A Gentleman's Gentleman

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

I started out this story thinking it was going to be a murder mystery. Things don't always go as expected.

As this scene opens, we see a Knight in polished armor handsomely perched on a stunning white horse.

The wind is lightly blowing, just enough to cause his golden locks to gently move with every whimsical breeze.

Perched with a helmet under his left arm and his lance, vertical, in the right, he looks the perfect image of masculinity.

Females, among others, swoon at the sight of him.

We are seeing a Fragrance Commercial for a leading After-Shave and the man on the white horse is Allegro.


As with all great male models, Allegro has only one name and it means, "Quick and Bright."

But I'm afraid Allegro is neither one of those. Quite frankly he is slow witted and takes forever to make a decision.

Unfortunately, when decisions come they are not always the best of choices. And that is why Allegro hired me!

I am Ricardo Byzantine, and I am Allegro's personnel Valet, his Gentleman's Gentleman. But not only that, I am his guide to lasting success! And Allegro's success is my opportunity to maintain a life style to which I am loving.

I could have had a number of other positions with the rich and famous, but I am not one who enjoys outfitting my Gentleman for a day of golf. Nor does it excite me to plan my Master's day of Fox Hunting or Garden Parties. No, give me a Rock Star or a fashion model anytime. They travel you see, they are akin to the globe trotters and jet-setters, but they do it because of their jobs.

Allegro's annual salary is nearing the seven figure mark, and that does not include income from signature franchises and copywriter ownerships.

What I liked about Allegro was the amount of traveling he is required to do, a photo shoot in Paris today. Then off to Milan, Genoa, and ending in Florence, Italy, before the week is out. It is exhausting but we love it!

Another thing about Allegro, I like his regeneration times. After such an exhausting week of work and travel, Allegro hibernates.

He picks a place where he can hide, where no-one knows him. Then I rent a house or a villa, hire servants for a whatever time he can stay hidden, usually two weeks, and arrange provisions to be delivered.

Next, I outfit Allegro like the local natives dress; complete with hats to hide his hair, then he blends-in and chills.

During Allegro's Chill Time, I go site-seeing, vacations if you will. It's wonderful!


Well, it was at the end of just such a vacation when my dream job suddenly came to a chilling end. At least that is what I thought was going to happen when I arrived at Allegro's Malibu beach-house and found a very dead young woman on the bedroom floor.

I thought to myself, "Allegro just flew in from New Zealand and has only been here for two days, how could such a thing happen in such a short time?" Then I thought about who I was talking about, and I laughed.

Allegro was asleep in the bed. And from the amount of empty tequila bottles scattered around the house, I'd say Allegro would have slept for days if I had permitted it.

I was beside myself with grief, my dream job was about to end all because of one dead woman; someone I didn't even know. How could she be so disrespectful?


I checked the body for vitals, and while doing so I noticed that Rigor Mortis had set in.

Luckily the body was in the fetal position, I say that because I had began to form a plan to save Allegro from "The Tabloids" and their career ending front page lies, and thus, save my own job in the process.

Quickly I wrapped the woman in the bed comforter and once wrapped, I dragged the combined lump into another bedroom's closet.

Then I roused Allegro from his bed and saw to it that he managed to get into the shower. Briefly, I asked Allegro about house guests and he said something about a party down the beach. He couldn't remember much else.

A Bloody-Mary and a Vitamin-B shot took the edge off Allegro's hangover. And after getting him into some clothes he was ready for his afternoon Shooting in Beverly Hills; at least I hoped he was.


After Allegro left I dragged the comfort covered body from the closet, down the hall, through the kitchen, and out the side door of the house.

Luckily my car is a hatchback, and I had backed it into the driveway; pulling a vehicle out onto busy Pacific Coast Highway can be hazardous.

With the car's body concealing what I was doing from anyone on the street, loading the body, her clothing, and her purse was a snap.

Part "A" of Plan "A" was complete, it was time for Part "B" to come into play.


I called a little motel down the road, one I used to frequent some time back.

I reserved a room for a two days stay. I used the woman's smart phone to sign in and her credit card to pay. Her room-key app made it easy to receive a digital key. When I arrived, I backed my car up to the door, and after the coast was clear I unloaded the body into the motel room. Soon after that, I moved my car from the doorway parking place to another spot.

To further confuse the situation for the police, I called for a pizza to be delivered.

When the pizza delivery guy showed up, I answered the door in the motel's white terrycloth robe and I had rubbed cold-cream on my face. And of course, I had my hair wrapped in a bath-towel, just as if I was the lady and had exited the shower.

I paid the man in cash and gave him a large tip so he would be sure to remember the lady in room #17 that tipped well.

At that point I was still unaware of what killed this pretty young woman, maybe a drug overdose. Who Knew?

There were no cuts or bruises, or visible blood stains on the naked body. I even checked her arms and between her toes, there were no needle marks of any kind.

At that time, the death seemed very strange.

After the pizza-guy left, I turned the TV volume way up and waited until management came to complain.

Then I used my girl voice to apologize for the sound level while speaking through a slightly opened door. The manager went away after I turned the sound down, believing the woman in the room was alive and hard of hearing.

Part "B" of Plan "A" was done.


In the days to come, I watched the media and checked for news of the dead woman. And sure enough, after three days a report of a dead woman, Ms. Darling Carlin, was found at that motel.

Two more days passed and the media said that Darling Carlin had died of a genetic condition characterized by rapid heart "Quivers" instead of a normal heart rhythm. The woman may have never known she had a problem until it was too late.

I have to say that I was relieved that foul play was not involved in the young woman's death. And given what I now know, I do believe I would call the police if anything like this were to happened in the future.

There was a moment of silence, then Ricardo Byzantine said, "I am still confused as to how you found me and knew what I did. I had been so crafty and careful. Where did I go wrong?

Detective Simon Stuntmen replied, "Cameras, Mr. Byzantine, we just looked at the motel parking-lot camera footage and saw your car parked in front of the room in question. It was easy to see you and that you were moving something into the room, something heavy.

We accessed traffic cameras along Pacific Coast Highway and back-traced until we saw your vehicle leaving Allegro's Malibu address.

Then after canvassing the neighborhood we discovered that Ms. Darling Carlin was seen at a beach party and left with Allegro on the night before her estimated death.

Camera footage from the street across from Allegro's home shows no-one entering or leaving that residence until you arrived in your car the next day."


Mr. Byzantine chuckled a little and then said, "I guess I'm around cameras so much I don't notice them anymore."

Detective Stuntmen asked, "Is this written statement the whole truth as far as your memory recalls, Mr. Byzantine?

Mr. Byzantine's legal counsel leaned to his left and whispered something to the defendant, Mr. Byzantine.

"Yes it is," Ricardo Byzantine stated without so much as an eye blinking.

Then the Los Angeles District Attorney leaned forward and pointed to two places on the affidavit needing signatures and dates. That Is when she said, "With your signatures and dates added, you are waving your right to trial and will be given two years probation with 80 hours of community service; the judge is in agreement. Do you understand?"

Ricardo Byzantine replied, "Yes," and then signed the document.


"You are free to go," The Detective said.


Once again, Ricardo Byzantine was a free man.

And surprisingly his employer, Allegro, was so taken by Ricardo's willingness to go to any lengths to protect him, he gave Ricardo an added bonus.

After the judge made the Plea-agreement final, it was off to England for Allegro and his Valet, Ricardo.


And once there we will see a Knight in polished armor handsomely perched on a stunning white horse, the wind will be lightly blowing, causing Allegro's golden locks to gently move with every whimsical gust.

Perched with helmet under his left arm and his lance, vertical, in the right, he will be the perfect image of masculinity.

But don't be deceived, behind the handsome man on the white horse is his Valet, his Gentleman's Gentleman, the guy in the hatch-back Mustang.



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: March 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

It keeps getting harder to hide bodies.

Mon, March 15th, 2021 1:34pm


Meat grinders are always good, but then there is all that sawing one has to do to get the parts to the right size. LOL --- Been watching too many cop shows; I hope.

Mon, March 15th, 2021 3:07pm

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