Drive to Uluru (to climb it)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'm editing my first major work. Currently looking at ¬21k words/50 pages.

Disclaimer: If any of the content of this book offends you, including the swearing or the ideas discussed, I do not care, so please do not become embittered and take your impotent rage out on me. Furthermore, I have no legal obligation to alter my work to appeal to your sensitivities. This work is solely my creation barring the picture and quotation from Wikipedia. What I write is my prerogative and it is your responsibility to stop reading if you do not like it. It is all the same to me.

I hereby declare this work public domain and do not give permission to any party to charge money in any way for access to this work. I do not give permission for my work to be published by any party for monetary gain or sequestered from public access behind a pay wall of any form. You may censor my work as you please, but you may not charge money for it. Even after I am dead. If you do, shame on you and God bless your soulless self.
This book is in a vague chronological order. I made no extraordinary effort to format it. It is simply a diarised recount of a road trip. Mostly I just wrote down what I was thinking at the time. This all happened in late 2018. It is not fictional.

Table of Contents


‘Cassandra or Kassandra (Ancient Greek: ?????????, pronounced [kassándra], also ????... Read Chapter

Prelude to a Journey

It had been one full year since George arrived at his grandmother's house. He was welcomed by familiar faces and light celebration. He wa... Read Chapter

The Murray-Darling River

I (George, the narrator) am away from that dull pad and with it the frantic woman with the searching eyes. On the road. In the rain. Repl... Read Chapter

South Australia

Today, I (George) observed a narcissist who to gain a perceived advantage, deceived himself into a disingenuous state which may have... Read Chapter

Miscellaneous notes (from SA to Coober Pedy to Uluru to Kata Tjuta)

Miscellaneous chapter recorded over 5 days (18th-23rd October 2018)


"I don't speak up through fear that by doing so the responsive won't be positive. This expectation is amplified by the fact that when I feel such a way

Why do you even want me around, as if attenuated and tethered, as if dulled by antipsychotics or labotomy? Does it pain you to watch me suffer or do you think that's what I want and so avoid
expressing it? Do you see me as a sufferer or just an unfortunate, stifling item of luggage? Do you wish to guard yourself against my caprice? Or do you simply not care much at all? I think I know
the answer. A mixture of these. And I don't resent you for it. It's what I expect. I only want to be honest to you and to myself.

For evident reasons I fear inaction."
Read Chapter

Coober Pedy

Cohn rolled another joint and I appreciated it. But I also recognised he would certainly take the first drag, take his time of it before ... Read Chapter

the elephant in the desert

Sleeping in a hot tent on smooth red sand. There is no reception here. We're somewhere between Ghan and Ayer's Rock, the latter to w... Read Chapter

(some more) unsolicited bitching

Every day starts in the same way. The main difference is that today Cohn made coffee and not tea. Cohn wakes up before George. After the ... Read Chapter

George's poorly written monologue (to himself)

"It’s about time you start cooking for me more than I cook for you!" declared Cohn. George wrote: Having inves... Read Chapter

"Although I climbed Uluru, I climbed other rocks too, and as far as I know, I had a right to climb them all."

George wrote down: "it takes more courage not to pull the trigger" - not true but ok He underlined this statement. Seems he was u... Read Chapter

Kata Tjuta and desert canyons

An hour out from Uluru there was a homogeneous desert plane. The roads were endlessly long, flat and straight. Short-statured Eucalyptus ... Read Chapter

Unedited and out of order discord on way home

Ayers Rock resort provides slips to buy extremely overpriced alcohol in Uluru national park. In Coober Pedy, the abos don't have no s... Read Chapter

Denouement: back at home

Sleepless lain awake yet again, countless were the days lacking in ketamine (one full day felt an eternity). But finally, a beautiful dow... Read Chapter

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