Aliens, ET and Craft - What I Know About Them

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Well! It's what I know!

Aliens ET and Craft - The Truth As I know It To Be


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





As I continue scribing this evening, I feel the need for a vermouth.


Poor me, I do not drink alcoholic beverages and it is too late for coffee.


V8 for sure.


Now I will address a topic of great and enduring interest to scads of Humans. I realize this tale will disappoint many of them.


Be that as it may, Miss Kern does not have the full knowledge base regarding Aliens, ET and craft. So, proceed with that understanding.


My Being appears to have a number of Incarnations as a Space Being, to be all cute about that.  I have recall of numerous craft.


If I see a School Bus entering Earth Space, I KNOW it is really a craft full of new or returning students.


The truth of your Soul and MANY “demons,” “Angels,” “Aliens,” “Extra-Terrestrials” is that they are NOT VERY BIG when compared to US.


Bear this in mind. No matter the horror flick or Sci-Fi fantasy book or movie, the typical Alien and ET, Demon and Angel - are truly very small.


That includes Satan, who will not love me for advising you all of his Greatest Deception.


Your Typical Soul Student is about 4” high.  I like to think of them as Batteries.


The largest Angel I have ever seen had a wing span of about 4 feet to 7 feet wing span. Some much smaller.  I have seen demons in the Astral who appear quite tall on Earth and are NOT.  I see Astral overlays, and what I perceive to be tall or large almost always is not.


Souls are just SMALL.  Demons look like wires with stations for tiny resistors when they possess poor Human Hosts. I use God Mind royal blue and snatch them right out like a string of ugly lights.


Yes! I really do!  I can quote scripture if that makes you feel better about these abusive little jerks.


Despite their tiny appearance, Souls pack a lot of power, mental force and ditto for all the other Beings.


Remember what I taught You All - Souls are trained in their Heavenly Domain how to take over Human Brains, the better to use us as puppets.


Think on that.


Why else study Mind Control?  Why else use it to control the Human Population? Got to have their Game, don’t you know.


As much as I ADORE Yahweh, I still think of Him as Papa, as He made me and my family originally when he was still fairly young.  He imagines and creates all manner of Beings! I secretly think of Him at The Toy Maker but do not tell Him that.


He really IS The Maker of Man!


Other Beings create other types of Being, however Souls prefer Humans to inhabit and steer around their Karmic Plot.


My original family is white - not Light Beings. Just White, Bisque-colored Beings He loved very much. I find them beautiful, sort of Albinoid, which should surprise no one who knows what He looks like.


I think of the original Barbie and Ken and I chuckle because someone at Mattel must surely know *something.*  We were about that tall!


I still think of Him as Papa.  He was young and liked to indulge us and take care of us. No, I am being serious.


The Toy Maker grew up to be a Maker of Universes and may I say, He is Glorious.  I am prejudiced, of course.


Be that as it may, when he was ready to move on to the next Invention, He found places where His latest Beings could live and be happy. So he placed us on Aldebaron, which is why, oddly enough, most of my closest friends and connections have AL as the first two letters of their names. I often wondered about that!


My Being has been other Beings, to be sure.


Your Soul is not even as tall as our Original Beings!


I think of the Uni sparkling with Lit Up Nits and Flies and Butterflies and Dragonflies - and we Humans cannot detect them, due to their high vibration and minute size.


Yes, this includes the dreaded Reptilians, who are, well, small, too.


Souls incarnate on endless dimensions, in endless Forms and sometimes they are Reptilians and sometimes they are Aldebarons and sometimes they are You-Name-It. So Souls are not “Aliens” they play Aliens.


They are not Reptilians, they play in Reptilian Form.  Etc.


When I read that astronauts saw craft and space vehicles and Aliens, I am not sure what they were seeing.


Souls tell me there are NO Aliens walking around the Earth, nor are their Extra-Terrestrials, either.


The Pyramids were built by SOULS who possessed that knowledge in advance, indwelled bodies and built them, just as they had already done in the Astral, where most of their test studies and rehearsal platforms and whatever else they dream up is located FIRST.  Then they sneak their designs and paintings, books and whatever else into our sticky, nasty, lower vibrational Earth. Astral is kind of R and D, right?


So, Virginia, there are no Aliens, only Souls in Alien forms.  I read some Souls liked their plane(t) so much and their Form so greatly, they found a way to avoid the Realm of Source and the daft and dull schooling they might encounter therein, so they create their OWN bodies and just hop from one to another.


My Barbie body def needs a new bathing suit.


Speaking of Souls, who can know whatever they WANT to know, just by wanting with attention and intention, have tremendous brain power.  Since they are about 4” small on Earth, in our Human bodies, why can’t WE access their source for all knowledge? It is not fair.


See where this is leading? They want to use Earth as a SCHOOL, so they can have a School Play or Adventure, or Game - but first they have to control the pesky Human Brain by . . . wiring up to us in whatever way they have learned to do in the Great Up There.


They must arrange everything to suit their agendas, good or bad.  WE would never have picked these Lives, for Crikey’s sake!


If we found out they were reallllly tiny, we could mayyyybe, overwhelm their Intention and Attention system and take back our Ideas about Peaceful, Calm and Tranquil states of Mind and enjoy our Lives.


I presume that at their core, oh, yes, Souls are like Little Cell Phones and are “made” and are sort of A.I.  I am rather sure of that, however I cannot prove it without having nightmares all night begrudging me, the stupid Human Ape my Soul stole for her agenda. How else does one get that kind of computing power into a Being 4” tall? Not to mention, as I have oft repeated - they are mostly fireflies because that is what Source IS.  A Source of Energy It constantly recycles through Incarnations until they are clean enough energy to suck back into Its head.


Yahweh does not look like a Bug to ME, but that’s just me.  And He gives and produces Energy, not recycles Energy.  I do NOT like how obsessed Souls are with Energy, since I have never had any, but it seems to be the Coin of All Realms.


Yahweh is the Maker of Mankind and any NDEr who tries to convince me that it is The Source who created All That Is will find me exceedingly wroth.


Yahweh is the Maker of Man and plenty of OTHER BEINGS and whatever ELSE He decides to make.  Period!


A Being like Yahweh might be fairly large, as Source’s Souls report some of their Authorities and those in the Higher Octaves are VERY large.  A matter of Energy and Intelligence, I suspect.


So fear no demons, find a good Exorcist, who will raise the Cross (and they know just what that means, trust me) and quote scripture and yell, (and the dark energy bugs hate that) and cast them OUT. Sometimes it takes hours to expel or cast out demons, for some reason. Italian priests who have been casting out demons for their entire lives, conclude the sacred Rite with the Possessed person simply producing a cough or the person spits a bit.


No matter what the method, demons are NOT that big and it should not take so long to yank them.  There are a number or rituals or methods of expelling them, and a host of Lore regarding the process.  Fear and loathing and terror and horror - when they are not as tall as my cat toy.


I can SEE them and I yank them OUT. They “sound” loud because like many Beings they can amplify their voices.  Don’t let their high tech junk Vibration creation fool you.  REAL Exorcists yell even louder.  I’ll wager there are not too many Deliverance Ministers who know what I just told you.


Demons are clever, neh?


There are many sorts and varieties of demons and angels and Beings of all persuasions milling about.  Most of which will not top the top of your Nikes.


The last time I noted a Vision of some of my family returning to Aldebaron, the craft was half the size of my bed width! And there were about a dozen of us in there AND the various cases.  Years ago my Being flew to Aldebaron to see if any of us were left and a few were - a small community, mostly empty. Some sort of virus wiped us out, if you can believe that.


Some Light Beings might be able to fly at the speed of Light, so why wouldn’t what they say be true? That there is no Time or Space - and Heaven is right here or right there or wherever they think it is.

Time is only a function of Space, right?


If you are moving at the Speed of Light, you will perceive that you are NOT MOVING.


I guess they think they never left their Heavenly Home. Most NDErs turn their head and BLAMMO, there they are in the tunnel or hit Home running.


Souls live in NOW time.  So the “Be Here Now” mentally, to be all New Age about the subject at hand.  That is All There Is, really. Thus, they think their Human Life lasted 2.5 hours run time, even if they died at 91 years of age.


I do not care what Form they take on, Souls are the Beings Present, not Aliens, ET or whatever else.


Once, there might have been the Tall Whites, who are even taller than we are, typically, and very beautiful and quite thin.  Quite Albino looking. I would not bother them, if you know what I mean. They have their own culture and places to live. I am not sure if they are still stopping by the Earth Plane(t).


Sorry to all of the Ufologists and people included to hunt the skies for craft. They are there, loads of them. You may not ever see them, though. Much less photograph them!








Submitted: March 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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