Reincarnation of the Gun Swap Goddess

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jisha Slyker experiences the collapse of her dynasty and is murdered in cold blood in her own territory. However, she is miraculously reincarnated into her past self from over 12 years ago. With the help of the VRMMORPG Synergy, Jisha is determined to get stronger and find out what happened to her family on that fated day.

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Table of Contents

Slyker Dynasty Falls

Blood flowed from the zenith of Mt. Furi. A pile of corpses was stacked almost as high as the mountain itself. And at the top of it was..... Read Chapter

Born Again?

Jisha Slyker awoke with a start. A cold sweat was flowing down her back. Her heart was racing and she was out of breath. She sat up as qu... Read Chapter

Shahar's Daughter

As the tunnel of black passed by, Jisha found herself standing in a serene plain. On her right was a village with under twenty buildings.... Read Chapter

Uval Cemetery

*I may have broke the system.* Another aspect of Synergy that was more refined than its counterparts was NPC behavior. Often times, i... Read Chapter

Fight at Level 0

*One versus seven. Hopefully they don't bore me too much.* Though she was outnumbered to this degree, Jisha was unfazed. After all, t... Read Chapter

Bren's Plan

These types of chapters serve to introduce the reader to the world through the lens of someone who is also new to this world of VR. Jisha is a very experienced player and will not experience the
same wonder and childlike innocence in Synergy, so her view of the world will be vastly different from someone like Bren. Hopefully these chapters don't bore you too much, but Jisha being OP is
coming up in the future!
Read Chapter

7v3 Ambush

As he entered the world, Bren was simultaneously astonished and relieved. *Thankfully I've spawned in the same spot, and it looks lik... Read Chapter

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