The Truth About David Haresnape

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

You can use your illusions, let them take you where they may.
We live and learn and then sometimes it's best to walk away.

David Cale and Kyree Rose. There's more to the story of what happened to David Haresnape.

This is the story that your Mom and grandparents don't want you to read.


Your lives weren't always what they may have said they were.

And no, I can't know everything Carla, Mimi and Papa have told you.

But I do know everything they've said and done to your father for all these years.


Now I understand your hesitation and doubt when it comes to hearing something negative about your mom and your grandparents.

But understand that there's nothing for me to gain by telling you and showing you what the rest of us know.

Understand also that you must first realize that your father never wanted to leave you guys.

But that he was forced to in a horrific and criminal way by the people around you.

Furthermore, as this story goes, you'll see your mom's motive and desire to separate you from your father to cover up her mistakes.


I know for me personally it's easy to look back on my childhood and remember bits and pieces.

I'm sure if you do the same you'll remember the times spent with your father. That he was around, and you all were happy. 

Kyree, whether it was just you and him climbing a ladder to sit on the roof together and watch the cars drive by.

Or David Cale, maybe it was playing catch in the yard where your Dad would throw the football straight up in the air as high as he could...and you'd catch it every time.

Your Dad was there. He was always there. And I was there too. With all of you.

Kyree Rose, you used to crawl or walk up to your Dad, raise your arms, and say "up".

Your Dad carried you everywhere. He picked you up Everytime.

He told me he liked having you in his arm, right next to him because he felt safe when you were close by.

Like the bad people of the world couldn't get to him or hurt him as long as you were around. But then you were gone.


And David Cale, he taught you everything.

Everything he said, everything he did and every minute he was around you was a lesson.

He was teaching. And you may not have known it at the time, but you were soaking it up.

You were a sharp kid. Very bright.

I remember your Dad had to change out the motor in the dishwasher.

You took the working motor off another dishwasher and installed it on the one in the kitchen. And you got it running.

By yourself. 

You were always such a capable kid. You were good at everything you did or tried.

Hell, you learned to drive an electric 4-wheeler shortly after you learned to walk. And now you're gone too.

Try and imagine what it's like for your Dad to not be allowed to see or talk to you because your mom won't allow it. Because she doesn't want you to know the truth.


But Kyree, you didn't come here to read an old story about you and your brother. You came here to find out the other side of the story regarding your Dad.


Well, it was 2012. 

9 years ago. So that would make you 4 years old and getting ready to turn 5.

My account of this story comes from being there, or having your Dad confide in me about certain events and even some paperwork in the court system that I've seen first-hand and will try and load here or point you in the right direction to obtain it yourself.

But anyhoo, it was 2012.


Your Mom had been gone all evening again and you and your brother were home with your Dad as usual.

Your mom got home late. You kids were already asleep. She told your Dad that she forgot to buy milk on the way home so he could have a glass before work.

So she went to the store to buy it. And 35 minutes later she returned. Eventually your parents went to bed and the next morning came as it always does.

But the fact that it took your mom 35 minutes to go get milk the night before kept weighing on your Dad.

So, your Dad, being suspicious of your mom and her behavior decided to log into her cell phone records online.

That 35 minutes that your mom was gone buying milk?

Well 33 of those minutes were spent by her talking on the phone to a phone number your Dad knew all too well.


He decided not to say anything to her about it. He asked me for my thoughts on it. Finally he decided he would let it be. Say nothing about what he saw.

But he decided to keep digging. To see what else he could learn about your mom's activities.

Your Mom would go out. She'd leave you kids at home with your Dad. Eventually your Dad decided he'd look for her where he thought she would be.

And she would be there, at his house. A person we all know too well.


Finally your Dad couldn't take the lying anymore.

He gathered everything he had about your mom's lies and activities and confronted her about it.

She got mad at him and told him she was taking you guys and leaving.

Basically she was having sex with another man that whole time while your Dad and her were still married and together.

Most people in this world call that cheating.

Most people find it to be despicable behavior.

Your mom, on the other hand, found it to be acceptable behavior by her. And figured the best course of action was to take you and your brother away from your Dad and the home you knew and grew up in because it would be easier on her.

That way she could feel good about all the bad she had done.

Justify it somehow.

Tell you and your brother that your Dad was a bad guy and that she had to take you away.

That way she could feel better about cheating and blame your Dad for everything all at the same time. And anything she told you, you would believe because you were only with her now. She had cut you and your father apart to control the story she told.


Your Dad was devastated, Kyree.

He had never been through anything like that before.

He couldn't believe your mom would do that to him.

Couldn't believe that she could just take you and your brother out of his life like he never existed.

He loved you guys. He still loved your mom even after everything she had said and done.

You and David Cale meant everything to him and she used you guys like pawns in a game of chess.

Like nobody's thoughts or feelings mattered but hers. And as long as she got what she wanted then she could justify it because she was happy.


But your Dad wasn't happy. He was heartbroken.

He spent more time with and around you and your brother than anyone else. And if you think about it, you'll realize it's true. He played a big part in your life and your mom took you from him.

He lost his best friend in David Cale, and his little girl in you. His protector.

He lost his wife, his friends, his family and his kids all in a matter of days.

It fell like dominos.

Your mom said bad things about your Dad that weren't true, but you, your brother, your grandma and grandpa and your dad's friends all believed it because she said it.


Have you ever lost someone that you cared about Kyree?

Have you ever had someone else's hurtful words hurt you?

Then you know the feeling if you have.

Like if there was a boy at school that you liked, but your mom didn't want you to be around him. And she told you lies about him, or she told him lies about you. Or she moved you away so you couldn't be with him anymore.

You'd be hurt. Heartbroken.

And you might never know that your mom is the one who ruined it all.

She might just tell you it was his fault.

Now that's horrible isn't it?

I wouldn't want to call someone like that my friend. I wouldn't think I could trust someone who spreads lies about other people that I like.


But she did and surely she still does. But at the time, your Dad never gave up.

He would call and text and email your mom and ask to see you and your brother.

He'd come by Mimi and papa's house and try and see you, but nobody would let him.

They hid you guys from him. They kept lying to him.

He went to court. Asked judges and attorneys for help, but your mom had all the money, and she had you guys. So nobody would listen to your Dad or help him.

He had to fight to be in your lives by himself. And I think he did a great job. But he still failed.

The deck was stacked against him and so we're the false accusers.

Eventually he just gave up. The pain and hurt inside him made him feel like you guys would be better off without him.

He thought you and your brother no longer lived him because nobody would stand up for your Dad to help him see you guys.


And wouldn't you know it. Just when your dad couldn't try or cry anymore, 2 people broke into that house where he was and beat him with a baseball bat.

Stabbed him 5 times with a knife.

Broke countless bones in his body, smashed his face, threw him through the front window of that house that you guys grew up in and then told him to stay away from you and your brother.


And if you can sit there and read that, Kyree, and still not realize that your mom sent those people to hurt your Dad.....then quit reading this.

Because you've been brainwashed and your too far gone.

I'll bet there are many days when you aren't happy and you don't know why.

I bet David Cale has spent many years not being able to smile, and you don't know why.

Well I do. And so do many other people. But your mom doesn't want you to know these things.


The next time you walk into that kitchen, just remember that's where they took a baseball bat to your dad's body.

And the next time you see your mom in the living room, just remember that's where those 2 people stabbed him with a knife.

And when you walk by that big window next to the front door, think about the force it took for two people to throw your dad through that glass.


He's fine by the way. Physically fit as always. Stabbed 5 times and he's still breathing. Living proof there's a God if you need a reason.


But he was never the same mentally and emotionally after that.

How many people would be?

He got out of the hospital and eventually tried to go see David Cale up at school.

And David Cale, he regrets coming up there to see you.

He knows it scared you and that's not what he wanted.

He just wanted to show you that he was alive and ok.

That he was still thinking about you guys and trying to be a part of your life.

But your mom wasn't making it easy.


And honestly guys, there's more to show and tell.

Much more. Remember, this was all in 2012.

But I'm not going to sit here and write all of this out if you don't even want to hear it.

So the ball is in your court.

You decide.

If you want the rest. Or you want some questions answered, then let me know.


Submitted: March 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Haresnape3. All rights reserved.

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