary Clinton and briefly - Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump was not a strong option.


8) Sherry Pappini


9) JonBenet Ramsey Murdered by her father’s friend.


10) Enoch


11) Ezekial and the measuring and meaning of the Third Temple. (He was TERRIFIED of Jehovah and kept looking over his shoulder, a small, spindly man, basically “on Death’s Row.)

And Jehovah, Jehovah was there. A tall, huge man, ferocious looking, Middle Eastern Noble appearance, somber, serious.


12) The Future of America 2010 and “The Internet of Things.”


13) My future at Parsley Avenue - but my Soul Plan was hacked and corrupted. Nothing worked out the way *I* wanted it to, and a Demon Indweller turned my life into a horrorshow of momentous proportions.


14) Her activities as a Soul while I am asleep - (some fantastic, what a gift!)


15) Satan (Maratona) what his name means, what the Earth Game REALLY is.


16) Denucan teaching Negative Polarity students.


17) Entire program from Welby involving DV


18) Walking around *** Dr. Woodland Hills, CA with three other Beings, examining the house.


19) My Soul and Love came down in a Bubble-like transportation vehicle and floated along Welby Way checking out the houses.


20) A. R. Bordon (As I, as a Soul sought him out to question him about something, He took off on what looked like a moving sidewalk (conveyor-like - looks Astral) and said he was busy and in the middle of getting a divorce. This man is really Roy Gordon, a man of questionable reputation. (He claimed to be a member of a secret consortium of Aliens/ ET and Human Beings)


21) Anunnaki in General “I came to demythologize the Anunnaki.”  Saw Enki.  My Soul knows Marduk and she researched him in a human form in the Akashic Record.


22) Talking to Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, sort of consulting them, and later I saw my Being worked for them in the Astral, something to do with researching for them in the Realm of Light PodCasts and research. I have never met them in person on the Earth Plane.


23) Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and the important role Hackers will play in the future, when there will be no clear boundaries between countries or even states, instead we will be divided up into Sectors, protected by these Hacker/Portal Guardians, because the Internet is too unwieldy and The Internet of Things ensures people live in homes 100% “wired” - or wireless, connected all the time - there can be NO meltdown of the System Operations.


24) Images in my mental recall of working at CFS, while somehow my vision was intruded upon by what looked like research on an iPad (Did not exist in the 80s when I was employed as a draftsman at CFS in Columbia, MD.) about Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Groups. I had NO idea what an iPad was, she also researched A.R. Gordon (“Fifteen” at NSA).I have many such intrusive “video clips” or vague “little movies” going on for years. I now recognize a number of those persons, who are HUMAN.  This is some class of Mind Control experiment. I was chosen along with hundreds, perhaps thousands of others back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even the 1980s to be USED by our government for those projects and others. Disgusting!

Submitted: March 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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