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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The most generic action story ever!

Jack Smith, a hulking clean cut man of six foot and 200 pounds strapped his haness on as the chopper buzzed over the white house. There had been an intersection lead by the evil Dr. Cruelman and his band of extremist thugs. The president's condition was unknown but he was thought to be alive. Other then a few small fires that had broken out due to several shootouts, the structure of the White House seemed to be mostly intact. There was however one major problem: There was the threat of a bomb.

In the chopper, Jack Smith was prepared to jump into the roof of the White House.

"I'm going in!" Actionman said as he strapped on his harness.

"Be careful Actionman!" His pilot, Skipper yelled.

"You know me!" Actionman reliped.

"I was afraid you'd say that!" Skipper said with a half grin.

With that, Actionman fired a cable from a harpoon gun and grappled it to the roof. With a yell, Action man zipped down the cable and landed hard on the roof. Almost immediately, extremist thugs came at him with guns blazing. Actionman pulled out two rapid fire pistols and began to dispatch one evil thug after another. A swarm of men sprayed bullets towards him, but with quick maneuvering, Actionman proved as always that he was too much for the men. Within moments, the roof of the White House was silent except for the sound of a few bullet shells hitting the ground.

When he saw that all was clear, Actionman rushed to the stair doors, and kicked the door down with a powerful and swift thrust.

After cleaning himself, he jumped down several flights of stairs in a near superhuman fashion, and continued through the next door.

Now he was in the White House itself, and just as Actionman proceeded through a hallway, another wave of gun carrying goons came menacingly towards him. Another long and brutal shootout ensued, and just as Actionman was nearly out of ammo, he looked over to see a man wearing a grenade vest. He was outnumber yet again so only one idea came to his mind. He fired at the grenades on his vest and blew him up, taking several of thier guys out.

Actionman grinned with relief as he took time to draw his mini machine gun. He made his way closer towards the oval office through the smoke filled hallway. Then as he got into a large room between halls, several men surrounded Actionman yet again. This was more then he could handle, but it wasn't the first time. It was time for a move he called the ballet of death.

Just about 20 men where about to end him, he begun the ballet of death! He began to spin around rapidly and scream as he fired his automatic machine guns in all directions. It was too fast for the men who all dropped before they could fire a single round! Finally all of the men where dead! There was only one thing left: Rescue the president! The oval office was just ahead!

He kicked the door hard again and walked in to see the president tired to a chair and gagged. Behind him was the evil mastermind himself; Dr. Cruelman. Around his chest was strapped a bazooka, and a machine gun. On his back, he had a what appeared to be a jetpack. In one hand was a pistol, and in the other was a large machete.

"Actionman!" Dr. Cruelman said with disgust.

"This ends today Dr. Cruelman!"

"Does it? Or is this just the beginning?" Dr. Cruelman snapped.

Actionman held up his gun and stepped forward as Dr. Cruelman raised his machete towards the presidents neck.

"Stay where you are and drop your weapon... or the head of state...BECOMES THE HEADLESS OF STATE!" Dr. Cruelman yelled as he pressed his machete against the presidents neck.

Actionman dropped his weapons as he froze in place. "What now?" He inquired, "Are you gonna kill us both?"

"Of course I'm going to kill you!" Dr. Cruelman sneered with a grin, "But not like this! You see Actionman, I wanted you to make it this far! I wanted to have the pleasure of killing you myself!"

"You sure fooled me after having 50 of your men fire at me!"

"Oh that?" Dr. Cruelman said as he laughed. "When you arrived I ordered my men to switch to their secondary weapons...guns that unbeknownst to them only contained blanks!"

A look of realization came over Actionman as Dr. Cruelman continued.

"Yes my friend, you just took out 50 defenseless men!" Dr. Cruelman's smile widened as Actionman realized what he had done. "Your no hero! You're a murderer!" Dr. Cruelman laughed intensely with bulging eyes as Actionman's face turned from shock to utter disgust!

Dr. Cruelman put up his weapons and drew his bazooka.

"Well, it's time to die folks!" Dr. Cruelman said as he pointed the bazooka at Actionman.

"You'll kill us all with that thing!" Action man said with concern.

"Oh you dont think I would destroy you with a weapon made by someone else do you?" Dr. Cruelman said with a half grin. "No! I will have the full glory of your demise! Below the president's desk is a bomb!"


"Yes! A bomb of my own design! By now you should have about five minutes to live! Finnally! The death of my greatest rival is within grasp and as a bonus, I will plunge this weak nation into chaos! From the ashes, I will rise as leader, and rule supreme!" Dr. Cruelman laughed with bulging eyes as he raised his bazooka into the air and blew a hole into the ceiling. Dr. Cruelman dropped his bazooka, and fired his jetpack while the president and Actionman choked on the dust from the collapsed roof.

"Goodbye Actionman... forever!" Dr. Cruelman yelled as he flew away into the air laughing maniacally!

Actionman rushed to untie the president.

"God bless you Actionman!" The president said as his gag was removed.

"Save it! If we don't disarm this bomb, God will be blessing both of us in person!"

Actionman slowly looked under the president's desk to see what he feared: a very active and dangerous bomb! The timer on it had about 4 and a half minutes left.

"Is it a bomb?" The president asked with genuine concern.

"It's a bomb all right! A real nasty one too!" Actionman confirmed.

"Oh my goodness!" The president said. "You can disarm it right?"

"I hope so!" Actionman said as he worked to get the panel of the bomb off.

Actionman carefully pried the panel off to reveal about 100 wires!

"This isnt good!" Actionman said. "There must be 100 wires here, and only one can diffuse the bomb!"

"That's bad right?"

"'s just that the average bomb has only 5 wires!"

"Oh my goodness! We're dead aren't we?"

"Not if I can cut the right wire."

"And what happens if we cut the wrong wire?"

"We go Ka-blooie!"

"Oh Nooo!" The president said with shock.

"Now if I can only cut the right wire..."

"Hurry! Only ten seconds left!"

"No time to figure out! I'll have to guess blindly!" Actionman said. He took his knife and held it to one wire.

"Five seconds!" The president yelled. "Five seconds till we die!"

Actionman took his knife of the wire he had it on and with one second to spare, he put the knife to another random wire and cut it. The clock stopped as the president and action man covered themselves in preparation for the bomb's kaboom. It didn't come. There was just silence. Then a large sigh of relief came from both of the men.

"We're alive! Haha we're alive!" The president screamed with joy.

Just then, the voice of Dr. Cruelman comes from the bomb much to the shock of Actionman and the president.

"Did you think I was a fool Actionman?" Dr. Cruelmans voice said from the bomb. "Did you think for a moment, that I would allow you to diffuse a bomb of my design?" The voice said with laughter. "You now have 10 seconds until you die! Goodbye...forever!!!"

The voice faded out with maniacal laughter as 10 seconds showed up on the timer and began to count down.

"We're going die!" The president said with terror.

"The bazooka!" Actionman said.

He grabbed the bazooka quickly and a nearby, spare rocket. With great haste, Actionman loaded the rocket and blew out the window of the oval office as the president screamed and plugged his ears.

"Come on!" Actionman said as he grabbed the president and with that, the two jumped out the window and fell to the lawn. The two ran as fast as they could as a huge explosion went off, destroying the White House entirely!

"No! The white house!" The president exclaimed in horror!

"At least your ok Mr. President, and that means, the country will be safe...for now."

Just then hundreds of cops and emergency personal came to the aid of the two men.

The evil Dr. Cruelman was still on the loose, but for now the world was safe....just another day in the life of the one and only Actionman!

Submitted: March 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Penetentman. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

I got a kick out of this one. Dr. Cruelman hehe. I right away thought of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.
Glad everyone is safe... for now.
Great story.

Tue, March 16th, 2021 8:39am


Thanks. In this story however, the humor is much more dry. It's meant to seem serious unlike Austin powers but totally isnt.

Tue, March 16th, 2021 6:28am

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