A Fractured Paradise

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Adyta was a place unlike any other. Knowledge from another world could have made it the fiercest empire in history, but the king was too kind for that. Four friends prospered within this beautiful city, even as one went to fight. It was not any one particular enemy to fight, however, as ignorance, fear and a sense of superiority can destroy even the most glorious of places.

Table of Contents

Summer Day

“Gather children, it’s time I told you the history of our people.”  Caeli, Larissa, Darius and young Prince Maximus raced ... Read Chapter

Chapter One

The scent of thick iron carried upon a warm breeze. Swords clanged, muffling the cries of battle. Get back. Caeli sent five assailants ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Caeli woke to the orange glow of the rising sun. She stretched, her back and neck cracking. What should i eat for breakfast? Walking to h... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

  I can’t believe Darius backed out last minute.  There was an uncomfortable energy within the room. Caeli sat nex... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Caeli followed the sweet notes of a flute echoing from the main hall. She entered, greeted by a room filled with joy. The king and quee... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

A sense of duty and a wave of nausea washed over Caeli. She took a knelt and bowed her head. All of us? But Maximus isn’t supposed to l... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Torchlight danced inside the glistened eyes of Larissa. Caeli pulled her close. "I'll be back before you know it."   "You ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

“Dearest Lady, ruler of the night, we ask for your protection. Dearest Lady, guide us with your light, keep our home from destruction. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Caeli appeared to Marcellus’s left, her blow blocked with a grin. “Even cheating I seem incapable of placing a scratch on you.” She... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Water?  "My dearest, rest your head. Safe now, in your bed. In the glow of Water?  "My dearest, rest your head. Saf... Read Chapter

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