shadows of the indian reservation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

a photographer travels to an indian reservation for his next project. he starts taking photos, but there are only shadows in the places where people should have been. are the people real or are they something else

Chapter 1

Receiving The  Assignment 
Hi, I’m going to tell you the story of strange events that happened at our local Indian reservation.  It all started when Mr. Feldman called my mom and ask if she would take a job taking pictures of a local Indian reservation. 

"Ring… ring. Mom the phone is for you." 
“Pooka Bear how do you know it’s for me?” My mom said walking to the phone.

“Hello, ooh hi Mr. Feldman, how, are you today? Oh, that’s great to hear. Wait you got a job for me but I don’t work for you. I know what people say but I don’t think I’m the best person to take pictures for the newspaper. Oh, I see you’re not taking no as an answer. Well, then I guess I’ll do it.
“So, Mr. Feldman wants you to take pictures for the newspaper?”
“Yep saying you bring the past ghost to the light.”
Mom shakes her head and walks away. Everyone in town believes I have a connection to the supernatural. Maybe but that’s for you to decide. I walk up to my mom and ask

“So when do we take the pictures? “
“We got to do it today so I’ll make our lunch then we can go”. 
We had our lunch and we walked down to Mr. Feldman’s office which is a local newspaper building. It’s just an old grocery store turned into the newspaper office.  It has Ash Gray walls. One desk and it’s Mr. Feldman's he a is only one who works here he usually has a high school student take the pictures. Mr. Feldman himself looks like he’s becoming one of the furniture. He’s 50 years old short black hair with brown eyes that so big they look like a golf ball.  He’s got a black mustache with a goatee. 

We walked in the door chimed when walkthrough it. Me. Feldman sigh and slumped down in his chair.

" come over here, I'm going to speak only once so no question comments until I'm done. The camera I loan you has a screen on it. You take a picture then look at the screen and then repeat until you got lots of good ones I can choose from. You don't drive so I hired a man in the Indian reservation to take there and back only. When you are done you come back here a soon as you are done."

With that, he handed my mom the camera. She gave me the camera and told me to wait outside for her. I walked outside I seen a tall man with long black and gray hair with few white streaks. He was standing next to a Jeep. I walked up to him and asked if he's the one taking us to the renovation. He looked down at me and said

" Please don't tell me he's sending you alone, little one"

I laughed and told him my mom is coming she is inside the office. He sighed with relief. He told his name was Maddox  "little voice" Kenny. My mom came out of the office. I yelled to her.

" Mom over here this is Maddox he's taking us to the spot, come on".

Chapter 2

What happened?

 We got to the reservation in no time flat. We got out I had the camera still. Before we could take a step we heard someone tell us to stop.

" All of you stop right there you have no right to be here." 

Maddox and my mom both told her we here to take pictures of the reservation.

" I don't care you need to leave now or I'll call the cops." The women respond

Maddox told her that we got permission from everyone here to have their picture taken today. The women still want to argue with Maddox. My mom told me it might be a while and to go play until we get this resolved.

I walked off toward's the woods. The adults were so busy arguing that did not notice me going into the woods. I looked around when a fox with golden-orange fur and white paws came up to me. 

" oh hi, their little fox aren't you cute. My name is Marley what's your name?" 

The fox turned and started to walk away. The fox turned its head back at me then to the woods. I asked if it wanted me to follow. It looked at me like was trying to say yes this way.

I followed the fox deep into the woods. After a while, we came upon a clearing. I saw longhouses and people dressed up in old clothing. Women were hand weaving. Ponies we're by a stream drinking. 

Thank you fox I can take pictures of people for my mom". 

The fox curled up and laid in the sun while I took a picture of the people. The people did not pay attention to me or fox. 

We got to get back fox before my mom worries about me, ok."

The fox got up started to walk back. I followed the fox it led me right to the edge of the woods. I could see my mom still arguing with women. I ran up to her. 

"Hey, mom".

She looked down at me and said 

" oh hi, Pooka Bear it looks like we can't take the pictures."

Maddox and my mom walked back to the car they looked defeated. We all got in the jeep. That's when I pulled out the camera. 

"Look mom I took pictures of the people on the reservation." 

My mom asked how did I get the pictures. I told her the whole story and gave her the camera. She looked but said there was nothing but shadows. I looked I couldn't believe where the people were are now shadows. I couldn't understand what happened. My mom said maybe it's the effect of the sun or something. I just shook my head.

Maddox drove us back. We thanked him for taking us. My mom went in to talk to Mr. Feldman I stood outside. Maddox asks me if the story was true. I looked up at him and said yes why. He said maybe you took pictures of past shadows. With that, he got his jeep and left.

Chapter 3


So that's what happened. Mr. Feldman gave me copies of the picture. He asked if wanted to write my story in the newspaper. I told him I want to come up with my own section for the newspaper. He said give me a really good story and you got it. 

As for the fox, I met on my trip. It was waiting for me on my picnic table outside. I just knew the fox was here to stay with me. My mom made me and my friend Oakwood some sandwiches. I told him all about my adventure and what me. Feldman said. He thinks it might be ok as long people keep an open mind. Well, all for now. I come back and tell you more about my adventures and maybe next I'll give some ok my storey.


Submitted: March 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 EmmyShullenberger. All rights reserved.

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